Everything You Need to Know about Genshin Impact Xbox

Everything You Need to Know about Genshin Impact Xbox

genshin impact xbox

Genshin Impact is a popular action role-playing game which was released in 2020 for PlayStation and PC users. This multiplayer game later became available on Android and iOS devices. 

MiHoYo introduced plenty of banners for players in the recent Sumeru update. However, professional gamers are still wondering when Genshin Impact will be available on Xbox.

According to a recent report from Reuters, developers are planning to add this game to Xbox. However, miHoYo didn’t yet reveal the release of Genshin Impact Xbox. Besides, Microsoft has tried to develop an RPG game, like Genshin Impact, for Xbox users. But, they found major bugs in the game during its initial test.

Now, let’s see more details about Genshin Impact on Xbox One or X series:

Is Genshin Impact available in Xbox One, X or S Series?

Genshin Impact is not currently available on Xbox One, X or S series. However, you might expect to get this game on a Microsoft console soon. When miHoYo releases this free-to-play game on Xbox, you can download it from Microsoft Store. 

You can find the game by writing “Genshin Impact” on the search bar. Choose “Download to console” to install this multiplayer game on the device. But, now you won’t be able to access Genshin Impact from Microsoft Store. If you wish to play this game, install it on your phone or Windows computer.

When will the Developers Add Genshin Impact on Xbox Consoles?

Genshin Impact was released for worldwide players 2 years ago. Since then, the game developers haven’t made any further announcements. HoYoverse didn’t share any details about the Genshin Impact Xbox release. 

As per a report by IGN Japan, miHoYo stated that they have no plans to launch the game for Xbox shortly. It has been two years since he made this statement. 

He released a Nintendo Switch version of Genshin Impact in 2022. Thus, it can be expected that an Xbox version will also be available anytime soon. 

Is there a New Update on Genshin Impact Xbox Edition?

Xbox Game Pass gained immense popularity over the years. Because it allows online players to download and access 1000+ high-quality games. This game pass has drawn more users to the platform, making it more well-known than ever. 

Millions of gamers are waiting for the Genshin Impact release on Xbox. As they can use the Game Pass to play this popular action role-playing game. However, Xbox hasn’t sold well in Asia, which could be a reason why it didn’t get Genshin Impact. 

Genshin Impact can be played on PS5, so technical constraints aren’t a reason for its absence on Xbox. Besides, if this game gets released on Xbox, its success rate will increase. Thus, there is no viable reason behind the Genshin Impact Xbox release delay. 

Can You Play the Genshin Impact Game on Xbox 360?

There is no official announcement on Genshin Impact Xbox 360. However, as per the rumours, the developer might announce the release date in the upcoming holiday season. Thus, wait till then to install the game on the console once it comes to the platform. 

Is Microsoft Planning to Add Genshin Impact on Xbox One?

The company spoke to MiHoYo when Genshin Impact was early in development. However, Microsoft failed to reach a decision at that time. This is why the game developer didn’t yet add the game to Xbox platforms. 

Another source claims that Microsoft is on a search to recruit Chinese game developers. They are planning to design an action role-playing game with the smiler characters like Genshin Impact. However, when Microsoft is going to release this game for Xbox consoles is unclear.

Genshin Impact Platforms

It’s evident that MiHoYo won’t release Genshin Impact this year for Xbox users. If you still want to play this game, you must know the platforms where it’s available. Besides, interested players should know the storage space required to install this game.

Here are the platforms where you can access the Genshin Impact game:

Windows Computers

Genshin Impact fans can download and install the game on Windows 10/11 devices. However, the system might have an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor to run the game. It should have an Nvidia GeForce graphics card and 30GB of disk space. 

Ensure there is at least 16GB RAM on the Windows PC before installing Genshin Impact. Additionally, you must check whether the device has 6GB video RAM and a 5.1 vertex shader. Otherwise, you might experience random glitches when playing the game on the PC.

How can You Install the Genshin Impact Game on Windows Gaming Computers?

Connect the Windows 10/11 computer to Wi-Fi and open the Microsoft Store. Navigate to the search bar, write “genshin impact”, and press “Enter”. Select “Genshin Impact” from the searched results. 

Click “Get” to install this free-to-play on the Windows computer without hassle. Additionally, you can install Genshin Impact from MiHoYo’s website. Choose the right OS version of the PC from the list and get the latest game version for you. 


Genshin Impact is available on all the latest Android phones and iPhones. This action role-playing game works on Android 8.1 and above. However, the Android phone must have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor to run the game. 

There should be at least 4GB of space on the smartphone. Otherwise, running Genshin Impact on your Android phone might be difficult. 

Do you want to play the latest Genshin Impact title on your iPhone? Check if it has IOS 9.0 or higher version. Ensure there are more than 16GB of free space on the iPhone. Similarly, this multiplayer game can be accessed from iPad Air (3rd Generation) and iPad Mini (5th Generation).

How to Install the Genshin Impact Game on Android and iOS Devices?

It is pretty easy to install Genshin Impact on your Android phone and iPhone. All you need to do is turn on the smartphone’s cellular data or Wi-Fi. If you want to play the game from an Android device, open the Play Store. 

Go to the search field and write “genshin impact”. Opt for “Genshin Impact ” from the searched results and select “Install” when the next window opens. The free-to-play game will be installed on your Android device within 5-6 minutes.

Do you want to explore Genshin Impact’s new Sumera map from your iPhone? Open the App Store and search for “Genshin Impact ”. Select “Get” to install this online multiplayer game on the iPhone or iPad.

Is Genshin Impact Coming to Xbox in 2024?

Xbox One users can expect to get the Genshin Impact in early 2024. However, it is not yet confirmed by the game developers. You might have to wait for a few years to access this anticipated game on your Xbox console. Until then, you can enjoy this online role-playing game on the PS4 or PS5 controller. 

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