Complete Guidance To Fix Kaspersky Error 27300

Complete Guidance To Fix Kaspersky Error 27300

Kaspersky error 27300

Whenever we think about the best third-party antivirus program, Kaspersky is the first name that strikes in our mind. Despite being a famous antivirus, it has some technical errors. 

Kaspersky error 27300 is one of the most common errors faced by several users throughout the world. Most of the time, this error occurs while installing the ‘klim6.sys_x86’ or ‘klim6.sys_x64’ driver on the system. 

This error may affect the security of personal data. Sometimes, it also restricts users to use other apps. 

If you are also stuck with the same error and have no idea how to deal with this, this article can help you a lot. In this post, you will know some of the easiest ways which can assist you to troubleshoot this error. 

Hence, have a glance at the article and apply the solutions discussed below. So, let’s begin. 

What Causes the Kaspersky Error 27300?

According to tech experts of Kaspersky antivirus, there are certain things responsible for triggering this error 27300 Kaspersky in Windows 10. Let’s have a look at the causes pointed below: 

  • Incomplete download of the Kaspersky antivirus program. 
  • Damaged registry entries might also be the reason behind this issue. 
  • Problem with an internet connection.  
  • Outdated device driver. 
  • The conflict between the antivirus and Windows Operating System. 
  • Junk files can also cause this error by preventing the installation process. 

Now, you should match the above points with your current problem and identify the specific issue. Once you identify a particular reason, you just need some hacks to fix this error

Excellent Tips and Tricks to Fix the Kaspersky Error 27300

Below are some of the best ways to fix this error. You should apply the hacks explained here. 

Procedure 1: Repair the Registry Entries

You can fix this issue by repairing the entries of the computer. To do so, you should perform the directions as stated below. 

First and foremost, you should navigate to the Registry Editor category. Choose the key that is linked with this error. 

Go to the ‘File’ tab and tap on the ‘Export’ option. Afterward, choose the location where you want to store the backup keys. Then, right-click on it and rename the file. 

Next, navigate to the ‘Exchange Range’ menu. Select the ‘Selected branch’ option. Lastly, tap on the ‘Save’ button to save it.  

Now, try to install the klim6.sys_x86’ or ‘klim6.sys_x64’ driver to check if the error has been fixed. Else, you should perform a malware scan of the system. 

Procedure 2: Perform a Virus or Malware Scan

You can also encounter this error due to a virus or malware attack on the computer. Hence, you should perform malware or virus scanning on the system to check if it can troubleshoot the error. 

Before starting the scanning process, you have to close all the apps that are running in the background of the computer. Then, click twice on the Kaspersky antivirus program. Under the main window of the antivirus, tap on the Scan button. 

Choose the scanning type and tap on the ‘Run Scan’ option from the right pane of the screen. Once, the scanning process completes, it will remove the virus-infected registry or files from the computer and your problem will be resolved. 

Procedure 3: Reinstall the Antivirus Program

Another way to fix this error is to reinstall the antivirus program. To perform the reinstallation process, first, you need to uninstall the software and then install it again. 

Go to the system tray of the taskbar and look for the antivirus icon. If you are unable to locate the antivirus icon, then you may find it in the hidden icon folder of the system tray. 

Click on the upper arrow to see the hidden icons of the system tray and right-click on the Kaspersky icon. Then, choose the ‘Uninstall’ option from the list. Otherwise, you can uninstall it from the Control Panel. 

Open the Control Panel by going to the Start menu. Then, navigate to the ‘Programs’ category. Select the ‘Programs and Features’ option from the next page. Now, you will see a complete list of the installed programs of your computer. 

Scroll down the list and once you locate the Kaspersky antivirus program, right-click on it. Tap on the Uninstall option to remove it.  

Once, the antivirus program uninstalls properly, you should download and reinstall it by visiting the official website of Kaspersky. Or, you can also use the DVD that comes with the product key of the antivirus program.  

Procedure 4: Restart the Computer in Safe Mode

Another effective method to solve the Kaspersky error code 27300 is by running the computer in Safe mode. To do this, you should follow the steps provided below: 

  1. First and foremost, you should shut down the computer. 
  2. Then, hit the Esc key from the keyboard. 
  3. Now, you will see the ‘Safe Mode’ option. Click on it and restart the system.

After restarting the computer, you should check if the error has been fixed or not. 

Procedure 5: Install the Newest Updates and Perform a Clean Installation

According to some tech specialists, you can also solve this error by installing all the available updates. To do this, first, navigate to the Start menu and type “update” in the search bar of the Start menu. Hit the Enter key from the keyboard to execute this. 

As a result, it will open the update box. It also highlights the latest updates that are due for a long time. Tap on the ‘Install Update’ option to initiate the installation process. 

Now, you should make a clean installation of the Operating System to get rid of this error. To do this, you have to uninstall the older version of the OS. After completing the uninstallation process, you should restart the computer to apply the recent changes. 

Additional Method: Remove the Unwanted App

Sometimes, some of the applications of your computer conflict with the Operating System and cause the Kaspersky error 27300. So, you can resolve this error by uninstalling such applications. 

You can uninstall the unwanted apps from the Control Panel by performing the same steps stated in the previous methods. 

Final Recommendation

Now, it’s time to complete this post. In this article, we have explained some easy hacks to solve the Kaspersky error 27300

In case, the above procedures failed to solve this error, you should perform the additional method as your last resort. If you successfully execute these solutions in their corresponding order, it will surely assist you to get rid of this error.

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