YouTube Video Unavailable: Quick Methods to Fix the Error

YouTube Video Unavailable: Quick Methods to Fix the Error

youtube video unavailable

Viewing “YouTube video unavailable” while trying to play any video on YouTube? This indicates that the YouTube video that you are eager to watch has been either deleted, or not available in your country, or blocked by the firewall, or maybe there is an internal server error. In this situation, you just need to stay calm and implement certain genuine troubleshooting methods. 

Now, if you mirror your phone or a tablet to your smart TV, then you must stop the process at once. Then apply the solutions, which are applicable for both computers and smartphones.

Quick and Effective Measures 

Before opting for these effective troubleshooting methods, verify whether you have Javascript and Adobe Flash Player installed. In addition to that, clear all the cache and cookies to avoid any interruption. 

  1. Verify the Internet Connection

    Ping losses, network congestions and a variety of other errors can occur on your network. Such kind of issues will show the “YouTube video unavailable” message. Check your computer or mobile device whether the data packets are normally uploading or downloading. 

    After that, look for the issues with the router. If the router’s function has come to a halt due to data overload, reboot the router and check whether the LED lamp on the internet button is blinking rapidly. The rapid blink of the LED lamp will indicate a consistent connection. 

  2. Restart your Browser

    Restarting your browser will also refresh YouTube. If this procedure doesn’t work, then there are issues with the computer or the mobile device. Thus, restart the device and hopefully, the “YouTube video unavailable” message will not appear anymore. 

  3. Inducting the VPN

    Apart from YouTube video unavailable, the user interface of the video platform might show that the desired video is not available in your country. And, you can’t do anything about it as YouTube has blocked the content in your country. 

    You can use a hack here, use VPN, as it secures your LAN from threats. Sometimes, it also bypasses the Firewall and allows you to choose a country. Thus, you will be able to watch your desired video on YouTube without any interruption. 

  4. Activating the Flash Player and Javascript

    The java runtime environment and Adobe flash player supports the YouTube file format. Somehow, if both of them get disabled, the “YouTube video unavailable” message pops up. In such a situation, go to the Browser Settings, and enable both of them. If the Adobe Flash Player version is an older version, then update it. Restart the web browser to make changes and try to play that video, once again. 

  5. De-Accelerate the System Hardware

    The acceleration in the computer hardware uses the system resources as well as the GPU for perfect video rendering. This helps you to watch a high-quality video but on the other hand, creates issues as well. Therefore, disable the hardware acceleration from the browser’s advanced settings. 

  6. Eliminate the Cookies

    Unfortunately, when the browsing session is over, still the cookies and some additional cache files still remain in the browser system folder. These unwanted files sometimes resist YouTube videos to play on the browser by showing a “YouTube video unavailable” message. The advanced settings of the system browser will help to clear all the cookies. Make sure you select “All time” to delete all the cookies.

  7. Modify the Video Resolution

    The video resolution might be one of the most important factors behind the “YouTube video unavailable” message. So, modify the video resolution. But, before the changes take place, make sure you know the resolution of your computer display, this will help to maintain the display refresh rate. After that, select 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p according to your preference. 

  8. Remove Additional Browser Extensions

    For downloading videos, you might have installed an extension in the web browser. Sometimes, these extensions restrict viewing a few videos on YouTube. In such situations, navigate to the extension list and try to remove the ones that are not useful at all. 

  9. Evaluate the Internet Connection

    Have you ever checked the speed of your internet connection? Obviously, you might not know that unless and until you test it. So, try the speed test, and if the results are inaccurate, then the “YouTube video unavailable” message might appear. Thus, this is happening due to the loss of data packets, immediately call the internet service provider.


You already know the upload and download speed of your internet connection. So, try to play YouTube videos by maintaining bandwidth compatibility. Let’s say, your internet bandwidth is 512 KBps, so, you can play the YouTube videos up to 720p resolution, not more than that. 

According to tech experts, you can also try to play videos in the incognito tab. And, last but not the least, the VPN that you will use must not be cracked or patched with any third-party application. 

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