Get Quick Insight – Lost Ark Abyss Dungeon

Get Quick Insight – Lost Ark Abyss Dungeon

lost ark abyss dungeon

Abyss Dungeons is the most challenging yet rewarding content of Lost Ark. This MMO action role-playing game has a variety of dungeons. Some of the dungeons of this popular multiplayer game are level-specific. Online players can only access all the Abyss dungeons after reaching a certain level of the game.

Smilegate, the developer of Lost Ark introduced Abyss Dungeons in the recent update. It will become available to the gamers after completing the “Waiting and Leaving Quest” in the Northern Vern area. 

However, Abyss Dungeons has potion limitations. Thus, check the potion restrictions for each dungeon before you start the game.

Now, let’s see what the Lost Ark Abyss Dungeons are and how you can access them:

What are the Lost Ark Abyss Dungeons?

Abyss Dungeon is the end-game content with the features of Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids. Players must progress through dungeons and fight against the “Boss” to go to the next level. However, it is important to acknowledge the unique tactics to win the battles in Abyss Dungeons.

Unlike Guardian Raids, players can team up and discuss the strategy on how to defeat bosses within the dungeon. If you die during fighting the boss, you can’t be respawned until your team succeeds. You must restart the Lost Ark game if your teammates also lose the dungeon battles. 

What are the Different Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark?

You will see different Abyss Dungeons in each tier in the Lost Ark game. There are four dungeons in Tier 1, five dungeons in Tier 2 and two dungeons in Tier 3. Players will get different rewards and enemies in these three tiers.

Here are the in-game items you can collect from each Lost Ark tier:

Tier 1

Demon Beast Canyon is the first Tier 1 Abyss Dungeon in the Lost Ark game. Players can access this dungeon after reaching 340 item level. You can collect accessories, ability stones, and engraving books from Tier 1. 

You can unlock rare items like cards and materials to customise the Rugged Valley Launcher. Online gamers can gold to get additional items after winning the dungeon battles. Ensure to collect as many HP Potions and Splendid Whirlwind Grande as you can. It will help you to combat your enemies in Demon Beast Canyon.

Here are the four other Abyss Dungeons in the first tier of Lost Ark:

Necromancer’s Origin

Necromancer’s Origin is the second Abyss Dungeon of this RPG game. You must be at 340 item level to access this Lost Ark dungeon. 

It has tier-1 accessories, ability stones, cards and engraving books. You will get combat items like Splendid Whirlwind Grande and Time Stop Potion from this dungeon. 

Compared to the first Abyss Dungeon, this one is quite difficult. It requires a high level of cooperation between teammates to clear the dungeon. Ensure to assign orders and positions before fighting against the boss. 

Hall of Twisted Warlord

It is the third Tier 1 Abyss Dungeon in the Lost Ark game. Players must complete the 460 item level to enter this dungeon. Hall of Twisted Warlord contains accessories, ability stones, cards and engraving cards.

You get additional items to craft Enraged Nature Launcher and Boisterous Elemental Launcher. After clearing this Lost Ark Abyss Dungeon, you can pay gold to get extra loot. The recommended combat items of this dungeon are HP Potion, Splendid Whirlwind Grande and Time Stop Potion.

Hildebrandt Palace

Hildebrandt Palace is the last Abyss Dungeon in Lost Ark’s Tier 1. You need to be at least 460 item level to access this dungeon. Players will get accessories, ability stones, engraving books and cards in Hildebrandt Palace.

In this Abyss Dungeon, you have to fight against the Phantom Legion Queen first. If you win the battle, you must compete against 2 bosses in Brelshaza. This dungeon requires skill sets like coordination and timing to defeat bosses.

Tier 2

Road of Lament is the first Lost Ark Abyss Dungeon in Tier 2. Players must complete at least the 840 item level to enter this dungeon. It drops accessories, cards, ability stones and cards required to win the boss bottles. You must find and collect combat items like Splendid Swift Robe, HP and Stop Potion to clear the dungeon.

Here are other Abyss Dungeons of Lost Ark Tier 2:

Forge of Fallen Pride

Forge of Fallen Pride is the second Tier 2 Abyss Dungeon. In this dungeon, you will get items to craft the Marvelous Earth Bow set. Ensure to enter 840-level items to explore this Lost Ark dungeon. The recommended combat items for this dungeon are Panacea and Taunting Scarecrow.

Sea of Indolence

The third Abyss Dungeon of Tier 2 is “Sea of Indolence”. It offers items to customise Unyielding Will Greatsword and Mute Guardian Greatsword. It is the first water Abyss Dungeon that introduces unique floor mechanics. 

You must pay attention to the Breath Circle above your in-game character. If you run out of breath, interact with the plants to improve your HP. You need to win the battles against 2 bosses to go to the next level.

Tranquil Karkosa

It is the fourth Abyss Dungeon in the Lost Ark’s Tier 2. You need to be at 960 item level to get into this dungeon. Players must collect combat items like HP Potion, Destruction Bomb and Splendid Swift Robe. Additionally, you must have the Splendid Dark Grenade to defeat your enemies easily.

Alaric’s Sanctuary

Alaric’s Sanctuary is the fifth Abyss Dungeon in this multiplayer game’s Tier 2. This dungeon drops accessories, ability stones and cards for players. Besides, you will get items to craft “Unyielding Will Greatsword” and “Mute Guardian Greatsword” sets. Alaric’s sanctuary is the most difficult water Abyss Dungeon in Lost Ark.

Tier 3

There are two dungeons in the third tier of Lost Ark. The first Abyss Dungeon is Aira’s Oculus which you can unlock after entering to 1325 item level. Players must collect HP Potions, Taunting Scarecrows and Flame Grenades to defeat bosses.

Oreha Preveza is the second Abyss Dungeon in Tier 3. You need to be at 1370 item level to enter the hard mode of this dungeon. Ensure to find HP Potion, Marching Flag and Whirlwind Grande to complete this level.

Lost Ark Abyss Dungeon Rewards:

Abyss Dungeon drops rewards that are crucial for your in-game character’s progression. One of the most important rewards in Lost Ark is currency. You can purchase a full gear set using the currency.

Moreover, you will get Abyss Equipment Crafter in every map location. Players can also dismantle the Abyss Dungeon gear to get currency. You will get Harmony Shards and Life Shards in the three tiers to increase your chances of honing. 

So, collect these rewards to ensure victory in Abyss Dungeon battles.

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