Waypoint Ruins in Elden Ring Beginner’s Guide

Waypoint Ruins in Elden Ring Beginner’s Guide

waypoint ruins

Elden Ring is a personal favourite for those gamers who like to challenge themselves. The gameplay is loaded with frequent enemies and ambushes. Additionally, the game is 54 ½ hours long, and gamers need to play it almost for 132 hours to achieve 100% completion. Well, the open world of the Elden Ring is full of hidden locations besides secrets and tough challenges.

Waypoint Ruins is one of the hiding locations found in the East Limgrave area of Elden Ring. This is not easily explorable for casual gamers. If you have heard about Waypoint Ruins and want to walk through the spot, then this guide is made for you. 

Check out what Waypoint Ruins is, how you can locate it, and more here.

Waypoint Ruins: What is it?

Elden Ring is full of adventure, and Waypoint Ruins is a recommendable location to prepare yourself for the next mission. Apart from that, Waypoint Ruins is also known for its tourist attractions.

In addition, you can hide, collect valuable items, and defeat enemies in Waypoint Ruins. Expect rewards for completing missions when you are still in Waypoint Ruins. 

Let’s check out where Waypoint Ruins exactly reside on the map of Elden Ring.

How to Reach Waypoint Ruins?

As already mentioned, Waypoint Ruins is located in East Limgrave. And, East Limgrave resides east of lake Agheel. You can approach Waypoint Ruins either from the north or south direction. 

You might cross the bridge at the centre of Limgrave, and you can explore Waypoint Ruins. Swarmed with moving, toxic Spore Bloom plants, Waypoint Ruins is covered by smaller blooms. Those small moving Miranda Plants are destined to emit spores, and they are poisonous.

Therefore, those poisonous spores can kill anyone who draws near them. However, one needs to be in contact with these spores for a longer period to get killed. If anyone enters the greater poison cloud, then it will take a few moments to get killed.

Another way for the Bloom to attack is through the rays of light or rain down droplets. This carries a huge amount of damage in that particular area. Luckily, you can determine when Bloom is preparing its attack. The Bloom takes time to extend itself in the air and then rain down those droplets of poison.

Primary Challenges Related to Waypoint Ruins

Now, the challenge is to avoid all these attacks since you need to enter the ruins. And, the path of entrance lays just to the Giant Poison Bloom’s south. The Bloom can’t target you underground, and the flower will disappear after you defeat it. Spirit Summons and Lone Wolves summon can also work in this situation.

After that, it will reveal crafting materials such as 5 Poisonbloom, Miranda Powder, and Immunising Cured Meat. smaller flowers are dotted around a few outer walls of the Ruins, and they are clustering over dead bodies. You can find a Golden Rune item in one of those deal bodies.

Once you clear out the area of the ruins after getting past the blooms, you will come across a stairwell that leads to a stone cellar. You have to overcome a fog wall at the entrance of the stone cellar. After completing it, you need to defeat the Mad Pumpkin Head in the boss battle.

Read more about Mad Pumpkin Head and the Battle

You might have been introduced to Mad Pumpkin Head so far inside the underground ruins. How can you recognise Mad Pumpkin H/ead? Well, it’s a huge humanoid accompanied by a metal pot that looks like a pumpkin on his head. Additionally, it has a spiked flail.

Fighting against Mad Pumpkin Head might sound deadly, but it’s easier than other boss fights in Waypoint Ruins. Mad Pumpkin Head attacks with his flail, and it leads to Bleed damage. 

Additionally, he slams players with his own head. If you slam any of these, then it gives him a chance to counterattack. Mad Pumpkin Head can slam its head to stagger you. Otherwise, it can run towards the player and swing you upwards with the flail.

It’s better to target his unarmoured body instead of his protected head. Moreover, you can try attacking Mad Pumpkin Had from its behind because of his stoop posture. For more convenient attacks, you can deploy spirit summons to keep him distracted. 

Make sure that you always leave some stamina so that you can rapidly dodge his attacks. He can start up again even after you have attacked him. Whenever there’s a chance, you can backstab him with applicable strategies.

What will you get after defeating Mad Pumpkin Head? Well, you can earn 1100 Runes. In addition, the site of grace for Waypoint Ruins will appear after you are done defeating Mad Pumpkin Head. This makes it easy for you to travel back to Waypoint Ruins in the future.

What is Beyond Mad Pumpkin Head and the Boss Battle?

As you already know, a site of grace will be opened for you after you defeat Mad Pumpkin Head. Well, this doesn’t end the saga of Waypoint Ruins. Past the chamber of Mad Pumpkin Head, you can come across a room that contains Sorceress Sellen.

You can interact with her and even wish to be her student. After that, you can buy Glinstone Sorceries from Sorceress Sellen. 

More Items Found in Waypoint Ruins

Defeating Mad Pumpkin Head or collecting Glinstone sorceries from Sellen is not the to-do task on the list of Waypoint Ruins list. You might have missed some items, and they might be critical for the integral build you are looking for. 

You can collect the Pumpkin Helm once you have defeated Mad Pumpkin Head. Additionally, there are a few valuables that you can buy from Sorceress Sellen’s shop. 

If you are after a 100% completion, then here are a few items that you should not miss:

  • Glinstone Pebble
  • Glinstone Arc
  • Crystal Barrage
  • Glinstone Stars
  • Carian Slicer (this demands you to own Royal House Scroll)
  • Scholar’s Shield
  • Scholar’s Armament
  • Glintblade Phalanx (needs you to acquire Royal House Scroll)


We can conclude that Waypoint Ruins in Elden Ring contains 3 threats mainly. They are smaller Miranda sprouts, Giant Miranda Bloom, and Mad Pumpkin Head. After defeating them, the site of grace becomes accessible to you. As a player, you can easily interact with Sorceress Sellen.

You can complete her quest to get exciting rewards. Sellian Sealbreaker, Eccentric’s Hood, Glinstone Kris, Shard Spiral, Eccentric’s Manchettes, Sellen’s Primal Glinstone, and more rewards are waiting for you. So go out for an adventure in Waypoint Ruins next time you play Elden Ring.

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