Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting | 8 Ways to Fix Issue

Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting | 8 Ways to Fix Issue

Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting

Microsoft Xbox is the gaming platform that provides you with the ultimate gaming experience. But, sometimes things don’t go as planned and the console also faces many troublesome situations. Recently, gaming experts have been informed about an issue from a lot of Xbox users that the Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting. 

According to their opinion, there are several reasons behind the issue. Some of them are like syncing errors, wireless connection errors, malfunctions in the USB ports, and others. Without troubleshooting the issue, you might never be able to play games on the console. Let’s learn them one by one, as they are given below. 

  1. Shorten the Console Distance

    The dedicated joystick is the controlling platform that helps you to navigate and play the games on Xbox. So, drag your chair or the sofa or whatever you are sitting on a bit closer to the console. This will help you to shorten the distance between the console and the joystick. On the other hand, on shortening the distance between the console and the joystick, both the frequency of the device will get stronger and as a result, the perfect synchronization will eventually take place.
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  2. Take care of the Batteries

    It’s the powerhouse of any portable electronic device. If the joystick’s battery is running out of power then it might not perform as expected. Check the power level and recharge it. If the battery is non-removable, then pause the game that you are playing, disconnect the joystick from the console and plug it into the electricity board. After the charging is done, check whether the Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting or not. 

  3. Reboot the entire console

    Sometimes, the transmission of the gaming data might face congestion issues. In such cases, you have to reboot the console at once. Press and hold the X button in the joystick for 8 to 10 seconds. After that, turn off the main electrical supply. Wait for a little while, and then switch on the console. The game will automatically get saved when you restart it. Let the joystick synchronize with the console. Now, start playing the game and check whether the issue is still there or not.
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  4. Disconnect and Reconnect the Joystick

    As the joystick is the main controller of the console, it might face connection issues. Hopefully turning it off and then turning it on will help. Pause the game that you are playing, disconnect the joystick. The wireless connect button in the device will help you to do that. Wait for some time and then reconnect the joystick. The Xbox One controller that keeps disconnecting will not occur again. 

  5. Update the Firmware

    The disconnecting issue might take place if the firmware of the device is not updated for long. So, you need to update the firmware at the earliest possible. If the controller or the joystick is connected wirelessly, then disconnect and connect it via USB cable. After that, sign in to the Xbox Live account and try to access the Menu. 

    Navigate through the Settings to select the Device and Accessories. Select Xbox Controller, click on the Update button to update the firmware. Hopefully, this will eliminate the glitch associated with Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting. 

  6. Check the Driver

    Games can be played with the help of the controller if it is connected to the computer. Without the help of the controller driver, the device will never function properly. As the default driver is already being installed on your computer, you have to update it to its latest version. 

    One of the best and easy ways to do this is to install third-party software that provides you with the facility to update any application on your computer. Scan the computer and the application will try to find out the new version of the firmware. After that, click on the download to get the latest version of the controller firmware.
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  7. Optional Controller

    Having an extra controller or joystick would be beneficial. If one doesn’t work, then try to connect the other one. First, you need to disconnect the existing device. After that, keep it aside, restart the Xbox gaming console and connect another one. Now, check whether the Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting or not. 

  8. Perform a Master Reset

    Master Reset or hard reset wipes out any complications in any electronic device. Regarding the Xbox One controller that keeps disconnecting, this procedure can be handy. Press and hold the power button of the console for 10 seconds. After that, follow the on-screen instructions and proceed accordingly. Wipe out all the data from the disk drive. 

    This wiping-out process will delete all the installed games, along with their files. When the reset process is over, restart the console. Connect the controller wirelessly and then install a game. Now, check whether the issue is still there or not. Hopefully, you will never face the issue again. 

Things to Remember 

According to a recent analysis, various infamous games are easily available on the internet. Those games come in free of cost. Now, the matter of fact is that you can download these games, but as per the expert’s suggestion, you should not. Basically, these games are pirated and have no license. 

While playing these games on your console, it can stop working unexpectedly. This might hamper your gaming environment. On the other hand, certain files associated with these games might contain malicious items that can harm your console. Always opt for the licensed version. 

The respective game developing organizations have their products online and offline. You can buy them online. These licensed versions also have the facility to get the proper updates. As you already know that the updated files add extra features, as well as fix bugs. 

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