Windows 10 Warnings: Software Giant to Face New Problems

Windows 10 Warnings: Software Giant to Face New Problems

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After getting the latest updates, Microsoft Windows 10 users are facing serious problems with their OS. Microsoft has stated about 10 different types of bugs that have arrived from the last updates. Actually Windows 10 regularly receives updates adding new features and resolving previous bugs. But, recent updates are not worthy. 

According to a recent analysis, the tech giant had said to all the Windows users not to install updates manually. But, if someone who has already installed the updates then they are in great danger of facing subsequent complications with their OS. 

What are the issues associated with the latest update?

There are various kinds of issues that are taking place with the latest update of Windows 10. Some of them are errors in GPUs, Bluetooth devices not turning on, errors in drivers, mouse input not responding while playing games, black display, internet connection problems, and many more. In addition to that, there are also security issues that need patching. 

The Declaration of Microsoft

The tech giant has declared that they are now in the process of rolling out the Windows 10 2004 version. They also have blocked some of the computers and also warned a number of users regarding the update and upgrades. There are also a few fixes that they need to make for some other issues that were detected previously. Hopefully, Microsoft has taken the correct decision here. 

The Confirmation about Vulnerable Network Security

Microsoft has confirmed that there is a serious problem with the security, regarding Windows 10.

As a result, the issues in network communication have taken place in the multiple Windows 10 versions like 1903, 1909, 2004. Including that, Windows Server has also faced the same issues as well.

What about the Printers connected to Windows 10 & Server?

Certain reports have stated that those people who didn’t know about the warning declared by Microsoft, as they have already downloaded the updates. And, they are now facing USB printer problems where the printer port has disappeared. As a result, their OS is unexpectedly shutting down multiple times. 

Expected Solutions 

Microsoft is working on this issue in order to resolve all the problems. Till that, once again they have requested all the users to not install any updates even after getting the notifications. People who have already installed the updates are requested to uninstall the new updates for better system performance. 

In order to avoid the printer issues, the tech giant has advised the users to disconnect the printer and then reconnect once again before starting the Operating System. If someone owns a laptop, then it is not recommended for them.

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