[Fixed] Samsung Smart TV No Picture or a Black Screen

[Fixed] Samsung Smart TV No Picture or a Black Screen

samsung tv no picture

Is your Samsung TV showing nothing but a black screen? Can you hear the audio from your TV? If yes, then there might be some issues with the video components of the Samsung TV. check if you have turned on the Samsung TV correctly. If still the Samsung TV no picture issue is there then you need to troubleshoot the issue.

Well, there are chances that nothing is wrong with your TV. but the problem relies upon other external devices associated with your Samsung TV. Whatever the reason be, it is always better to dig up the reason first. The exact reason helps to solve the issue more efficiently.

How to Fix Samsung TV No Picture?

Well, we have two instances when it comes to troubleshooting the issue on your Samsung TV. if your Samsung TV is connected to the Connect box then the solutions are different. On the other hand, you might have to apply different fixes for the Samsung TV that is not connected to One Connect Box.

Samsung Smart TV with One Connect Box

If you have connected your Samsung Smart TV to One Connect Box then you have to apply the following fixes. Many users have confirmed that these fixes are helpful to eradicate the Samsung TV no picture problem.

Fix 1: Check the Cables

This is the first and foremost task that you should do for such a case. Firstly, disconnect the cables connecting your Samsung TV and One Connect Box. then check out if the cable has got any damage. 

If you can notice any kind of severe damage like breaking, bending pinched, or anything else then you have to replace the cable with a new one. You are advised not to place any heavy object over the connecting cable between the Samsung smart TV and One Connect Box.

Fix 2: Detach One Connect Box

If you can’t notice the picture on your Samsung TV further then you have to disconnect the One Connect Box from the TV. Here’s what you need to perform.

  1. Disconnect the One Connect Box. Just remove the power cord from the power outlet.
  2. Check out if the Samsung TV is showing up any error message. If yes, then you have to replace the One Connect Box.

You might skip this fix if your Samsung TV has no direct power outlet on the wall. In addition to this, tap the Home or Menu button from the remote. If the Menu appears then there is nothing wrong with the picture components of the Samsung TV. The issue must be arriving from power problems.

Fix 3: Check out the Sources

The issue can arise due to some misconfigurations. For example, if the One Connect Box connects to the HDMI 1 then your TV should be set to HDMI 1. Check if this configuration is right on your Samsung TV.

If the Samsung TV sound but no picture problem is still there, then disconnect the One Cable. Reconnect it to the TV again. Check the AV connections at both the ends of the box and the TV. check if there is any damage to the cable box or the cable. Replace if they are damaged.

Fix 4: Opt for the Cable Test

If your Samsung TV model permits a cable test then this is the best way to check the HDMI cable. Keep in mind that this test is designed for two-meter long HDMI cables. Otherwise, it fails to serve its purpose.

  1. Browse to Settings through the TV remote.
  2. Then follow the given path: Support> Self Diagnosis.
  3. There you can notice the Signal Information section. Opt for the HDMI Cable Test option.
  4. Finally, opt for the Start Test option.

You might need to replace the cable if the output says that the cable is damaged.

Samsung Smart TV without One Connect Box

If you are struggling with Samsung TV no picture issue for a Samsung TV not connected with a One Connect  Box then there are some ways to get rid of the issue. Before that, check out if the misunderstanding hasn’t taken place due to power issues.

Fix 1: Opt for the Home Button

  1. Press the home or menu button from the Samsung TV remote.
  2. If the menu appears on the TV screen then there are chances that the TV can’t catch the signal.
  3. If the menu doesn’t appear then the TV might be dealing with power issues.

Fix 2: Check the HDMI Cable

Some Samsung TV models come with built-in HDMI cable test software. You might run the software to check if everything is appropriate or not. If your Samsung TV doesn’t have this software then you might proceed to the next fix. Otherwise, please carry on the following steps.

  1. Go to settings. Navigate to the Support option.
  2. Afterwards, opt for the Self Diagnosis section.
  3. Next, opt for the Signal Information option.
  4. Select the HDMI Cable Test option followed by the Start Test option. 

If the test result says that the cable is not good then replace the HDMI cable.

Fix 3: Check out the HDMI Sources

It is the same that we have mentioned for the One Connect Box connection. Check out if the cable box is connected to the same HDMI port to which the Samsung TV is connected. Otherwise, the Samsung TV no picture issue is an obvious problem.

For instance, if your Samsung TV is using HDMI1 and the cable box is connected to HDMI2 then you can’t see any picture on your Samsung TV. 

  1. Unplug the HDMI cables.
  2. Reconnect the cable box and the TV. make sure that you have chosen the right HDMI port.
  3. Also, check out if the cable is tight enough. Loose connections can give you headaches.

Along with these fixes, check out all the external devices that are connected with your Samsung TV. Hopefully, the fixes have helped you. There might be issues with the external hardware connected to the TV. you might consider calling in an expert if the Samsung TV no picture issue persists.

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