3 Ways to Restart an Unresponsive Anti-Virus Service

3 Ways to Restart an Unresponsive Anti-Virus Service

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A self-protection detail for a computer system has always played a key role in safeguarding data integrity. But, critical situations might occur when your system’s AV service is not responding correctly. This makes your computer vulnerable to intruders and hackers, that might result in data-stealing. 

What can you do in this type of situation? Are you really going to the experts and seek help from them? Well, you can easily take expert assistance to sort out the problem easily. But, there are few different approaches that will help you in making your unresponsive antivirus service working again. 

The Possible Causes behind the Issue 

System registry issues, excessive cache files, internal application problems and others might be the possible reason. So, you have to get rid of these issues to refurbish the situation of AV service to make it respond once again. On the other hand, there might be a problem associated with the application system files. 

What is actually an antivirus service?

On the very first attempt, you must not get confused between the antivirus software and its service. Both are interrelated with each other but somewhat different in nature. Anti-virus is an application that is known for securing the computer. Its service doesn’t come only from the application itself. The developer organization also has its dedicated server always running to support the people availing their product. 

So, whenever your AV service is not responding, you can send a report to them, explaining all the details of the problem. After that, following your email ID, they will send the solution reports for future preferences. 

Restart: Alternative Responses 

If you are stuck with a faulty antivirus, then in normal circumstances you need to restart it. But, there are several ways to proceed. So, why waste time, let’s get on to know all the best possible solutions regarding the alternative response of unresponsive antivirus. 

1. Establish the remote desktop service 

As the name suggests, you have to gain the vital controls of the system remotely. Start the remote desktop services by accessing the “services. msc”. Now, choose one particular system startup type and run the service manually. When everything is set, click on the Apply button to finish the operation. Now, restart the device to check whether the antivirus is responsive or not. 

2. Certain repairs and changes 

Every software has the privilege of making essential changes, as well as repairs. So, in this case, the security software on your computer also allows you to carry on the process. Whenever your AV service is not responding, just go to the list of programs installed in your computer, search and select the software. 

Click on it and you will see the option to repair. In certain antiviruses, you have to choose the Uninstall option to get to the Repair option. Now, repair the software which might take some time to make the necessary changes automatically. After that, run the software and check whether any problem persists or not. 

3. Remove and reinstall the application 

It is the most simple and straightforward way to get rid of all the problems. This hack is not only an effective way to resolve the problem whenever the “AV service is not responding”, but also can be effective for different software. Take the help of the Control Panel to remove the application permanently from the system. 

If you see any kind of pop-up for restarting the computer, then grant permission. When the system restarts, download the antivirus software, and then install it once again. Never interrupt the uninstallation or installation process as it might corrupt the entire system. 

Expert’s Note…

Near about, all the tech experts suggest that you must not keep on using the trial or free version of the anti-virus. Yes, you can use it, but it must just be for checking out the nature and usage capability of the application. After that, you must upgrade to the licensed version. The licensed version has all the pin-pointed features of the application that will help you in securing your system. 

Before opting for a security application, make sure that it is compatible with the OS that you use. Otherwise, you will not be able to install the software on your system.  Also, make sure that it is the latest version, to get all the features, as well as the offers from the developing organization. 

Customer support of the security application also plays an important role in maintenance. According to the experts, whenever you are choosing an application, make sure that the customer support is available all the time. Never forget to check whether there is any toll-free number. 

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Wrapping Up…

In the case of any type of critical issues, you can take the help of the official customer support. After resolving the issues, ask them about vital tips and tricks to use the application. On the other hand, you also have to take the responsibility of taking care of the system, as well as its applications. Never forget to update the virus definitions of the antivirus software at least once in three days. If your work pressure is too high, always set the automatic update active.

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