Effective Solutions To Fix Apple iPhone Error 1035

Effective Solutions To Fix Apple iPhone Error 1035

apple iPhone error 1035

Apple iPhone error 1035 is a voicemail error that users are encountering while setting up or updating the voicemail on their iPhone device. After getting this error code, they are not able to use the voicemail on their iPhone.

Mostly, the error is shown as “Visual Voicemail Is Currently Unavailable” or “Visual Voicemail Not Working Correctly”. For the most part, it is a software issue with your Voicemail application. If this is the case, then you need to reset your voicemail account. 

Other times, this error code appears when there is a problem with the network settings or the network settings are incorrect. 

Simple Solutions to Fix Apple iPhone Error 1035

There are three effective solutions to eliminate this error from the iPhone device. Thus, try to follow the instructions carefully to resolve this issue on your own. 

Solution 1 – Enable and Disable Airplane Mode 

The first thing that you should do is to turn on the Airplane mode and turn it off again. This will help to reset the mobile network of your device and refresh it as well. Therefore, you can do so by following the steps below. 

  1. First, launch the Settings menu on your iPhone device. 
  2. Here, locate the Airplane mode. After that, move the toggle and slide it to turn it on. 
  3. Thereafter, wait for a few seconds and tap on the slide to turn it off. Once you are done with these steps, open the Voicemail and check to see if it works correctly without any issue. 

Solution 2 – Reset Network Settings

If there is a problem with the network connection then you will not be able to use the Visual Voicemail. As a result, you will face the Apple iPhone error 1035. 

Therefore, you can do so by following the steps below. 

  1. Firstly, tap on the Settings icon and head over to the General section. 
  2. From here, locate and tap on the Reset button.
  3. After that, tap on Reset Network Settings button to reset the network settings. 

Now, you will see the resetting process has started. Once the process is complete, reboot the iPhone and check whether the Voicemail works properly or not. 

Solution 3 – Reset the Voicemail Password

If the above two solutions did not help you out then you can use this solution to get rid of this issue permanently. By resetting the Voicemail password, you should be able to eliminate this error on the iOS device. Go through the following steps to do so. 

  1. On the iPhone window, you need to tap on the Phone icon.
  2. After that, long-press the 1 key to access your Voicemail window. 
  3. In the Voicemail window, put the password and set up the voicemail by following the step which appears on the screen. 

Once the task is done, restart your iPhone and it should start working without any issues.  


Finally, you should be able to fix Apple iPhone error 1035 by simply following the solutions mentioned above. You should contact technical support if you’re still facing these issues after going through the solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why won’t my voicemail greeting save on iPhone?

If you’re having trouble saving your greeting, try resetting your phone’s network settings. To store changes to your voice mail configuration, the iPhone needs to connect to your network’s data connectionand if it can’t connect to 3G or 4G, it won’t preserve the changes.

Why do I get an error when trying to set up voicemail on iPhone?

If you have restored or updated your iPhone, your network settings may have been impacted, resulting in the message “iPhone voicemail issue, please try again later”. Reset your network settings if necessary. Please type in your password. In the ed font, press Reset Network Settings. Your phone then attempts voicemail again it resumes. 

How do I factory reset my iPhone 12?

iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, or iPhone 12: Force restart. Press and fast release the volume up and down buttons, then press and hold the side button. Release the button when the Apple logo displays.
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