How to Stream Unlimited Gaming Contents on Twitch?

How to Stream Unlimited Gaming Contents on Twitch?

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Are you into PC gaming or have an interest in watching the live streams of renowned gamers from across the world? Simply, open an account on Twitch. To be specific, Twitch has acquired immense recognition for providing the anticipated games with an authentic preview of the online games that are in high demand these days. With the assistance of Twitch, now you can replicate the experience of watching online gamers. 

It’s a live-streaming platform that has so far managed to acquire more than 100 million users for its authentic content. Moreover, this gaming platform comes with an easy interface which has made it more widely acceptable. Almost 2.2 million users broadcast their gaming content daily. 

When it comes to the online stream, more than 240 billion users availed its advantages and facilities to make a significant place in the gaming industry. Thus, it’s impossible to neglect the contribution of Twitch when it comes to choosing the right gaming platform. However, without having an account in Twitch, it’s impossible to stream the gaming videos. So, before you get into the streaming process, here we are compelling the step-by-step guideline that needs to be followed properly. 

When the prime goal is to reach out to millions of users through your high-end gaming skills, it’s important to acknowledge the required information about Twitch in the first place. Moreover, with the presence of more than 7 million gaming channels, it indeed becomes stiff competition. 

Therefore, before the selection of the hardware or broadcasting software, make sure you have read the community guidelines properly. Because that’s the most essential thing that you need to know to avoid any sort of interruption while opting for a live stream on Twitch. 

Certain strict rules and regulations are attached to these guidelines, where hate speech, racism, caste, or gender discrimination against the viewers are restricted. Alongside, the players need to follow a particular dress code while streaming on Twitch using an ASMR microphone. If you fail to meet these responsibilities, it might adversely impact your gaming channel. 

The worst scenario — You might have to face a complete ban from your streaming channel, on Twitch. Further, community guidelines come with occasional updates, so bookmark the page to avoid further inconvenience. 

  • Opt for Making a Twitch Account 

The next initial step will be making an account on Twitch if you haven’t made any previously. And, the best part of this eminent gaming platform is that you can even stream or watch your favourite games via an easy-to-access mobile application. Twitch application is available on both Android and iOS devices, creating an account for an incredible gaming experience. 

Likewise, for the gaming platforms, you have to provide the right credentials whilst creating a Twitch account. This includes a valid email address and password for successful account creation. For PC gamers, the account for creating a Twitch account is quite simple. Simply, go to the official homepage of Twitch TV, and then tap on the “Sign Up” option, to become a member of the Twitch gaming community right away.

After moving to the “Sign Up” section, at first, provide a unique “Username” and “Password”. Next, enter the previously given password correctly in the “Confirm Password” field. Lastly, for the completion of this account-making process, enter the correct “Date of Birth” and “Email Address”, that’s it! 

Make sure, you have read all the terms and conditions on how to stream on Twitch to avoid any sort of hurdles. Want to change the Username? Simply, navigate to the Twitch Settings, within 60 days, for replacing the current username. 

  • Enabling Two-Factor Authentication will be Useful

When it comes to owning a gaming account, several risk factors are associated with it. With the upsurge of cyber hackers in the gaming world, it becomes essential to protect gaming accounts from unauthorized access. 

This is the prime reason why Twitch developers have deployed a two-factor authentication system to prevent rapid malicious activities. Simply, go to the Twitch settings, and then slide into the “Security and Privacy” tab to enable the Two-factor authentication, without any hassle. 

  • Enforce a Compatible Software 

Creating just a gaming account is not enough to live stream on Twitch. If you are unaware of how to live stream on Twitch, then to clear the cloud, you need to choose an appropriate gaming software to encode the live streams. However, before choosing the software, make sure it’s compatible enough with the laptop camera, microphone, and console capture card. 

Often, you might hear about the hardware encoders from popular gamers, but that won’t be a suitable option, especially if you are a beginner. Despite that, use the beta version of Twitch studio and create your desirable gaming avatar to attract online viewers. 

  •  Choose the Right Game and Start the Live Streaming 

Technically, the steps to live stream on Twitch will vary based on the type of device, you are using to play. Generally, you can stream on Twitch accessing a PC, smartphone, or gaming consoles. Here are the steps that need to be implemented for fault-free live-streaming:

For the Gaming PC users

After setting up the right gaming equipment, open the software from where you want to broadcast.

  • Now, choose the game that you want to stream and tap on the “Window recording” option.
  • Check the audio settings properly for enhancing sound quality. Go through the scenes, and then through all the audio channels and images.

Voila! Now, you have successfully reached out to the interested gamers. Show them your outstanding gaming skills and make a significant place easily. 

For the Smartphone Users

After downloading the Twitch app, creating an account and avatar selection, tap on the “Profile image” and go to the “Go live” button. Make sure, you have chosen the right content category, high-quality camera before the live-streaming. 

You can even share the live-streaming link on social media platforms to maximize the number of viewers.

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Why should you Switch to Gaming Consoles for Better Twitch Live Streaming? 

Sometimes, playing online games via PC or smartphones can get strenuous. When it comes to live-streams, a large number of players submit their online feedback during the game. After connecting the consoles with the PC, you are clearly able to get a notification. Also, games like Death Stranding or CyberPunk 2077 can be better streamed through consoles. So, choose the best device for streaming!

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