Microsoft Blocks Surface Devices from Updating May 2020 Features

Microsoft Blocks Surface Devices from Updating May 2020 Features

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Recently, Microsoft Surface devices users reported about facing problems after installing the updates of May 2020. After gathering all the reports and complaints, the software giant stated that there are a few issues in the updates, and the users must not install it. They are also investigating to find adequate Microsoft Surface Repair solutions. 

People who own Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3 are mainly facing the issues. But, the company doesn’t say clearly about the list of applications that people can use if they have accidentally downloaded the updates. 

The Compatibility Hold of Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has blocked a large number of devices from receiving May 2020 updates. As the issues lie within the company itself, the Microsoft Surface Repair procedures will be rectified by the June 2020 updates. Before that, the software giant has to set up a compatibility hold on those devices which got affected by the bugs of May 2020 updates. 

This will actually help the Surface Pro 7 and Surface 3 laptops to remain in working condition just because they will not receive any latest updates. Still, people can forcefully update to the latest version of Windows 10 but the OS provider is against it. 

The Common Problems of May 2020 Updates

People have reported that they have noticed their Surface devices facing many problems after the update. Those issues are like software errors, unexpected shutdowns of the system, abnormal restarts, driver,  many more. 

The Only Solutions 

The Microsoft Surface Repair solutions are on the process by the company. But, Microsoft has also advised the affected users that they can delete the installed update files with the help of the Control Panel. But, the best idea will be to download the updates of June 2020 which will fix all the issues. 

Today, people are not facing any problems regarding the May 2020 updates. In addition to that, Microsoft also lifted the block that they have set regarding the update receiving facility of Microsoft Surface devices. Or, you can also seek help from professionals who are proficient in Microsoft Surface Repair.

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