5 Best Smoke Spots Dust 2 to Reveal

5 Best Smoke Spots Dust 2 to Reveal

best smoke spots dust 2

Being a fan of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dust 2 is one of the most exciting maps. After all, you get to practise all your master moves and find spots for your smoke grenade throws here.

Are you looking for the best smoke spots Dust 2 map to spruce up your gaming strategies?

After all, smoke grenades are one of the most efficient weapons in Counter-Strike. Smoke grenades can block crucial lines of sight, and thus, they can create the right scopes to achieve victory. You can take help from this throwable accessory to cover your track whenever you want to attack your opponents in the gameplay.

Additionally, you can hide from your enemy’s line of fire. This guide tells you the best smoke spots in the entire Dust 2 map of the CS: GO game.

Let’s get started with them:

Best Smoke Spots on Dust 2

We know that you are ready to jump to the best smoke spots Dust 2 map. However, you must remember that it takes practice to get your hands on smoke grenades at the right time.

Once you are okay with this, you can find the best and most recommended smoke spots Dust 2 CT in the game.

1. xBox from T Spawn

This is a must-learn smoke spot on CS: GO if you need to block an important angle on Dust 2. You can smoke the xBox near Mid Doors, allowing you and your team to cross the Catwalk.

Consequently, you can reach A Short safely. So, you must perform a smoke throw from T Spawn on Dust 2 CT if crossing A Short is mandatory.

Follow the guidelines below to execute this smoke throw from T Spawn:

Scooch to the small corner of the back wall of T Spawn.
After that, take a look at Mid and align your crosshair. It should coincide with the small turret’s top and the edge of the wall.
Opt for a jump throw and let go of the smoke grenade as you jump for your target.

2. As a Protection to Cross to B

Reportedly, crossing to get across B is critical to complete any CT round. If you want to get safely out of this deadly place, a smoke throw can distract your enemies and cover your track. Try this as one of the best smoke spots Dust 2 CT if you need to nullify the T AWP.

On the other hand, you must go outside mid to reach this specific smoke spot. Ensure that your teammates know about the plan for an unfailing backup.

Here’s how you can get to that smoke spot on Dust 2 CT:

Aim for the Top Box at your spawn.
Next, point the crosshairs at the right front of the archway.
Move ahead and perform a running throw.

3. A Short from Mid

How do you smoke a short Dust 2? You can try this smoke spot to block off the A Short angle. That’s how this is one of the best smoke spots Dust 2 map. As Terrorists, you need to find the right angle to push the A Bombsite and this site is strictly watched by the CTs.

To protect yourself and your teammates, you must perform the right smoke throw to block off the CTs’ sight. Additionally, the smoke throw will eliminate CTs and help you swoop in and control everything.

It’s possible to throw the smoke from the xBox that is near Mid Doors on the Dust 2 map with the steps below:

First, walk up to the xBox near Mid Doors. Align yourself up with the left rope.
Look towards the tower near A Short. Next, aim the crosshair in the corner where the small wooden planks stick out from the top of the tower.
Move it above and keep it slightly to the right.
Afterwards, you can throw the smoke from a stationary position.

A Short Default

Another in-demand smoke spot is A Short Default angle on the Dust 2 CT map. Master this smoke throw, as this can be your go-to move to make the required space. It’s quite similar to the previous smoke throw.

However, we have mentioned the process in detail so that it doesn’t confuse you. Here’s what you have to go through

Position yourself in the corner between the wall and the white box on A Short.
Now, look above, and you can see the right of the Short stairs. You need to aim the crosshair near the bottom end of the wall’s top lining.
Don’t move, and you can now throw the smoke grenade.

4. Blocking Mid

Are you looking for the best smoke spots Dust 2 map so that you can block the middle of it? Then, this smoke spot, with the right technique, can benefit you as Counter-Terrorist. You can push A or B at your will, and a smoke throw will be handy for this mission.

You must start from A Long and execute a smoke throw towards the B site. This will block the mid in general, the Counter-Terrorists spawn, and the A Cross. Ultimately, you can push for the B site.

Check out how you can make a perfect smoke throw:

Go to A Long and locate the blue barrel near the door.
Next, take a look at the streetlamp that will be on your left.
Now, line up your crosshair to the pole’s shadow.
Opt for a jump throw for the maximum height possible.

5. A Long Corner from T Spawn

This is one of the favourite smoke spots among CS: GO fans. If you are thinking about pushing A Long, then you should take advantage of this smoke spot. Throwing smoke grenades here will block the sight of guarding CTs on the Long Doors.

Smoking in this spot can help you find a position and control the place by taking out the CTs.

Here’s how you can execute this smoke throw from T Spawn on the Dust 2 map:

Stand near the T Spawn half-wall. Make sure you are close to the edge whenever you bend down or crouch.
Now, you can stand up and look slightly right towards the wall in front of you. Aim your crosshair on the left edge of the pole near the bottom of the brown patch.
Execute a jump throw and release the smoke grenade once you reach the top of the jump.

Wrapping up…

All the above-mentioned places are the best smoke spots Dust 2 map. And, you can’t overlook them if you want to keep your teammates safe from enemies. Additionally, smoke throws to make your path clear so that you can move towards the objective of the game.

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