Taskbar Showing In Full Screen In Windows 10 | Fix It Easily

Taskbar Showing In Full Screen In Windows 10 | Fix It Easily

taskbar showing in fullscreen

You double click to full screen the content, but alas, the taskbar is not hiding! The taskbar creates a distraction when you are watching a movie on your computer. Many Windows 10 users have complained about the taskbar showing in fullscreen. Taskbar normally auto hides but if your auto-hide isn’t working properly, the methods given here will guide you. 

Following the fixes given here will hopefully be sufficient to resolve this issue when the taskbar is showing even in fullscreen in Windows 10.

Hiding the taskbar on the screen will allow a little bit of screen space. It makes the screen look tidy. So, follow the fixes and resolve the situation you are facing.

Taskbar Showing in Fullscreen: Try to Fix

Luckily, there are some fixes you can try to fix the issue of taskbar showing in fullscreen in Windows 10. And, we have mentioned those fixes below. So, try them and get rid of the situation you are facing.

Way 1: Using Settings 

Press Windows Key + I together to open Settings.

Click on Personalization and then Taskbar 

Two options manage the auto-hiding functionality in the windows 10 taskbar, “ automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode” and “automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode”.  

Enable automatically hide the taskbar in “Desktop Mode” and the Windows 10 taskbar will be hidden automatically. 

Way 2: Using the Task Manager

Use the keyboard shortcut  Ctrl-Shift-Esc to open the Windows Task Manager.

If you see only the interface, click on More Details.

Locate Windows Explorer under Processes, and click on it.

Click on the Restart button to restart the process

Way 3: Keep Your Windows Updated

Click Windows key + l to open Settings and then click Update and Security.

If there is an update available you will see it, but if you don’t, please check for updates and try to install them and then try the full-screen method and check if the taskbar is hiding or not. 

Way 4: Using the Simplest Trick of F11 Key

Press F11 and the window of the app you are using will go fullscreen. The F11 key is a universal method to enter fullscreen for all Windows versions. 

These are a few methods which will surely help you in fixing the Windows 10 taskbar showing in fullscreen.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I fix my taskbar not auto-hiding?

1. Click on the option Reboot.
2. Click on the Taskbar right-click.
3. Click the Settings Taskbar item in the list.
4. Make sure the taskbar is automatically hidden in desktop mode.
5. Close Settings for the Taskbar.
6. To create new menu, right click the task bar.

How do I make my taskbar transparent in fullscreen?

To force the modification, go to Settings>Customization>Colors and switch off and on the Make Start, Taskbar and translucent Action Center again.

How do I reset my taskbar?

To do so, right-click on the taskbar and choose the options for Task Manager. 
The task manager will be opened. Select Windows Explorer from the Processes menu. At the bottom of the Task Manager window, click the Reset button. With the taskbar, Windows Explorer resets.
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