Six SEO Tools to Quickly Check Website

Six SEO Tools to Quickly Check Website

Website SEO Tools

Performing SEO analysis of your website provides you in-depth insights into the tracts that may require improvements. You will understand what modifications can be made to maintain your website and to keep it up-to-date. It is essential to perform an SEO analysis regularly by Website SEO Tools as the traffic keeps developing quickly. And this thing will enable you to stay ahead of your competitors. Now, as the value of an SEO analysis has been stabilized, let us notice what it is and how you can learn and perform it quickly!

What requires to be done while performing SEO Analysis?

1) Analyze visibility on Google

This is the most valuable thing to check when starting with your SEO analysis. You must test your current website’s rankings and position on Google. You also have to scan how many pages of your site are ranked in the search engines. Well, you can do it quite easily by just entering, “” in the search box.

2) Verify your URLs and meta descriptions

Your URLs are the key to success. So always remember URLs must include four or five, words that exactly explain the content of the page. If your website’s URLs are not optimized, just rework them so that the search engine bots can recognize them better. Besides, the meta descriptions work on the same method; it must have exact keyword usage and should be impressive for a reader. Remember! An eye-catching meta description boosts traffic and engagement to your website.

3) Check your titles and headings

The website’s titles and headings should include matching keywords. Search for the keywords that are existing in your headers and titles. If they breathe as high search volume keywords, then try to formulate a new SEO campaign. Always Remember! High search volume keywords usually possess high competition, so it’s hard to rank for them. One thing that you should also focus on is to make the headings good look, and attractive so that people are encouraged to click on them.

4) Analyze your website rankings

Another vital thing you should analyze is your website’s multinational and national rankings regarding the number of people visiting it. This can provide you with incredible insights into your website’s importance concerning all other websites. And you can get insights into the leap rate, and regular time consumed by visitors on your website. You can even discover the top five keywords that are bringing traffic to your website.

5) Edit your Images

Images works like, silent artists that make your website more glamorous and understandable to consume. Regardless, images are heavy-data that can act against your SEO if not optimized. Crawlers of Search Engines can’t crawl pictures, so, you have to give them a proper title to make them readable. These titles will prove best to characterize what the image includes. The image’s ALT tag should contain keywords, if applicable. And you should also try to compress the image to lessen its size to enhance website loading speed.

6) Analyze your internal links

Website’s internal links are a great thing and can boost your search engine rankings. It will also increase the user experience, and assists users effortlessly find different pages on your website. You can build internal links by using proper keywords as anchor text and then directly linking it to the desired page.

6 Website SEO Tools that can help you in Quick SEO Analysis

1. Small SEO Tools — SEO Score Checker

Website SEO tools like SmallSEOTool is the best option to check your site’s SEO scores and status. This SEO analysis tool will help you analyze what’s currently going on with your site on an extensive level. It will locate SEO problems and allow you to fix them. You can notice what’s functioning and what’s not. Also, you can identify the things that need to be removed, improved, or replaced. 

2. SEM Rush

This tool works perfectly and does all the hard tasks for you. You need to add your website URL to discover more about your site’s organic rankings. It will indicate your monthly search volume, keyword rankings, backlinks, and more.

 3. Ahrefs

It is an outstanding tool that enables you to locate what your competitors are indexing for in your niche. It also provides you with a suggestion of what you require doing to rank better than them.

4. Hub Spot

This place enables you to examine your website so that you can make important changes to boost your SEO. It produces personalized reports based on your site’s achievement, SEO, mobile readiness, and safety provisions.

5. UpCity Report Card

This tool shows the SEO Report Card to help you improve your SEO. It indicates rank analysis, on-site analysis, link-building, website accessibility, and more.

6. Pro Rank Tracker

Last in order, but not of importance! This place makes the job of locating your website’s rankings simpler. It provides up-to-date insights and easy SEO ranking data for your website across the major search engines including, Google, Yahoo, and even Bing!


As a website owner, your responsibility is to regularly check your website SEO by Website SEO Tools to find out how well your website is optimized and how better it will rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). So, don’t waste your time, pick a tool, and start analyzing today!

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