How to Stop “Attempted Execute of Noexecute Memory” Error?

How to Stop “Attempted Execute of Noexecute Memory” Error?

attempted execute of noexecute memory

Despite the precautions you take against them, you may still face frequent errors on your PC. Among them, the one that shows a blue screen or “attempted execute of noexecute memory” error is undoubtedly the most concerning and unpredictable. If you’re seeing it for the first time, there’s no reason to think it might be the last. Moreover, there seems to be no way to ensure it doesn’t show up again. 

Now, you might want a quick solution to this error in your device nonetheless. In that case, there are some measures you can take to fix it for a long time at least. However, you might not be aware of the ways to deal with this error. So, keep reading for some effective solutions that you can apply for the “Attempted Execute of Noexecute Memory” error.

Causes and Fixes for “Attempted Execute of Noexecute Memory”

You might have trouble finding the cause of this error on your device. After all, it doesn’t have just one single cause, but multiple. Moreover, they are also of quite a wide range. So, the cause in your case might differ from other cases more often than you may think. However, all of those issues have at least one simple solution. So, you can simply apply one after another to reach the right one for your case.

  • Reboot

Even though there are bigger causes for the error, in your case it might not be anything significant. It could be a smaller error somewhere in the system that’s causing this issue. In that case, a simple reboot may work as well as any other method. Moreover, it can solve so many other problems on your computer.

However, it is quite likely that this won’t be enough to solve a blue screen error. So, you need to know some comparably complex solutions to this one.

  • CPU Problems

You can consider the error you’re facing, just like any other blue screen errors, as a critical one. So, it might be that some crucial part of your device is affected and causing this issue. In case you’re wondering, this includes the CPU as well. Among other parts, you need to give attention to this one as well, when you look for a solution.


The CPU getting a little heated up is quite a common issue while performing heavy tasks. Also, it doesn’t always lead to a bigger issue other than affecting the performance. However, in some cases, it might lead to a blue screen error. For that reason, you might want to ensure that your device stays as cool as possible.

Place it in a location where there is optimal airflow. Also, never place it anywhere that’s exposed to direct heat. Other than that, keep cleaning the cooling fans regularly and consider adding a new one if need be.


Do you need to run a program that’s simply too much for the processor? The only way to do that is by increasing the clock rate above the maximum limit. You might be using this method to run games that are demanding for your computer. But, you must know that it can also cause a system crash. As a result, it might corrupt important data, which in turn can cause blue screen errors.

The solution, in this case, is simple — turn your clock rate back to normal. Hopefully, this would stop the “Attempted Execute of Noexecute Memory” error in your device.

  • Hardware Error or Incompatibility

For maintaining the performance of your device, you might need to install new hardware. After all, every component becomes old and starts malfunctioning at some point, sooner or later. However, you must make sure that you’re not installing hardware that would cause trouble instead of improving the performance. In other words, it should be fully compatible with your device.

What happens if it’s not so? In case you’re wondering, it causes errors including the ones that show up on blue screens. Remove any new components you added excluding the essential ones. If the problem ceases, you might have found a solution at last.


Does your device still have some of its old parts? They might not be unable to keep up with the comparably advanced software. Not only that, but they would also cause a disbalance if other parts are relatively advanced. In that case, it’s time to finally replace the older component, one that’s better suited for current standards.

  • Device Drivers

To utilize the hardware capabilities to the fullest, the device’s system needs a driver. So, there are multiple drivers in your device for various components. These are quite an important software component of your computer. Sometimes, the “Attempted Execute of Noexecute Memory” could have something to do with the device’s drivers.

Improperly Installed

Have you recently installed one or more new drivers? In that case, the error you’re facing possibly means that something went wrong during the process. Moreover, in case you’re wondering, many users have reported this as the cause of the error. So, if that applies to your case, you simply need to reinstall the faulty driver.

Now, the real challenge is to find which one is the culprit. For that purpose, you must consider the component that you were running, when you faced the error. For example, if you were running a game, it might be the graphics driver. You can simply reinstall all of them as an alternative.


Yet another thing you need to do is check your device for any outdated drivers. If there are any, they can cause various blue screen errors. So, you need to update them to the latest version as soon as possible. Moreover, you must do so even if you’ve fixed the error by other methods. After all, it might show up any time again and you’d want to prevent that.

  • Virus Attacks

Like many other issues with your device, viruses can also cause blue screen errors. You might have unknowingly downloaded a file or a program that contains malware. Moreover, depending on the antivirus software you’re using, it might even fail to detect them sometimes. So, you might want to give attention to that as well.

Apart from other solutions, you must also try an antivirus scan. Moreover, you might want to consider doing this before you proceed with other fixes. After all, the longer you let the viruses and malware stay, the more damage they will cause. Also, you might want to consider getting more advanced software for this task.

  • System File Corruption

There is a lot of crucial data that your device’s system needs to function properly. Now, even though the software may be less susceptible to damage than the hardware, it does get faulty quite often. This could be due to numerous reasons apart from viruses. Sometimes, a system error during an important function such as an update can corrupt its files. In that case, you need to find and fix them.

Now, how do you find the affected file among a pretty large volume of files? In case you’re wondering, it’s quite simple — with the help of the System File Checker. This effective tool will find any issues, big or small, in the system. Moreover, it will also finish repairing them in a while, depending on the volume of affected files.

You need to use this tool through the Command Prompt. Before that, you need to switch to the admin account. Once you’ve taken care of that, enter the command “sfc /scannow” in the prompt. This does take a while but will solve any issue in the system files.


The “Attempted Execute of Noexecute Memory” error code may confuse you initially. But, you may find the causes and solutions to be simpler than you had thought. Simply apply the fixes mentioned here one by one, and you’ll hopefully get a solution by the end. Otherwise, you can always get an effective solution from a professional.

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