Xfinity Router Setup: Simple Steps to Setup Your Router

Xfinity Router Setup: Simple Steps to Setup Your Router

Nowadays, most people have Wireless internet connection for surfing the web. When you are introducing a wireless connection in your own residence and have the new Xfinity router, you have to know the complete setup procedure first. Only after that, you will be able to get connected to the internet. 

In order to perform the Xfinity router setup process, you have to follow some important instructions regarding the process. All the instructions are given below, go through them very carefully and perform them attentively. 

How To Setup Xfinity Router?

With the help of the following steps, you can easily set up your Xfinity router easily. Before that make sure that you have the Xfi Gateway or modem along with the router. We will also help you to set up the gateway which will help you to activate the internet connection. 

Steps to Setup Xfinity Router

Here, you will get all the detail steps to set up the Xfinity router. Have a look at each and every step carefully so that you can easily understand them well. 

  • Place the Xfinity router in such a place where you will be able to get good network coverage. 
  • Somehow, if you are having an existing old router, remove it at once. After that, you have to create an account on the router’s official website to generate the Comcast account number and its password. 
  • Connect the modem to your router as well as the computer with the help of Ethernet cables. Wait for near about 10 minutes until the green lamp glows on the modem. 
  • Now open your default web browser and type the address of the Comcast activation webpage. If it doesn’t open, go to the official Xfinity website to activate your router. 
  • Now open your router software in your browser and you will see the welcome page “Welcome to Xfinity!”. In addition to that, you also see “Let’s Get Started!”.
  • Click on the start button and you see the prompt message regarding the verification of your account. You can either enter your phone number or username and password to log in. 

After that follow the onscreen instructions, you will be able to setup Xfinity router easily. If you want to know more information about the setup procedure, proceed to the next part as given below. 

Necessary Steps to Configure the Gateway or Modem

After the successful setup of your router, now you have to set up or configure the modem. Here are the following steps that will be helpful for you to perform the entire operation with ease. 

  • Place the modem or the gateway near the router and connect it. Just like the router, make sure that you place the modem in a certain place so that you can any barriers in the incoming and outgoing signal. 
  • Plug-in the gateway to the electrical power socket. After that, attach the main co-axial cable to the modem tightly.
  • If you have activated the Xfinity voice service, then check the connection with the help of your telephone. 
  • Now, wait for some time until the modem enters the working state. Make sure that the lights at the front of the modem are glowing as well as blinking correctly. 
  • The power, US/DS and online status lights should glow in a solid color to ensure successful setup. 

If your modem has only one light at the top, it will remain in a solid color for near about 60 seconds. Whenever you use any other brand modem, we advise you to check the user manual for more information. Now activate the modem by accessing the official Xfinity website. 

Now you can connect to the WiFi network with the help of network id and password. These credentials are present at the bottom of the modem or gateway. 

If you are willing to connect to the internet with an Ethernet connection, connect the Ethernet cable to the modem and computer. As a result, the Ethernet port lamp will glow to ensure successful connectivity. In addition to that, you can also operate the gateway with the help of the Xfinity xFi application that is easily available in the Appstore (Apple device) and Google Play (Andriod devices).

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