No Sound from Realtek Digital Output: How to Fix the Issue?

No Sound from Realtek Digital Output: How to Fix the Issue?

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Even though the Realtek Digital Output feature usually works quite well, it isn’t free from problems. Like other components of your computer, various issues can show up in this one as well. However, very few of them could be as annoying — when you don’t get any sound while using it. Moreover, this also happens to be arguably the most commonly reported problem with the Realtek Digital Output.

Now, in case you’re looking for solutions, there are some simple fixes you can try. You don’t necessarily need a professional to deal with this issue. Read to know how you can get the sound working again.

Simple Ways to Bring back Sound in Realtek Digital Output

If you’re looking for a cause behind the audio problem, there could be many of them. However, there are many simple fixes for this issue, too. So, you might want to proceed with applying them without any further delay.

  • Reboot

The issue with the audio does not always indicate a complicated problem. Sometimes, it’s just a result of your device is unresponsive. As you probably know, a reboot is arguably the easiest way to fix that. It can remove whatever error the Realtek Sound Output was facing. As a result, you’ll be able to get audio after implementing this step.

  • Troubleshooting option

To save valuable time, you might want to start with the simplest fixes. In that case, you must troubleshoot the issue, if the reboot wasn’t effective. Thus, you must choose to run the Troubleshooting option for the Audio component in the Settings.

  • Update the System

Sometimes, audio problems in Realtek Digital Output are caused indirectly by an outdated system. This might apply in your case, too, so check the system version that you’re using. If it is outdated, that explains the problem you’re facing with the audio. So, it’s time to update your system without any unnecessary delay. After all, that will also allow you to install the latest drivers for audio and other components.

  • Problems With The Driver

To play audio through the digital output, the system needs to optimally convert signals to sound. For that, it needs to control and fully utilize the audio hardware. Now, it cannot proceed without a driver that acts as an interface between the two. So, it’s a very crucial software component of your device.


Your old audio driver can’t keep up with the requirements for much longer. Sooner or later, you have to get the latest version to utilize your device’s capabilities to its last bit. When you don’t get any sound from the digital output, it often indicates an outdated audio driver. If that’s the case, you have to update it to maintain its performance.

Once you’ve updated the system, you must do the same for the drivers as well. To install the latest Realtek audio driver, you can go to the manufacturer’s website or do it from the Device Manager. In both cases, you have to do it manually every time. Now, that might be a little inconvenient for you. Thus, you can simply get driver software tools for automatic updates.

Compatibility Issues

Did you stop getting audio after installing a newer driver version? In that case, it might indicate that the current one you’re using is incompatible with the system. In such a situation, there’s no other way but to bring back the older one.

Would that provide an effective solution? In case you’re wondering, it has solved the Realtek Digital Output problem for many users. So, you must give it a try. The easiest way to do this would be from the Device Manager. Find your Realtek Audio Driver and bring up the options by right-clicking it, and roll it back to the previous version. The newer version may be incompatible because you’re using an outdated system. In that case, you need to update the system first.

Installation Error

Even though it’s not as common as the above-mentioned issues, your driver may not be installed properly. This happens mostly due to an error during the installation process. So, how do you fix it in such a situation? Reinstallation is the only option if you want to continue using the Realtek driver.

Go to the Device Manager and remove the driver you’re using. Once you’re done, reboot the system and it’ll download the driver. If you don’t want to switch off the device, simply go to the manufacturer’s website to download this version. The only viable alternative to this method would be to switch to another driver.

  • Restore a Previous State

Failed to find a solution with the above-mentioned methods? In that case, there aren’t many viable solutions other than a professional one. Before that, you must try restoring the system to a state, before the audio issue has occurred. Further, you’ll find the option to do that in the Recovery section of your device’s Control Panel.


If you can’t hear any sound from your Realtek Digital Output, you must try the solutions listed here. If one of them doesn’t work in your case, you must apply the others. Make sure to try all of them before you decide to consult a professional.

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