Error Status 0xc000012f | The Bad Image Error | Easy Fixes

Error Status 0xc000012f | The Bad Image Error | Easy Fixes

Error status 0xc000012f is the Bad Image error encountered by the Windows users. It mainly occurs if there is an issue with one of the supporting modules of the program. Generally, after a Windows update, this issue arises. To solve this problem one of the effective solutions is: Rollback Windows 10 to a Restore Point.

To know more information about this error code and most importantly how to solve it, read this article till the end. After that, apply the given solutions one-by-one to fix the issue within no time. 

Easy and Effective Ways to Resolve Error Status 0xc000012f Windows 10 :

To know how to fix error status 0xc000012f, read the below sections. After applying these solutions hopefully, you will get rid of the issue.

Solution 1- Roll Back Windows 10 to a Restore Point

Bad Image error can occur due to a faulty Windows 10 update. In this case, you have to restore Windows 10 to an earlier date. To do so, here are the steps that need to be followed.

Step 1

At first, you have to open the Run dialog box and for that press the Windows and R keys simultaneously. Once it opens, then type ‘rstrui’ within the box and hit on the Enter key.

Step 2

After that, tap on the Next button to see the list of restore points. Thereafter, you need to click on the ‘Show more restore points’ checkbox to expand the list of the restore point.

Step 3

At the next step, you should select a restore point. Remember, that the restore point you are going to select must be earlier to the error status 0xc000012f.

Step 4

Then, click on the ‘Scan for affected programs’ button to check which software and updates get delete. One of the deleted components might be the reason for the error.

In addition, you should click on the Next button and after that tap on OK to confirm the selected restore point.

Wait for a moment, until the system restoring process gets over. Now, check if the problem has been moved or not. If not, then here is another solution that you can try.

Solution 2- Perform a Clean Boot

After performing a clean boot operation, you can solve this error. In order to do so, have a glance at the given instructions.

  1. At first, click on the Start icon and type ‘msconfig’ in the search field. From the search result, choose System Configuration. 
  2. Next, click on the Services tab and tick the checkbox that is for the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ option.
  3. After that, click on Disable All.
  4. Furthermore, open the Startup tab and select the Open Task Manager button. Alternatively, press the Ctrl, Shift and Esc keys together to open Task Manager.
  5. Then, open the Startup tab in Task Manager and right-click on all the Enabled items one-by-one and disable them.
  6. Lastly, close the Task Manager and click on the OK button to ensure the changes.

Now, check if any change occurs and the issue gets solved or not.

Solution 3- Run System File Checker and DISM 

Bad Image error can be occurred due to the corrupted system files. In that case, run the System File Checker scan at first and then run the DISM scan.

To apply this solution, try the steps given below.

Step 1

Holding down the Windows key press the letter Q to open the Cortana. Next, you should enter ‘Command Prompt’ as the search keyword.

Step 2

Thereafter, right-click on the Command Prompt option and choose Run as administrator to open the elevated prompt window.

Step 3

Now, type ‘sfc /scannow’ within the Command Prompt and then press the Enter key to execute. Wait until the System File Checker scan is over.

Step 4

Thereafter, type ‘DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth’ and hit the Enter button. This process can take several minutes to gets completed.

Once done, then reboot your system and verify if the error status 0xc000012f still shows on the display. And if, then here is another solution for you.

Solution 4- Clean up the Junk Files

If the above three solutions are not workable, then we advise you to clean the junk files. At first, launch the Run box (Win+R). Then, enter ‘ cleanmgr’ in the search field and press the Enter key. 

After that, choose the OS partition and press the Enter key. Mark the checkboxes of the Setup log files, Recycling bin, and Temporary files. 

Thereafter, choose “Clean Up System Files” and wait for sometimes and let the process complete.

Solution 5- Uninstall the Recent Windows Update

You are also advised to uninstall the recent Windows update to fix the error. For that, follow the below-said instructions.

Step 1

First, press down the Windows keys to activate the Start menu. Then, type ‘Settings’ within the Search bar and press Enter. Next, click on the Update & Security option.

Step 2

Under the Update & Security window, choose the Windows Update. Furthermore, left-click on the Check for updates switch. Then, select Uninstall Updates link that you will get under the Update history section.

Step 3

A Windows updates list will get open. Click on that update which you want to uninstall. Select the Uninstall option.

Confirm the changes by clicking on the Yes button. 

That’s all to solve the error 0xc000012f.


In this article, you get a brief description of error status 0xc000012f and how to fix it. Now, apply those solutions to quickly get rid of the problem.

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