How to Successfully Implement Smartphone Surveillance at Work?

How to Successfully Implement Smartphone Surveillance at Work?


Smartphones are more than a basic necessity. Nowadays, people surf the Internet and make phone calls and deliver messages with smartphones to perform all important tasks of their lives.

Under corporate settings, many employees today save dozens of files and sensitive company information on their digital devices, the risk of data leak or intentional fraud becomes extremely high that costs companies millions.

Many of those workers bring their own devices to workplaces. According to Lilach Bullock’s post at Forbes, the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) concept is increasing in the business world. It’s forecasted that by 2022, more than $367 billion people will bring their own digital devices to work.

The Forbes post also reveals that 60% of workers use a smartphone for work purposes; while companies such as Cisco are making huge savings of $350 per employee due to the BYOD trend.

Many employers are wondering whether they need smartphone surveillance or not to keep a watchful eye on their digitally-obsessed workers.

Monitoring your workers at the workplace is always helpful to boost workplace productivity. Monitoring employees can facilitate you to identify employees who spend time being unproductive. At the end of the day, smartphone surveillance can become a major game-changer between your losses and revenues.

This post will discuss how employers can take advantage of smartphone surveillance tools and implement them successfully to produce the best profitable outcomes.

The post also explores the features of the world’s leading smartphone surveillance app to boost your workplace surveillance plan.

Let’s get started.

How to Successfully Implement Workplace Surveillance Policy? 

Although smartphones have advanced significantly over the years, they are not perfectly designed for security and privacy. Unfortunately, many employers lose the vital company data that an employee sends to a competitor to harm the company’s image. That means mobile phones have limitations; they offer poor mechanisms to protect your company’s data.

The following steps will help you to figure out a plan to form your workplace smartphone surveillance strategy. Your future success and revenue can be impacted by your employee surveillance. So, talking about them is essential for business success.

1. Identify the Need for Surveillance Policy 

A smart BYOD policy can help to address the risks of employee dishonesty. Since it is illegal in most states to monitor an employee’s phone without their prior consent, your company must plan and implement viable surveillance or BYOD policy.

Having a proper BYOD policy will make sure that an employee being monitored knows what is going on behind their back.

2. Decide What Technologies to Use for Surveillance

Gone are the days when employees had one Blackberry device to use at home and the workplace. Nowadays, employees have multiple iOS and Android devices to facilitate their work. Therefore, you must decide which smart devices employees can carry while performing professional tasks.

Your policy should define whether employees bring their own devices to the workplace or only use company-issued phones and tablets.

3. Clarify Who Owns the Information Stored on Digital Devices

On a company-owned device, employees can download third-party apps and software without anyone’s permission. If you provide your workers’ smartphones at the workplace, then you need a policy that ensures a list of allowed and banned software programs on their phones.

This policy will ensure that employees using third-party apps and software do not pose a threat to your company. Design a policy that allows you or your managers to remotely delete or erase any objectionable data on employees’ smartphones.

That strategy will help to keep your corporate data safe in the hands of employees, but will also reduce security loopholes.

4. Be Cautious with Social Media Usage 

Employees open several social media sites on their smartphones. However, they often overlook the fact the social media is spying on them. Their friends and other malicious people may also be spying on them on social media.

This is why employers should have a proper social media posting and usage policy to keep private data safe from falling into wrong hands.

5. Choosing the Best Smartphone Surveillance Application for Your Needs

Surveillance apps as you know are software programs or digital tools that allow users to monitor and record information stored on a smartphone or tablet. Nowadays, technology has spread its wings and impacting the masses by offering software suites and monitoring apps.

Every day, more parents, employers, and children can download a range of apps across Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. But, it does not mean all of those apps provide good solutions to their problems.

While most of the smartphone monitoring apps available offer shady features and feel deceptive, let us talk about a reliable and trusted surveillance app that offers unique benefits to employers to skyrocket their productivities.

When we talk about having a reputed employee surveillance software. The XNSPY spy application for Android is the solution for all concerned employers. The fact is that this app is mindfully designed to provide a variety of advanced features and tools to help employers solve their workplace issues. Let us talk about XNSPY, the spy application for Android a detail and some of its beneficial features to help you better track your employees’ digital interactions. Since 2011, this monitoring tool has been empowering thousands of employers to implement their workplace surveillance policies efficiently. This app can become a difference-maker to your organizational efficiency.

  • EmployeesPhone Monitoring 

The app entails some of the vital features that many other apps provide such as employees’ phone call monitoring. It allows access to employees’ phone calls (both sent and received) and texts on company-provided cellphones.

This feature will help you to know about employees’ interactions with other employees and clients. With detailed time stamps, you will have an access to better information about any objectionable phone calls or text messages sent to customers/stakeholders.

  • Productivity Boosting with Social Media Monitoring 

With the XNSPY spy application for Android, tracking employees’ social networking habits and activities has become hassle-free. Once installed on your employee’s smartphone, the app allows remote monitoring of social media such as Facebook Messenger chats and much more.

For example, the tool allows WhatsApp monitoring of employees. By clicking “WhatsApp” from the dropdown menu on their dashboard, employers can see all WhatsApp call logs and private chats of their workers. You can also monitor shared multimedia videos and images on employee devices.

With the best smartphone surveillance app installed, you can:

  • See the pictures gallery of your employees’ social media
  • Listen to their audios
  • Watch their videos

Besides Facebook and WhatsApp, the best employee monitoring software also helps employers to monitor a host of social networking platforms such as:

  • Snapchat
  • Tinder
  • Kik
  • Instagram
  • You Tube
  • Viber

Stay One Step Ahead with GPS and Location Tracking 

Honestly, if you have never hired a sales team and provided them with cell phones to conduct marketing outdoors, then how would you ensure employees’ activities are fruitful outdoors?

For instance, how would you feel if you can get notifications on your device about the location of your sales employees? This is possible through the location history feature that allows you to check the real-time location of employees.

The feature also helps to track truck drivers in your logistics organization to enhance supply chain operations. Using Xnspy’s location tracking, you can:

  • Mark a particular area as “safe” or “”
  • The requirement for the geofencing feature is a Wi-Fi connection.

The location-tracking tool creates a perpetual win-win situation.

  • Forty Plus Features: The Benefit of Using XNSPY 

Does any other surveillance app offer 40+ unique features to users to enhance their corporate management game? The best phone tracking software allows you to get notifications on your device and makes sure that employees’ whereabouts are being monitored all the time.

Among other savvy features, the app offers:

  • Browsing history
  • Keystroke monitoring
  • Email monitoring
  • Screen recording
  • Remote control
  • Watchlist contacts
  • Call history
  • Compatible Devices

Whether you provide an iPhone, iPad, or Android device to your employees, you can use this best surveillance app to monitor millions of networks and devices across the globe. The app safely runs in the background to allow you access to the following OS types:

  • Android

OS version 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10, 11

  • iOS

OS versions 6.x, 7.x, 8.x up to 14.5.1

Conclusive Argument 

You can go ahead and decide to download or purchase a cheap smartphone monitoring app for your business needs. It may help you to check call logs or SMS messages of your employees to an extent; however, the XNSPY spy application for android performs much better than other monitoring apps by giving you the most valuable features on the planet.

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