[Fixed] How To Make Computer Louder On Windows 10

[Fixed] How To Make Computer Louder On Windows 10

how to make computer louder windows 10

Working with multimedia on desktops and laptops is very much popular nowadays. Since Windows 10 doesn’t deliver an audible sound much louder, you need to extend it to a certain level. This is specifically required when you are watching your favorite movies or tv series on a computer or laptop. 

Here, we are providing a few solutions that will help you to know how to make computer louder windows 10. 

How to make Computer Louder Windows 10 in Different Ways?

We will discuss all the methods by which you will be able to improve sound quality on your laptop in Windows 10. Hence, go through them very carefully and hopefully, it will solve the sound issue. 

Method 1: Strengthen the System Audio

Windows 10 consists of several features that complement the sound in your PC. But sometimes, you might overlook it and as a result, you face these audio problems. One of the most relevant features related to sound is the “Loudness Equalization”. This feature helps you to boost the sound to its extensive limit by 150 %. 

This particular feature only works when you have some special or integrated sound cards. To enhance this feature and to increase volume on Windows 10, just follow these steps.

  • Right-click on the Volume icon that is located on the taskbar. After that select “Sounds”.
  • Now open the “Sound Settings” and click on the “Playback” tab. Then, double-click to select the “Speakers” icon. Make sure that you are clicking on the specific sound card driver speaker icon.
  • After this, the “Speaker Properties” dialog box will open. Under the “Enhancements” tab, you will see multiple options with checkboxes. 

So, find the “Loudness Equalization” option and tick on its checkbox. After that, click on “OK” to save the changes.

Method 2: Utilize Volume Booster in Windows 10 with Boom 3D

When your computer doesn’t support any booster or equalizer, then you might download any secured third-party sound boosting application.  Boom 3D is one of the best tools for an audio booster. 

How to Use Volume Booster in Windows 10?

This application helps to extend the volume of your system. It also has a bunch of fantastic features that are related to enhancing the sound. Boom 3D also has a surround sound feature that gives you a cinema hall-type experience while you are watching your program. It is not at all hardware-dependent and is compatible with near about all headsets. 

In addition to that, it has a fantastic user interface, fidelity, dark and light mode, and many more features. Whenever you want to change the configuration in your equalizer, simply tweak its settings and presets. You will get more idea about the Volume booster method here- https://www.windowschimp.com/volume-booster-windows-10/

Note: Boom 3D is available as a 30-day trial version. After that, you might buy it if you want to know how to make computer louder Windows 10 with this application. 

Method 3: Dolby Atmos for Headphones

There is also a fantabulous way to enhance your Windows 10 audio. You can use the Dolby Atmos version that is compatible with most headphones. It is also compatible with Windows 10, where you can get the feeling of watching your favorite program at a concert. 

Note: Dolby Atmos is present in some of the selected computer brand models. 

This feature doesn’t need any type of hardware device, receiver, or driver to start functioning. It runs with the help of a digital signal processor, which is present in the system itself. Apart from programs, Dolby Atmos for headphones is easily available for many games like Assasin’s Creed, Gears of War 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, etc. 

To turn on this feature, access the “Sounds” option and double-click on the audio icon. Then click on the “Spatial sound” tab and select the drop-down list. Then, you will see “Dolby Atmos for Headphones”. So, hit the button to activate it and click “OK” to save the changes. 

Method 4: Change Equilizer Settings

In case, you hear the bass overpowering, then you can adjust the treble level of the equalizer. Thankfully, Windows 10 has a built-in sound equalizer in which you can create your profile and modify it. 

How to Improve Sound Quality on Laptop Using Windows 10 Equalizer?

To make some changes in the equalizer, access the Sound Settings and choose the “Device Properties” option. After that, choose the “Enhancements” option and uncheck the checkbox for the equalizer. Create a profile as per your wish and hit the button that has three dots in it. Then increase or decrease the levels to set your equalizer. 

Before that, ensure that the bass levels are on the left side and treble levels are on the right side. Also, the mid-range levels must stay in the middle to enhance sound quality. 

Method 5: Update Sound Card Drivers

When you are facing some problems with sound, it is better that you update your sound card drivers. In general, the OS gives you a prior notification when an update is available. If you don’t receive any notifications, then visit the official site of your computer’s brand. Thereafter, go to the driver download page and install the latest software.

There is also an alternative method by which you can select the driver and update it. Press the Windows logo+X key and then double-click on the “Audio Inputs and Outputs” option. The menu will expand. Now, select the driver you want to update, right-click on it and hit “Update Driver”.  

Method 6: Assign Multiple Audio Output for Various Media

Earlier, a single music player or specific audio output was desirable. But, now we have multiple sound outputs that are compatible with different speakers and headphones. There are also a variety of tools with which you can add more than one sound output. 

In order to set individual volumes for sound output, right-click on the volume icon. This will open the “Volume Mixer”. After that, all the applications will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Whereas, the list of devices will be on the left-hand side. 

So, adjust the volume according to the requirements in your Windows 10 and hopefully, the sound will be louder.

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