Are You Facing Windows 10 Error Code 0xc00000f? Get It Solved Within A Flicker Of Time

Are You Facing Windows 10 Error Code 0xc00000f? Get It Solved Within A Flicker Of Time

Windows users often face a random error “Windows 10 error code 0xc00000f” after updating the Operating System. This error prevents the users to start the system with the BCD error code 0xc00000f. 

This error indicates that there is a problem in the Boot Configuration Data of the system. BCD is an essential component of the Windows Operating System. It helps the users to store the important boot information that is necessary to start the Windows properly. 

Most of the time this error occurs due to the disk drive error, improper shutdown, driver conflict, installation of malicious software. Sometimes, due to the damaged system files, you can also lose the boot partition that results in BCD error 0xc00000f. 

If you are also struggling with a similar error, then this article is your last resort. Here, we are going to discuss the most useful hacks which can help you to troubleshoot this error. So, let’s begin. 

Error Code 0xc00000f Windows 10 Fixed with 4 Effective Ways

There are several ways to fix this issue. We are going to list down 4 essential way out. Before that, you should disconnect the additional display monitors. 

If you are using more than one hard disk, then you also need to disconnect that. Disconnect the external devices connected with your computer as sometimes it may conflict with the setup of the system. 

After doing so, if you see that the error is still unresolved, then you should follow the methods explained below: 

Procedure 1: Perform the Startup Repair

To perform the startup repair you need the Windows Installation media. You should follow the steps below to perform this. It will start to detect and troubleshoot the error automatically. 

  1. In the beginning, insert the Windows Installation media into the disc drive of the system to initiate the BIOS setup. 
  2. On the first screen, you will see the Skip option, click on it. 
  3. It will restart the system. Tap on the Troubleshoot button. Then, navigate to the Advanced category. 
  4. On the next page, you will see a complete list of different troubleshooting tools to solve the startup errors. 
  5. Tap on the ‘Startup Repair’ option and perform the on-screen guidance. 
  6. Thereafter, it will start to scan the system files to detect the problem and fix it automatically. 
  7. Once the scanning process finishes, you should restart the computer and check if the error is still there. 

Procedure 2: Set the Correct Partition as Active

If you set an incorrect partition as “Active” accidentally, then it may trigger the Windows 10 error code 0xc00000f. Hence, you should try to activate the correct partition to get rid of this error. In this case, you should use the Diskpart Utility for this purpose. 

How to Activate Correct Partition?

  • First and foremost, bring up the Start menu and type “Command prompt” in the search bar of the Start menu. 
  • Then, right-click on the ‘Command Prompt’ option showing in the search result. Choose the option ‘Run as Administrator’ from the list of options. 
  • Afterward, you need to type “disk part” in the command line under the Command Prompt window. Execute this command by pressing the Enter key from the keyboard. 
  • Once you run the first command, you should run the command ‘list disk’. 
  • Now, you have to note down the volume of the Windows Installation from the current page.  
  • Thereafter, type “select partition D” (most of the time, D is the installed volume of Windows by default). 
  • Now, you need to activate it by running the command “Active”.

Now, save the changes by restarting the computer and check if it starts normally. If not, then you should rebuild the damaged BCD files of your computer.   

Procedure 3: Rebuild the Boot Configuration Data

Windows Operating System comes with the in-built bootrec.exe tool. It can help you to rebuild the BCD. Once you rebuild the BCD, it will start to control the startup process of the system. 

To perform this, first, you need to insert the Windows Installation media into the disc drive. Then, Windows prompts you to press a key. Press any key from the keyboard to initiate the restarting process. 

Afterward, you have to select your preferred language, currency, time, keyboard from the next screen and tap on the Next button. 

Now, search for the Operating System that you wish to repair. Then, click on the Next button to continue. After that, you should follow the steps as follows: 

  1. Go to the Start menu. 
  2. Type “cmd” in the search bar of the Start menu. 
  3. Open the Command Prompt window with administrator privilege. 
  4. Type “bootrec.exe” in the command line. Then, hit the Enter key from the keyboard to run the command. 

It will rebuild the BCD and send the system back to its normal state. But, if you see that the above steps are not enough, then delete the old Boot Configuration Data of the computer and rebuild it again. 

How to Rebuild BCD?

You should run the commands stated below by going to the Command Prompt (admin) window. This will help to build the BCD and eliminate all the errors.

  • 1st: bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup
  • 2nd: c:
  • 3rd: cd boot
  • 4th: attrib bcd –s –h –r
  • 5th: ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old
  • 6th: bootrec /RebuildBcd

Now, check if the system startup normally. Else, you can move on to the next solution stated below. 

Procedure 4: Create a New EFI Partition

If the EFI partition is absent on your computer, then it also might be the reason behind this error. But, you don’t need to worry about this as you can build a new EFI partition easily.  

How to Create a New EFI Partition? 

First, insert the Windows Installation media and click on the Skip button from the first page. Then, hit the Shift and F10 key both at the same time from the keyboard to launch the Command Prompt window. 

Once, it opens the Command Prompt window, you need to type the commands provided below. Run them by pressing the Enter key from the keyboard. 

  • 1st: select disk 0
  • 2nd: select partition 1 
  • 3rd: shrink desired=200 minimum=200
  • 4th: create partition efi
  • 5th: select partition 2    

Now, note down the letter containing the Windows partition. Then, type the command “bcdboot C:|Windows/l en-gb /s B: /f ALL;” (Here C is the letter for the Windows partition). Hit the Enter key to run this. 

After that, exit from the Command Prompt window. Then, restart the computer to check if the issue has been fixed. 

Summing Up

Now, as we are about to end this article, we hope this article helps you. These are the most applicable hacks to troubleshoot the Windows 10 error code 0xc00000f. We hope, after applying the above steps, it will definitely assist you to put an end to this error. 

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