Norton Error 9090: Eliminate This Error With Effective Techniques

Norton Error 9090: Eliminate This Error With Effective Techniques

Norton Antivirus program is one of the most powerful tools to offer exceptional online security. Users can install the Standard, Deluxe, and Premium versions to safeguard their devices. 

Norton error 9090 is quite common and disturbing for the antivirus users. Most of the time, due to the incomplete installation process of the Norton antivirus, this error code might pop up on the screen.

Sometimes, a corrupted Windows registry can lead to this problem. Also, if any Norton related file is affected by the virus, then it can also be a valid reason for this error code. 

If you are a Norton user, then you should understand how important it is to fix this runtime error immediately. As it may lead to some serious damage to your PC, which is using the Norton Antivirus program.

Therefore, if you are looking for some ways to eliminate the bug, then go through the best approaches to fix such issues. Here, we have explained some of the effective solutions, which will surely get rid of error code 9090 easily.

Fix Norton Error 9090 with Some Reliable Solutions:

Below, we have discussed a list of troubleshooting solutions to fix Norton error code 9090. Let’s check them out.

Solution 1-  Repair Windows Registry

Manually repairing the Windows registry entries can be a perfect solution for fixing this Norton error. An incorrect Windows registry can prevent booting your computer and cause damage to the OS.

So, you need to apply this solution carefully using Registry Editor to fix the error. Before editing the Windows registry entities, we suggest you keep a backup of your important files and data.

Now, follow the undermentioned solutions. 

Step 1

First, click on the Start button. After that, enter ‘command’ in the search field and without pressing the “Enter” key, go to the next step.

Step 2

Next, you have to press the “CTRL”, “Shift” and “Enter’ keys together.  Then, a confirmation message will appear on the screen and you should click on the Yes button.

Step 3

Now, a new window will appear on the screen. Here, you have to type ‘regedit’ in the available field and hit the OK button.

Step 4

Within the Registry Editor, locate the key associated with the error code 9090. After that, move to the “File” menu and choose “Export” from the available options.

Step 5

Thereafter, move to the ‘Save In’ list and choose the location where you want to save the backup files.  

After that, click on the ‘Filename’ option and enter a name for the backup files.

Step 6

Now, move to the tab for ‘Export Range’ and mark the dialog box beside the ‘Selected branch’ option. Finally, click on the Save option and the files must be saved with a “.reg” file extension.

After that, exit from the tab and reboot your computer. Try to use Norton Antivirus software on your device and check if it’s launching without this error code. Otherwise, proceed to the next solution.

Solution 2- Reinstall the Conflicted Programs

Sometimes, if several programs are running at the same time and if there is a conflict between the two programs, then this can lead to this problem. 

In such a scenario, you have to remove all the conflicting programs and reinstall them. 

If you are a Windows 7 user, then click on the Start menu and type ‘control panel’. Press the Enter key to launch the Control Panel window.

From the Control Panel window, uninstall the program.

In case, you use the Windows 8 Operating System, then tap on the Start button. After that, scroll down and click on the “More Settings” option. 

Thereafter, move to the Control Panel section and delete the program that might be responsible for the issue.

For the Windows 10 users, they need to navigate to the “Control Panel” and right-click on it. Then, tap on the “Uninstall” option.

Once the conflicting software is successfully uninstalled, then visit the corresponding website to download and install them one by one.

Solution 3- Use Disk Cleanup

If you are still dealing with the Norton error 9090? do not panic. Here, we will describe how to run the Disk Cleanup for resolving this Norton issue.

Step 1

At first, tap on the Start icon. Then, enter ‘command’ in the Search field and press the Ctrl, Shift and Enter keys together.

Step 2

After that, a new page will appear on the display. Here you should press “regedit’ in the given field and press the OK key.

Step 3

Disk Cleanup will now calculate how much space on each drive can be freed up. You should now tap on the Temporary Files option.

Step 4

Finally, click on the Ok button and wait for sometimes until the cleanup procedure is completed. Hopefully, this tool has successfully cleaned up the temporary and junk files from your computer.

Reboot your system and if this error code still causes any trouble for you, give the next solution a try.

Solution 4- Update the Device Driver

Sometimes, Norton error 9090 can also occur due to an outdated device driver. In such cases, you have to update the device driver to its best-recommended version. 

To do so, move to the Home screen of your device and click on the Start icon. After that, enter ‘Device Manager’ in the Search field and press the Enter key. 

Once the Device Manager window opens, click on the Expand icon and choose your device from the lists. 

After that, right-click on it and choose the “Update Driver” option.  Next, mark the dialog box beside the ‘Search automatically for the updated driver software’ option.

Then, the updating process will be started. Depending on the size of updates, it might take a while. 

After completion, reboot your machine and try to use the Norton security software. Check whether you can run this program without this error code 9090.

Solution 5- Use System Restore

System restore is one of the best solutions to resolve the Norton Antivirus problem. To execute the solution, follow the steps given below.

Step 1

First, click on the Start button. After that, type ‘System Restore’ in the Search box and hit the OK button.

Step 2

Then, select ‘System Restore’ from the menu. After that, you have to enter the ‘administrator password’.

Step 3

Follow the online instructions to select a restore point, when Norton error was not generated yet. Furthermore, apply the steps to restore your computer. 

Once done, reboot your system and check whether the error code persists on your device. If you are still unable to resolve the error code using this method, another solution is provided.

Solution 6- Run the System File Checker

System File Checker is an inbuilt tool that can fix certain error codes. Error code 9090 is included in that list as well.


Many users claimed that they have resolved this error code by running the System File Checker. 

To perform this solution, first, type ‘command’ in the search field and press the Ok button.

Then, a black box will appear on the display, which is nothing but the Command Prompt window.

Now, type ‘ sfc /scannow’ and press the Enter button. After that, the scanning process will begin. 

Wait for some time and reboot your system once, the scanning process is completed. The Norton error 9090 issue will not irritate you anymore.

Parting Words

Take note of the tips shared in the article. Follow all the steps to execute these solutions to resolve the Norton Antivirus issue. 

Sometimes, you can encounter the Norton error 9090 from an unexpected corner as well. Hence, we suggest you not to take risks and rely upon professionals to permanently eliminate the glitch from Norton software.

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