Fix Nintendo Error Code 2110-2003 : Switch Won’t Connect to WiFi

Fix Nintendo Error Code 2110-2003 : Switch Won’t Connect to WiFi

switch won't connect to wifi

The Nintendo Switch is a video game console offered by Nintendo. This is a hybrid device that can be employed as a portable device as well as a home console. Most of the users use this device for getting a smooth gaming experience. 

Regardless of its smooth interface, it is not entirely failure-proof. There can be multiple users who get stuck with certain technical complications while using this device. It has been come to know that some of the users have been confronted with error code 2110-2003: switch won’t connect to wifi.

Fortunately, there can be some simple ways using which users can easily get out of the situation. Therefore, go through the undermentioned section and get all the necessary details regarding the Nintendo Switch error.

How to Fix “Error Code 2110-2003”?

If you find that your Nintendo switch won’t connect to WiFi and shows you error 2110-2003, follow the reliable troubleshooting measures that are mentioned in the below section. 

Check the Wireless Distant and Interference

As a primary fix, you must check the wireless distance as well as the interference. Hence, try to make sure that the Nintendo console present within the range of the wireless router. It is best if the console is settled out in the open and which is not near an aquarium, behind a TV, or under a metal object. Ensure that the console is placed within four to five feet of the wireless router.

Moreover, review all the possible sources of interruption. The interruption might be triggered by wireless headsets, laptops, microwaves, tablets, cordless phones, wireless printers, etc. Usually, it will be enough to settle all these devices far away from the Nintendo console. However, if you still confront a similar issue, then it is a wise choice to turn off all these devices while using the Nintendo console.

Reboot the Nintendo Device

Rebooting the device often removes various internal bugs and glitches. Therefore, we suggest you reboot the Nintendo device and verify if it helps or not. 

  • Locate the Power button on the Nintendo Console and press it for a few seconds.
  • From the result-oriented window, choose the “Power Options” and hit the “Turn Off” or “Restart” button.
  • When the console turns off, press the “Power” button once again to power it back on. 

Power Cycle the Home Network

Restraining the home network might fix the problem if it is associated with the device being unresponsive. Correctly implement these instructions to power cycle your home network. 

  • Take out the power cable from both of the wireless router as well as the modem.
  • If the modem’s flashlight blinks, it defines that you might have a backup installed on it. Therefore, eliminate the battery from the device to power cycle it. 
  • Leave the device for a few minutes. Thereafter, reconnect the power cable into the modem and wait unless the LED light begins to flash.
  • Also, replug the power cable into the wireless router and wait until the device light remains steady.

Make Sure you Enter the Accurate Login Credentials

Here, in this procedure, we suggest you review the wireless router login credentials attentively. Make sure you enter the accurate login credentials such as the Network and Security key. In most wireless router devices, the default Network name and Security key are written on the sticker which is placed on the backside of the device. 

Therefore, check those login credentials and try to verify whether you enter the correct one or not.

Try to Connect to the Internet Connection Again

Attempt to place the router with your wireless router range and also be sure that your Nintendo device has a strong wireless signal. On the Nintendo Switch device, hit the “Settings” icon from the Home menu to invoke the menu. 

Thereafter, choose the “Internet” and initiate the “Internet Settings”. After accessing the Internet Settings, the device will start to look for the available wireless signals automatically. Now, choose the accurate Network name (SSID) from the appeared menu. 

If you are not able to locate the network name, then hit the “Y” icon to search again. However, if you find that the wireless network name is greyed out, then it states that the wireless security type does not support the Nintendo Switch console. However, if you are still not able to locate your wireless network on the screen, then there might be certain technical bugs with the wireless network environment. 

If prompted, then enter the Network’s wireless security key on the text box using the on-screen keyboard. Thereafter, the Nintendo Switch will review the internet connection. When it is over, hit the “OK” button from the resulting menu to finish the process. 

Additional Ways to Resolve Nintendo Error Code 2110-2003: Switch won’t connect to WiFi

Here are some of the additional ways that you can try if the above mentors don’t give you the desired result. Therefore, let’s check out the undermentioned section carefully!

Update the Wireless Router’s Firmware

As the Nintendo Switch won’t connect to WiFi, there is a possibility that there are certain technical complications within the router as well as its connection. In that case, updating the wireless router’s firmware might help to overcome the situation. Go through these steps to do so.

  • On your computer, launch the default web browser or any other browser and enter the router’s IP address.
  • Afterwards, a login page will appear on the display screen.
  • Enter the login credentials such as Network name and Security key. 
  • When you get access to the wireless Router Settings page, head over to the “advanced” section and choose the “Administration” from the resulting menu.
  • In the next screen, proceed to tap on the “Router Update” button or “Firmware Update” button. 
  • Hit the “Check” button to allow the device to search for the available firmware update.
  • If the updates are available and shown on the screen, then select the “Install Update” button

Wait unless the downloading process gets over. Further, reboot the device to let the recent modifications take effect.

Do a Factory Reset of the Wireless Router

To do a factory reset of the wireless router, go through the below-cited steps.

  • Be sure that your wireless router is powered on.
  • Now, attempt to locate the “ Reset” button on the device.
  • Generally, the “Reset” button is present on the back of the router. 
  • Take a paperclip and push it inside the hole to press the “Reset” button. 
  • Keep holding the ‘Reset” button unless the device completely resets and boots up.

Hopefully, now you can resolve the Nintendo error on your own and enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What Cable is Used to Connect a Wireless Router to a PC?

An Ethernet cable only fulfils the eligibility criteria of connecting a wireless router to a computer or PC. Therefore, you can use an Ethernet cable to establish a wired connection between a network device to the computer without using a router or switch in between. 

  • Does Nintendo Switch have Netflix?

No, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have the Netflix application just because it doesn’t support any kind of online video streaming website.

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