How to Make Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Make Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2: A Beginner’s Guide

how to make atmosphere in little alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is an interesting game of creativity, and you can make complex elements from scratch. You will be surprised that this game allows you to craft space stations, rockets, atmosphere, and more.

How to make Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2?

If you are stuck on this question, then this guide will give you an insight into the Little Alchemy encyclopedia. Here, you will know the requirements and the process of creating the atmosphere on Little Alchemy 2.

Additionally, you can discover what more you can make with the atmosphere you create on Little Alchemy 2. Not to mention, the atmosphere can be one of the foundations you require for more complex structures or elements.

Let’s move on to the requirements first.

How do You Make the Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2?

The atmosphere of any celestial body or planet refers to the layers of different gasses around it. If you talk about Earth’s atmosphere, it consists of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, and 1% miscellaneous gases.

How to make Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2?

Beginners have complained that creating an atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2 is challenging.

It takes 4 elements to form an atmosphere, and these elements are:

An Air element
Another Air element


Once the required elements are clear to you, you can now proceed to the guide on how you can make an atmosphere. However, you should have learned how to create the above-mentioned elements to form Earth, Air, and other elements. For example, you can combine fire and mist elements to make air.

Make sure that you have created the above compound elements to make the atmosphere. Use the following cheat code to proceed:

First, you need to make Land. For this, you need to combine Earth and Earth.
After that, you need to combine the Earth and the Land. this will result in a Continent.
As a next move, you need to mix 2 Continents to make a Planet.
Finally, you can combine Planet and Air to get the Atmosphere element.

So, the flow goes like this:

Earth + Earth = Land
Earth + Land = Continent
Continent + Continent = Planet
Planet + Air = Atmosphere

Alternative Ways to Make Atmosphere in Little Alchemy

The fun of Little alchemy 2 is that you can discover multiple ways to create the elements you need. Similarly, the above method isn’t the only way to get the atmosphere in the game.

Here’s how to make Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2, alternatively:

Combine Air with Planet to get Pressure.

Now, you must infuse Pressure with another air element, which will give birth to Air Pressure.
If you have already created Sky, you can add Air Pressure to the Sky element. The final result will be the atmosphere element.

Here’s a quick glance at the alternative steps to making the atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2:

Air + Planet = Pressure
Air+ Pressure = Air Pressure
Sky + Air Pressure = Atmosphere

What can You Make with Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2?

The atmosphere is one of the keys to creating other exciting elements in Little Alchemy 2. Once you are done with creating Atmosphere, you can skip creating complex elements again and again. Simply merge the atmosphere element with a relevant element to make the required component.

The Atmosphere is one of the basic elements that help you create complex elements. That’s why you should create an Atmosphere element in your Little Alchemy 2 journey. The earlier you learn how to make Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2, the more you can be experimental with other elements sooner.

Are you thrilled to learn about what you can make with the Atmosphere element? Here, we have mentioned a complete list of cheat codes that will result in fun combinations. You can try them one by one:

Creating Pressure

If you haven’t created Pressure, you can combine 2 Atmosphere elements to form Pressure. Or, you can simply merge Air with Atmosphere to get Pressure.

Atmosphere + Atmosphere = Pressure
Air + Atmosphere = Pressure

How to Make Sky in Little Alchemy 2?

This is another frequently asked question popular among Little Alchemy 2 gamers. To make Sky, you need to merge Atmosphere with Cloud.

Cloud + Atmosphere = Sky

Building Rocket

With Atmosphere, you can easily make a Rocket in Little Alchemy 2. You can combine Atmosphere with Car, Boat, Airplane, Metal, Pirate Ship, or Steel to craft a Rocket. Here’s how it works:

Car + Atmosphere = Rocket
Boat + Atmosphere = Rocket
Airplane + Atmosphere = Rocket
Metal + Atmosphere = Rocket
Pirate Ship + Atmosphere = Rocket
Atmosphere + Steel = Rocket

How to Make Cloud in Little Alchemy 2?

It’s easier to create Cloud in the game if you have Atmosphere. Mix Mist with Atmosphere to get Clouds. On the other hand, you can combine Atmosphere with Water to obtain clouds.

Mist + Atmosphere = Cloud
Water + Atmosphere = Cloud

What Else can You Create Using Atmosphere?

Practically, endless possibilities are waiting for you once you are aware of how to make Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2.

You can go through the following combinations for more complex and surprising elements:

City + Atmosphere = Smog
Electricity + Atmosphere = Aurora + Storm + Ozone
Atmosphere + Explosion + Fireworks
Atmosphere + Container = Scuba Tank
Fire + Atmosphere = Energy
Atmosphere + House = Space Station
Atmosphere + Wall = Space Station
Sun + Atmosphere = Sky + Aurora
Umbrella + Atmosphere = Parachute
Meteoroid + Atmosphere = Meteor
Atmosphere + Mouse = Bat
Motion + Atmosphere = Wind

As you can see, you can freely experiment with the atmosphere element in Little Alchemy 2. You can discover many elements to work with and improve your in-game experience.

Further Tips for Little Alchemy 2…

The guide will help you regarding how to make Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2. Additionally, you can create more interesting elements for critical gameplay. You can hold on to your created combinations to check out what elements you used to make them.

The success of creating new elements lies in free experimentation with different elements. Start with only Air, Earth, or more native elements to build up your game bit by bit. You will be amazed at how basic ingredients can be a game-changer here.

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