Top Solutions for AMD FX 8350 Driver Issues in Windows

Top Solutions for AMD FX 8350 Driver Issues in Windows

amd fx 8350 drivers

When you are using the AMD processor, then it’s obvious that you will be having most of its drivers installed on your computer. While working on the system, the drivers might get corrupted due to the presence of viruses, malware and others. As per analysis, the experts have found out solutions to resolve this AMD FX 8350 Drivers issue. 

There are only a few effective troubleshooting methods that will help you to fix the issues. All of them are given below. If you see that one method is not working, then proceed to the next one. 

  1. The AMD FX 8350 Drivers Manual Update

    The manual update of the driver might take some time but will help you download the setup files in a secured way. Your first choice will be to visit the AMD website and enter the details of the motherboard. As the compatibility between the motherboard and the driver matches, the website will show you all the available drivers. Now, download them one by one. 

  2. The AMD FX 8350 Driver Automatic Update

    The automatic update will consume less time if you use any third-party application. So, you have to install such an application that will first scan your computer and then show you the drivers available. Now, you can initiate the download. If any other drivers are outdated and show the update notification, then download them too. 

  3. Update the BIOS

    The best way to update the BIOS and eliminate the AMD FX 8350 Drivers issue is to use utility software. There is various utility software available on the internet. Your job is to choose appropriate software. When you have installed the utility software, navigate through its advanced mode and update the BIOS.

  4. Remove Malware

    Malware has the ability to corrupt the system drivers. When the AMD FX 8350 Drivers are not working properly, there must be malware in your system. Install an anti-malware application to remove all the malware. Hopefully, now all the MAD processor drivers will work. 

  5. The Chipset Driver Update

    The outdated or corrupted chipset drivers of your computer might be the reason for the AMD FX 8350 Driver issues. Just like old times, visit the AMD official website and navigate through the driver’s section. Find out the chipset drivers and install them. 

Few other Hacks

You can test the GPU on another computer. With the expert’s help, open the graphics card and attach it to another motherboard. In the case of any replacements, never hesitate to do so. Performing a volatile memory test can also be a good try to resolve the AMD FX 8350 Driver issues. There is an executable file present in the system which is known as the mdsched.exe. You have to type the name of the file in the Cortana search bar and hit Enter. Read the instructions on the screen and proceed to test the volatile memory. 

Resetting the BIOS is the last method that you have to try. But, it is better that you don’t do it on your own. Book an appointment with the tech experts, they will reset the BIOS to its factory state. 


Most of the tech experts suggest that you must not download the drivers from any other website. In addition to that, if the processor, as well as the motherboard, comes with a driver disc, there is no need to download the driver from the internet. Just insert the disc into your system disc drive and the computer will automatically install all the necessary drivers. 

If you had to download the drivers from the internet, always try to avoid downloading the drivers as a zipped package file. Those files might seem to have all the drivers in them but somehow, it’s not at all true. Last but not least, if you see that any driver is not installing properly, always avoid that file and instead of it, download a new one. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I update my AMD FX 8350?

1) Go to your computer’s Device Manager.
2) To expand Processors, double-click it.
3) Select Update driver from the context menu of your AMD FX 8350 processor
(it may appear as Unknown device).
4) Select Automatically search for new driver software.

Is an AMD FX 8350 good for gaming?

For 1080p gaming, the FX 8350 is adequate. 
However, many games do not support seamless 4k, 2k, or VR.

What is a good upgrade from FX 8350?

The $60 pentium g4560 is dual-core processor with hyperthreading that outperforms the fx 8350. Get an i5 6xxx (skylake, prior gen) or i5 7xxx cpu if you want a considerable performance gain (kaby lake, next gen).
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