A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Donate on Twitch from Different Platforms

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Donate on Twitch from Different Platforms

how to donate on twitch

Twitch allows users to support their favourite streamers’ channels with donations. Developers help the subscribers to give money to streamers using Twitch bits. 

However, this avenue of contribution doesn’t provide all the money to the streamer. Thus, streamers create special donation pages on their streaming channels.

Wondering how to donate on Twitch from a phone or PC? Access your favourite streamer’s channel and scroll down to the page. Search for the donation link, tap on it and enter the amount of money you want to donate. 

Currently, Twitch doesn’t have any limit for donations to streamers. Besides, you can donate money via different mediums, such as credit cards. Users can also access online payment apps like PayPal to send money. 

Now, let’s find out the different ways to donate the streamers on Twitch:

What are the Different Options to Donate on Twitch?

Twitch provides multiple donation options for worldwide users. You must always choose a safe and secure payment option. Otherwise, online predators can steal your credit/debit card details. 

Besides, they can access the device from where you are sending the money to the streamers. 

Thus, before you know how to donate on Twitch, check out the following ways:

Twitch Bits

Twitch Bits were introduced for the streamers who struggle to collect donations from the viewers. “Bits” is the Twitch currency that the viewers can buy anytime. They can spend the bits to support their favourite streamers. However, only the streamers with 50 followers can collect the bits as a donation.


Twitch users can donate money to the streamers using a third-party provider. However, finding a reliable provider might be difficult. Thus, we would suggest avoiding this payment option in the long run.


PayPal is the most popular and easy-to-access payment app for donating on Twitch. However, you must know how to donate on Twitch using this payment gateway. Open the PayPal website from your PC or phone. Sign in to your account and tap on “Profile”.

Navigate to “my selling tools” and click “PayPal”. Select “Update” and tap on the “create new button” link. Choose “Donation” from the button list and write the streamer’s Twitch channel name. 

Enter the amount and reason for the donation. Once done, click “Donate” to complete the Twitch donations. 

Credit/Debit Card

You can pay directly to the streamers via debit or credit card. Link your bank account to the Twitch account. Enter the correct account-related details on the payment page. 

Choose the amount that you want to donate using a debit/credit card. Click “Donate” to complete the Twitch donations within seconds.

Easy Steps on How to Donate on Twitch from a Computer

It is pretty easy to make donations on this online streaming platform. However, you must first install the latest Twitch version on the PC. Ensure the device is connected to a stable internet connection. Otherwise, the money won’t be sent to the streamer due to network interruption.

Open Twitch, go to the homepage and follow these instructions for a donation:

Create an Account on Twitch

If you don’t have an account on Twitch, open a browser. Write “Twitch. TV” in the search bar and press the Enter button. Enter your contact details, and choose the region. 

Provide a unique username and a 10-12 character password. Note down these login credentials on the Notepad. Enter the correct date of birth and click “Sign Up” afterwards. 

Log in to the Existing Account 

Do you already have an account on Twitch? Then, enter the login details, such as username and password, when the homepage opens. 

Select “Log In” to access the Twitch account. However, if you are facing login difficulties, consider resetting the password/username. 

Search for the Fundraising Streamer’s Channel

Go to the search bar, which is located in the top middle of the Twitch page. Enter your favourite streamer’s username and hit the Enter button. 

Once the streamer’s name pops up, click on their name to be directed to their fundraising channel. 

Donate the Money

Did a non-profit site open on the computer screen? Tap on the donation link to send the money to the streamer. If you don’t see a “Donate” button on the streamers’ page, they don’t have donations set up. 

Otherwise, you can also reload the Twitch page to see if the “Donate” option appears.

Provide the Required Details

Once you tap on the “Donate” button, the payment information page will pop up. Choose the preferred payment method and enter the details to complete the donation. Twitch will accept the payment within 3-5 business days of the submitted date in your “Payout History”.

How to Donate from the Twitch Mobile App?

Most Twitch users access their accounts from their smartphones. Thus, if you use an Android phone or iPhone and wondering how to donate money on Twitch, follow these steps:

Download and Install the Twitch app

Donating to your favourite streamers is easier from Twitch’s mobile app. Open the Google PlayStore if you use an Android device and go to the search box. Enter “Twitch” and tap on the search icon. Choose “Twitch” from the searched results and click “Install” afterwards.

If you want to make donations from the iPhone, open the App Store. Go to the search bar and write “Twitch”. Opt for “Twitch” from the searched results and click “Get”. The Twitch mobile app might take 2-3 minutes to download. 

Don’t disconnect the Wi-Fi or cellular data of the mobile until the installation is complete.

Sign to the Twitch Account

Tap on the Twitch app icon to open and go to its homepage. Click “Sign Up” and enter a username in the blank field. Provide a secure password that has at least 12-13 characters and select “Next”. 

When the next page appears, provide your contact details. Alternatively, you can give your email address to improve security. Tap on “Next”, enter your date of birth and click “Submit” afterwards.

Make the Donation

Access the streamer’s channel and click on the donation link attached to the page. Enter the amount of the donation and choose a payment option. Tap on “Donate” after entering the payment information. Go to “Payout History” and check if the money is transferred to the Twitch streamer’s account. 

How to Donate on Twitch Website via a Gift Card?

If you have a Twitch gift card, use it to buy subscriptions and get bits to donate to the streamers. Users can purchase a gift card from Twitch.TV or from their retail partners like Amazon or Gamestop. 

A gift card has a maximum donation amount of $200. Thus, if you want to donate more money, consider using other options. You can also donate to your favourite streamers from the gaming consoles. 

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