DisplayPort Not Working: Get it Back to Work with Top Methods

DisplayPort Not Working: Get it Back to Work with Top Methods

DisplayPort Not Working

Especially for purposes like gaming, you’d want an optimal level of graphics on your computer, and, what better way to get that than a DisplayPort connection? It is undoubtedly a go-to choice for high graphic performance among all formats. Usually, it works without any trouble on most devices. But, sometimes it may face problems like DisplayPort not working while working with your device. 

Thinking of getting a professional to deal with the issue? You can also choose to fix the problem by yourself. It only requires basic knowledge of your device. Keep reading if you’re interested in knowing how to solve the DisplayPort connection issue. 

Why is DisplayPort Not Working and How Do You Get it Back to Work?

Annoyed by the device not showing the DisplayPort connection? There’s no fret about it, you can get to work right away. There are simple methods by which you can get rid of the issue from your device. Now, all you need to do is understand what’s causing it so that you can apply the next. 

  • Problems with the Cable

This cause is quite common and an obvious one. You might have thought that the cable is already connected properly. Many users who were facing this problem had reported this as the cause. Unknowingly, of course, you might not have inserted the cable properly in the port. Even if you haven’t, you must check on it before trying other solutions. That might end up saving you some time after all. Also, try disconnecting it for a moment and then connecting it again. 

Look for damages

Since the cable plays a key role in a DisplayPort connection, you need to give it proper attention. Just verifying the connection wouldn’t be enough. Any critical damages to the cable will stop your device from receiving signals, no matter how well it’s connected. Therefore, you need to look out for that. If you don’t find any external damage, there might be an internal issue. 

Found your DisplayPort cable to be damaged? Getting a new one is undoubtedly more viable in that case. It will make sure no further DisplayPort not working issues show up for a long time. Also, you must consider buying a better quality this time for more assurance. 

  • Performance Issues of the Device

If you face trouble getting a proper signal from DisplayPort, it’s not necessarily caused by a big issue. Sometimes, it might just be due to a simple error in the working of your device. Maybe that’s just caused by it getting old. In any case, this includes a wide range of issues, so you need to deal with them one by one. 

Connected devices

You may need to connect various devices with your computer while working on it. Do you have one connected right now while you’re facing problems? If yes, then the issue could have something to do with these devices, which includes storage devices as well as others such as printers and dongles.

In some cases, they contain software that comes in conflict with one used for the DisplayPort connection. As a result, this often causes the kind of issue your device is facing. So, if you remove the devices, you can hope that the problem will be fixed. However, from what it seems, you must not count on this alone. 


Since the issue is related to the display, you need to give some attention to the monitor as well. It’s not free from problems after all, just like all other components. In a lot of cases, it is the monitor that is at fault. How do you ensure the fact? You don’t need to open it up and examine it. Instead, just use the same cable with another monitor. 

Does the other one show the signal from the cable? Then, it is indeed the monitor that needs to be fixed. What if it doesn’t work with the other monitor either? In that case, there must be something wrong with the cable. Regardless of which component is at fault, you might want to consider replacing it with a new one. After all, that would provide a longer-lasting solution than just a repair. 

Graphics Card

Do you have more than one graphics card installed? The one you’re using currently might be facing an issue. As a result, you’re having trouble making the display connection work on your device. So, you must try switching to the other driver. Provided there are no issues with that one, doing this might effectively solve the problem. Then, you can proceed to enjoy high-quality graphics. 

Display port

The problem you’re facing might as well have something to do with the display port. So, you might want to be sure whether that’s the case. For that, you have to use another display port to connect with the monitor. Does it work with this one? If yes, that means you need to get the previous one fixed. 

  • System Restart

Looking for an alternative to the previous methods? It is understandable as you might want the issue fixed as quickly as possible. Thus, you can simply restart the system. In case you’re wondering, this solution does work in a lot of cases. Certain issues in your computer can get resolved just by restarting it. So, you might even want to consider trying out this solution before others. After all, it will save you a lot of time if it’s effective. 

  • Graphic Driver Issues

The importance of the driver software for your graphics card probably needs no mention here. After all, it is a crucial component for the visual performance of your device. So, if there’s any problem with it, big or small, your device will face various issues and that includes DisplayPort not working. If you can’t find any other explanations for the problem, you must take the graphic driver into account. 

Incompatible Version

Have you updated your device drivers lately? If yes, that’s where you might find the explanation for the problem. As you see, not all versions are compatible with all systems. Make sure you have installed the right one for your device. A search on the internet is all that it takes nowadays. 

Do you find that you’ve installed a compatible version? If no, then you have to bring back the previous one. You can do that easily by navigating to the driver options on your device. As an alternative, you might want to update the system instead. After all, that seems to be a better thing to do. 

Outdated Version

Have you continued using an old version thinking that it’ll work? It will do so, but not for as long as you might believe. Moreover, you’d be missing out on better graphics quality by not getting an update. At some point, it will even start causing issues. In such situations, the only viable option would be to update it. So, you must do it now. 

Corrupted File

Our driver software consists of many small files. If any of them get damaged, it’ll affect the entire program. Some of the data might have got corrupted when you were installing the software. In that case, the only option is to get rid of the damaged version and install the driver again. 


If you get the cause right, it is quite simple to fix DisplayPort not working. You can do that with the help of the methods given here. You must try out all of them, and you will hopefully get a solution by the end. 

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