Lenovo Laptop Camera Not Working: 4 Easy And Quick Hacks To Solve This Issue

Lenovo Laptop Camera Not Working: 4 Easy And Quick Hacks To Solve This Issue

lenovo laptop camera not working

Several Lenovo users often complain that the Lenovo laptop Camera Not Working. This generally occurs after upgrading the OS to Windows 10. When this issue occurs, then the camera becomes entirely dysfunctional. 

When this issue occurs, then you will see a cross sign oh the camera window with a grey background. Most of the time, this issue gets triggered due to the incompatibility problem between Windows 10 and old drivers. 

If you are one of them then do not worry. In this post, you will get to learn the essential methods that can help you to solve this issue. So, you should take a look at the guide described below.

Lenovo Laptop Camera Not Working Windows 10 Fixed 

Before you perform any complicated solutions to get rid of this error, you should apply the hacks discussed below. But first, press the F8 key from the keyboard. Sometimes, you need to press the key along with the Fn key. 

This key is used to disable or enable the webcam of the Lenovo laptop. If it doesn’t help, then you should perform the solutions explained below: 

Fix 1: Update the Webcam Driver from the Device Manager

The Webcam driver is not compatible with Windows 10 OS, then it might be the reason behind this issue. So, you can solve this issue by updating the Webcam driver. 

How to Update the Webcam Driver from the Device Manager?

  1. First and foremost, go to the Start menu and type “Device Manager” in the search bar. 
  2. Hit the Enter key from the keyboard to open the Device Manager. 
  3. Navigate to the ‘Imaging Devices’ section and right-click on the ‘Lenovo Easy Camera’ option. Select the ‘Update Driver Software…’ from the list of options. 
  4. Now, you should follow the Wizard to update the Webcam driver. 
  5. Once the updating process finishes, you should restart the system to apply the changes. 

After updating the driver, you should check if the ‘Lenovo laptop camera not working’ issue has been sort or not. If it persists, then you should move on to the next method stated below. 

Fix 2: Eliminate the Software and Allow Windows to Find the Suitable One

If Device Manager fails to find a suitable driver, then you should use Windows Update Search as the next option. To perform this hack, you should uninstall the previously installed software. 

  1. In the beginning, you should perform the first 3 steps from the previous method. But, choose the ‘Uninstall’ option from the list instead of clicking on the ‘Update Driver Software’ option. 
  2. Now, you should wait for a few seconds until the wizard completes the rebooting process. 
  3. Afterward, navigate to the Start menu. Then, type “Check for updates” in the search bar. It will navigate you to the Windows Update window. 
  4. Tap on the ‘Check for updates’ option. Now, the windows started to search for the available updates.
  5. If it is able to locate the latest version then it will start the updating process automatically. 

Once the updating process completes, you can restart the computer to apply the changes. Afterward, you should try to open the Webcam to check if it is working accurately. Else, you should try to uninstall the old drivers and reinstall the latest driver from Lenovo’s website. 

Fix 3: Uninstall the Driver and Reinstall the Camera Driver

If the above methods fail to fix this issue, then you should install the latest driver from Lenovo’s website. To do this, first, you have to perform the 1st step from the previous method to uninstall the driver. 

Then, visit the official website of Lenovo and download the latest driver of the Webcam. Then, install the driver by following the on-screen guidance. 

Once the updating process completes, you should restart the computer to apply the changes. Now, you should check if the issue has been fixed. Else, install the USB Video drivers. 

Fix 4: Install the Generic USB Video Device Drivers Manually

According to some users, they have solved this Lenovo laptop camera not working Windows 10 issue by installing the USB Video device drivers. 

So, you should try this method as your last resort. To do this, you should perform the steps provided below: 

  1. First, go to the ‘Imaging Devices’ section by performing the steps stated earlier. 
  2. Now, tap on the ‘Browse my computer for driver software’ option from the next page. 
  3. Choose the ‘Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer’ from the next page.
  4. Now, you will see a complete list of all the drivers installed on the system. 
  5. Choose the ‘USB Video Device’ option and tap on the Next button. It will start to install the driver. 

Once the installation process completes, you should restart the computer to apply the changes. Now, you should check whether the issue has been resolved. 

In the above post, we have presented the most reliable solutions to solve this issue. We hope if you implement them in their corresponding order, then it will definitely help you to fix the camera error. 

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