Hulu Vs Netflix: A Comprehensive Guide

Hulu Vs Netflix: A Comprehensive Guide

In Hulu, you will find more flexibility with the add-on content bundles. Whereas, on Netflix, you will find user-friendly features and a simple interface to start with. Besides, you will find the widest selection of movies on Netflix and thousands of old and current TV shows. However, on Hulu, it offers a larger collection of current running TV shows as well. But, you will not find a great collection of movies here. 

Moreover, Netflix offers you an add-free experience whereas, you will get various ads during the streaming of a show on Hulu. 

It might make you confused about which one to select amongst Netflix and Hulu. We hope the comparison between Hulu vs Netflix will help you decide. 

The Monthly Fee of Hulu and Netflix 

While most of the services like Netflix keep increasing their subscription fee, Hulu tries to reduce it. The service fees decrease from $8 to $6 recently. For an ad-free version, you have to pay $12 and the live TV option increased by $5. 

You might not know about the launch of the new Spotify Hulu bundle. Here, you can get the basic Hulu for free but, you have to pay a $10 monthly fee for subscribing to the Spotify Premium music. Whereas on Netflix, you have to pay a $13 monthly fee to get ad-free browsing. 

Through this subscription, you can watch high-definition videos. It also enables you to stream two things at once. So, if you like to watch 4K HDR TV, then a Netflix subscription is the best option for you. 

Sometimes, you might need more than two streams at a time. In that case, this Netflix subscription is suitable for you. 

How Many Shows and Movies Hulu and Netflix Offers? 

Netflix does not reveal how many TV shows it offers. But, the 2018 report suggested that Netflix offers 1569 TV shows and  4,010 movies to its subscribers. On the other hand, you can view more than 85,000 TV episodes on Hulu. But you should know that the two services have different approaches as Hulu offers more traditional TV than Netflix. 

Most of the movie studios gave rights to Netflix. In addition to this, multiple TV programs did the same thing such as CBS, NBC, various Disney contents. However, the best thing is that it draws the original content.

So, the only thing you should consider is the original program while picking between Hulu and Netflix. 

Where you Can Get Original Programs? 

In this case, hats off to Netflix as its original content is an inexhaustible firehose. You might not know the Oscar award-winning film Roma is Netflix’s original content. Some of the best shows of Netflix are Orange Is the New Black, Russian Doll, Stranger Things, and many others. 

Besides, Netflix has its own Fyre Festival documentary and you can watch all the new shows immediately after streaming. 

Now, when it comes to comparing both, you will not find original content like Netflix on Hulu. But, one of the best shows in the past few years is undoubtedly The Handmaid’s Tale, which is available on Hulu. 

Various other lower-profile programs are also available on the Hulu. Some of these shows got critical praise such as Shrill, Pen15, Killing Eve, and many more.   

Can Disney Change Hulu?

You need to know that Disney now owns two-third of Hulu. It acquired the shares of Hulu with AT&T and Fox. Disney also announces to launch Disney Plus Service where it will add the adult-centric counterpart. 

CEO of Disney said that WarnerMedia will remain a valued partner to Hulu but, the Comcast still is the owner of a part share. 

Which Streaming Service Should you Select? 

In Hulu, you will find various changes with the drop in subscription price dropped, adding the Spotify bundle, and many others. However, if you have to select any one of them, then Netflix wins the race. Here, you will be able to get original content. But, if the prices go higher, then people might look for cheaper alternatives like Hulu. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Hulu the Same as Netflix? 

If you want to watch all episodes of new shows immediately, then Netflix is the best option. However, you can view one episode per week, whenever it’s released on Hulu. You can’t find original shows on Hulu like Netflix. Based on the original content, Netflix is a far better option than Hulu.  

2. Is Netflix Free on Roku? 

If you want to watch free channels, then you don’t need to pay monthly fees. Even on the Roku device, you do not have to pay monthly rental fees. But, if you like to use subscription channels like Netflix, then you have to pay the fees. 


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