How do I craft a Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft [Instant Solution]

How do I craft a Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft [Instant Solution]

how do i craft a diamond pickaxe minecraft

People who like to play Minecraft know that mining is a key process of playing the game. If you are playing Minecraft, you need to mine to identify mobs, collect resources and even explore different regions. 

But, before starting the mining adventure, you must get the best tools. So, get to know how do I craft a Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft. 

Most surprisingly, the Diamond Pickaxe is one of the most powerful pickaxes you can find while playing Minecraft. But, before knowing how to craft it, you must understand the importance of a Diamond Pickaxe while playing Minecraft.

What is the Importance of a Diamond Pickaxe?

Before you create a Diamond Pickaxe, you have to know the importance of making a Diamond Pickaxe. 

Let’s go through some important facts about Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft.

  • In Minecraft, the Diamond Pickaxe is the most popular tool among the gaming community.
  • The Diamond Pickaxe is the second most powerful pickaxe, following the Netherite.
    [Thus, Netherite is an upper-level form of the Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft.]
  • The Diamond Pickaxe is the third fastest pickaxe in Minecraft in terms of speed, following the gold and Netherite pickaxes.

These factors will help you to find out how do I craft a Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft efficiently. Now, have a look at the uses of a Diamond Pickaxe to proceed.

How do I Craft a Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft: Different Uses 

While playing Minecraft, you can use Diamond Pickaxes for different purposes. Let’s go through some use of a Diamond Pickaxe.

  • The Diamond Pickaxe tool has a large damage rate in Minecraft. So, you can use this pickaxe as a strong weapon in terrible conditions. 
  • You can make a Netherite pickaxe by using a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft. Moreover, you can also mine other strongest items in the game by using the Diamond Pickaxe. 
  • A Diamond Pickaxe will permit you to get other diamond items from Minecraft easily. 
  • You can use a Diamond Pickaxe for effectively mining all the ores in Minecraft. In addition, you can follow Minecraft guidance to learn about the places of the most vital ores. 
  • A Diamond Pickaxe is useful for mining obsidian. Thus, you may require it to create a Nether Portal and then complete the game. 

Now, the only question remains – How do I craft a Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft? Check out the ways to get a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft.

How do I Craft a Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft?

If you play Minecraft, you should know that crafting is not the only method for gaining a Diamond Pickaxe. Certainly, you can also identify it in different places, like Bastion Remnants and End City. All you have to do is search for Diamond Pickaxe within the chest loot. 

However, the drawbacks of those places are – you can only access them during survival gameplay. 

Do not surrender your hope yet. You can get a delighted Diamond Pickaxe if you trade with master-level villagers at toolsmith during the game. 

Crafting Diamond Pickaxe by Collecting Required Items

While playing Minecraft, you have to collect some items to find the answer to how do I craft a Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft. Thus, the essential items required for crafting a Diamond Pickaxe are:

  • Crafting Table
  • 2 Sticks
  • 3 Diamonds

If you have crossed the previous stages, you already know that sticks are a constant item while crafting pickaxes in Minecraft. In addition, they act as the grip of the pickaxe while other things act as its forefront part. 

If you want to make a stick, you need to place 2 plans next to one another in a vertical position. You can get planks by keeping a stem or wood block in the crafting region of Minecraft.

Now, go through the steps to resolve how do I craft a Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft.

Step 1: Creating a Wooden Pickaxe in Minecraft

Wooden pickaxe is the first pickaxe in Minecraft. Thus, the one and only purpose of this pickaxe is to permit you to mine the stones. 

To create a wooden pickaxe:

  1. First, you need to position a plan in every cell in the crafting area’s first row.
  2. Next, you have to place 2 wooden sticks in the centre cell of the third and second rows. 

Now you can rotate the world and search for the stone block. Certainly, it is one of the most common blocks.

Thus, you will get a cobblestone after identifying and mining it. You need 3 cobblestone blocks to proceed to the next step. Hence, it will take you close to finding out how do I craft a Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft.

Step 2: Creating a Stone Pickaxe in Minecraft

Once you have gained sufficient cobblestones, you need to return to the crafting table. You have to place a block of cobblestone in the cells of the crafting area’s first row. 

Next, you need to keep a wooden stick in the centre cells of the second and third rows. The positioning of sticks remains the same in the crafting methods of all pickaxes in Minecraft.

Now, you can search for iron ore by using the stone pickaxe. Once you mine the iron ore, you will see that it releases raw iron. In addition, you have to ensure that you arrange at least 3 raw iron pieces before leaving. 

Step 3: Finding Diamonds and creating a Diamond Pickaxe

You need to smelt the raw iron into iron ingots by using a blast furnace. Moreover, wooden plans are also useful for raw smelting iron. When you get 3 iron ingots, position them in the crafting area’s first row. 

Next, you must place the wooden sticks in the centre cell of 2 lower rows to finish the method. If you want to mine diamonds, you have to use either an iron or gold pickaxe. 

Diamonds are found below the world height of Y=16 in Minecraft. So, if you reach the proper altitude, you can find diamonds more easily. 

While mining diamonds using an iron pickaxe, you will see the diamond ore block drop the diamonds directly. You need 3 diamonds to sort out how do I craft a Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft. 

Now, you must place those 3 diamonds into the first row of the crafting table. Place the wooden sticks similarly you placed wooden, stone or iron pickaxes. 

Finally, the Diamond Pickaxe is successfully crafted, and you can drag it within your Minecraft inventory. 


You can even use some command prompts within the chatbox in Minecraft. It will help you in getting a Diamond Pickaxe easily. But, before using this, you have to use either Minecraft Bedrock or Java editions with activated cheats. After crafting Diamond Pickaxe, you can use it whenever you want while playing Minecraft. 

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