Sonos Connect Setup | Setting Up a New Sonos System

Sonos Connect Setup | Setting Up a New Sonos System

sonos connect setup

The Sonos Connect is specially designed to engage with a peripheral receiver or amplifier. Users who have third-party systems, they will be able to establish the Sonos functionalities along with it. 

If you recently purchased this Sonos Connect device for enhancing your sound experience, then you have to set it up in the first place. Settings up the Sonos Connect is quite simple. Therefore, go through the following section to get all the necessary details regarding the Sonos Connect setup.

Important Notes Before Proceeding with Connect Setup

Before proceeding with the Sonos Connect setup process, you must check out the undermentioned section carefully.

Network Requirements: 

If you are willing to listen to music or radio, then you must access a particular service that is connected to your system. That’s why the wireless network in your home must have some network requirements that are stated below.

  • Superfast internet connection via DSL modem cable, the fiber-to-the-home broadband connection in order to get a smooth internet-based music service.
  • If you do not have the router/modem combination device, you must install a router in your home network and enjoy Sonos automatic online music services.

System Requirements:

  • Macintosh OS X 10.6.8 or higher
  • Windows XP SP3 or higher
  •  Android: 2.1 or higher
  • Compatible with the iPod touch, iPad, iPhone 

How to Setup Sonos Connect?

If your device meets all the above-mentioned requirements, then you can follow the underlying instructions to execute the Sonos Connect setup in the correct manner.

Connect: AMP Front

  • On/Off- The Connect is specially designed to serve your entertainment purpose according to your requirements. The device consumes less amount of electricity whenever it is not running. To stop streaming audio in all rooms, choose the “Pause All” button that is located in the “Rooms” menu. To stop audio in a single room, hit the “Play/Pause” button that is present on the “Connect”.
  • Status Indicator– It defines the current status of the Connect. When the device is in normal operation, the white light will eventually blink.
  • Play/Pause- Tapping once on this button will result in stopping the current audio. Tapping on the similar button two times simultaneously, then the next track is selected automatically.
  • Volume up/Volume Down- The Volume rocker button used to increase or decrease the multimedia volume.

Connect: AMP Back

  • Ethernet Switch Connectors- Utilize the Ethernet cable to connect to a computer, router or additional device like a NAS device. LED Lights: Green indicates line connection and Flashing Yellow indicates network activity
  • Right speaker terminals- Use high-end speaker wire in order to attach the right-hand side speaker to the Connect: AMP
  • Left speaker terminals- Utilize good-quality cable to connect to the left-hand side speaker the Connect: AMP
  • Voltage select- 100 – 120V~ / 220 – 240V~ 50 – 60 Hz Select as per your system requirement
  • AC power (mains) input- Utilize the power cord in order to connect to the power supply.
  • Analog audio in- If you want to input analog audio jack from your media player, then insert it in both the analog audio ports that are situated just beside the subwoofer port
  • Subwoofer Output- When you are planning to add a subwoofer into the media player for better audio quality, then insert the subwoofer jack into the subwoofer output port.

Determining the above information is mandatory. As it will help you to set as well as use the Sonos Connect device in a hassle-free way.

Settings up the Music Services

If you are currently subscribed to an online music service that is completely compatible with Sonos Connect, then add your music service credentials to your Sonos Connect device by following the below-mentioned instructions.

  • Launch the Sonos music menu on your handheld controller and hit the option “Add Music Services”.
  • From the result-oriented window, choose Sonos compatible music service that you want to add.
  • Hit the option titled “Add Account” and then stick to the instructions that come up on the display screen.
  • Once login credentials have been verified, you will easily find the music service on your Connect music menu.

If any kind of free music service trial pack is shown on your Music service menu, then tap on the option and hit the “Add Account” button. Choose the “I’m new to [music service]” option and follow the on-screen guidelines in order to activate the free trial pack 

Adding up Local Music Library

The Connect device can play any audio from the network-attached storage (NAS) or computer on the home network where you save your desired music. During this setup, you will be guided through the entire instructions of accessing your local music library. Over time, you can also add or remove any music or file from the list.

In order to make necessary modifications to the local music library from the Connect device, follow these steps.

  • For adding new music or folder on the Sonos device, head over to the “Manage Music Library” and touch the option titled “Music Library Setup”. Furthermore, hit the “Add New Share” icon that is located on the handheld controller.
  • For removing music or folder, initiate the “Manage Music Library” and choose the “Music Library Setup”. From the appeared menu, choose the one that you want to delete from the list. Afterward, hit the “Remove” button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • In order to update the music index, invoke the “Settings” menu” and navigate to the “Manage Music Library”. In the next step, choose the “Update Music Index Now” option to complete the process.
  • If you want to update the music library every day, then initiate the Sonos Controller app on your device and hit the “Manage” button. Go to the “Music Library Settings” and open the “Advanced” tab. Select the “Check Library Updates” and choose the update time from the appeared menu.

Play your Audio through iTunes Wirelessly

You can choose and play songs or audios of any iDevice such as iPod, iPad, iPhone that are connected to a similar network like your Connect device. You can simply select This iPhone, iPod or iPad touch from the Connect application for making the music selection and utilize any Connect controller in order to manage the playback

Wireless Playback from Android Devices

Moreover, you will be able to play any saved music from your Android device that is also in the same network as your Sonos device. Just tap on the “This Mobile Device” from your Sonos application in order to make the selection. Now, follow the on-screen prompts to play your desired music. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Sonos Device is Not Detected During Setup?

If you find that your Sonos device is not detected during the setup process, then you need to be sure that the power cord is properly inserted inside the port. Also, review the network as it can prevent the device from working properly. Moreover, check the firewall if it restricts you from using the device in the correct manner.

  • What if Sonos Connect is not Properly Operating?

If the Sonos Connect is not properly operating, then try to place the device close enough to the player. Now, make an attempt to verify the network connection to resolve the issue Moreover, you can also reset the device to its factory settings to overcome the issue.

  • How to Reset the Wireless Network Password?

Attach the Sonos device to the wireless router with an Ethernet cable. Then, access the Sonos application from your device and initiate the “Settings”. Head over to the “Advanced” tab and hit the “Manage” icon. Under the General tab follow the further instructions to reset the network password.

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