6 Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

6 Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

portable bluetooth speaker reviews

Apart from home theatres and large music systems, there are various other devices that you can use for entertainment, and a portable Bluetooth speaker is indeed a noteworthy name. This kind of speaker is powered by a built-in power cell that is also rechargeable. 

So, if you want to grab the best, go through the portable Bluetooth speaker reviews that are easily available. With the help of these reviews, you can understand the pros and cons, and get yourself the best-suited one. On the other hand, you will also come to know the pricing, to get a brief idea about your budget. 

Things to Know

On the very first note, you must know that the Bluetooth speakers run on a power cell, and you must take good care of the device. There are also some devices that have built-in woofers in them. In this type of device, you have to especially ensure that it doesn’t come in contact with water. 

The Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The experts have come across some of the best portable Bluetooth speakers to date. And, portable Bluetooth speaker reviews will help you to choose the best amongst the lot. So, let’s get to the details.

JBL Flip 5 

JBL by Harman Kardon is one of the most renowned speakers manufacturing companies. One of the famous Bluetooth speakers is Flip 5. It is powered by a 20 Watts battery with Bluetooth version 4.2. For creating a party type ambiance, you can connect one Flip device to another. This process is known as Party Boost by JBL. The charger type is USB 3.0, which is also called the C-type. The solid bass and the lapse time of the speaker will attract you the most. If you are listening to an acoustic song, then the pitch level will be just fantastic. There are no additional applications dedicated to the speaker. So, you have to use the default one that is pre-installed. 

Tribit Storm box Micro

According to portable Bluetooth speaker reviews, the Storm Box is considered as one of the best speakers. The device is waterproof, as well as dustproof. The Bluetooth version is 5.0 with stereo pairing mode. The sound quality is crisp and seems to be natural, by various experts. The bass is also good and it will get charged in a very short period of time as it uses a USB C type port. 

JBL Charge 4

It is the bigger version of JBL Flip, a multi-role Bluetooth speaker that you can afford. Apart from playing music, it also has Bluetooth 4.2 for establishing the connection. It also has a voice assistant for command instructions. Whenever your mobile device’s battery is low, you can borrow the charge from the speaker, as it also acts as a power bank, it is water-resistant. There are multiple USB ports present in the device. Amongst them, one is for the charging purpose and the other is for borrowing the charge. 

JBL Clip 3

It is like a speaker hanging at a corner in your room, spreading the music all over the place. It is fully waterproof and has received good feedback in terms of portable Bluetooth speaker reviews. The new devices have improved battery life. The rechargeable battery is made up of Lithium-ion. JBL says that the inner framework of the speaker is just like a bumper and has the ability to protect the speaker, in case of an accidental drop. The pricing is quite cheap and you can afford it easily. 

UE Hyperboom 

As the Bluetooth speakers are of various sizes, the UE Hyperboom is quite large when compared. The previous version of this device is the UE Megaboom. The host company says that the Hyperboom is the jumbo portable Bluetooth speaker in the market. When you listen to any audio file through this speaker, you will experience a smooth sound quality that will resonate throughout the entire room. The pricing is also not much, when compared to other speakers, and is easily affordable. 

JBL Xtreme 2

It is another version of the JBL charge. If you are eager to enjoy loud and clear music, any time and anywhere, then JBL Xtreme 2 will be the perfect choice for you. With the help of 19 hours of battery life, you get to experience maximum volume. The amplified bass in the speaker will help your audio or video to play in a rich tone. As the device is water-proof, you do not need to worry about a sudden splash of water. 

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Always try to buy portable Bluetooth speakers from the retail stores. The representatives will show you the manuals, as well as guide you with proper instructions. In this way, you will not face any problem in the near future. If you buy the product online, then always refer to the user manual or the guide book that comes along with the speaker. 

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