How to Solve Skyrim SE Infinite Loading Screen Problem?

How to Solve Skyrim SE Infinite Loading Screen Problem?

skyrim se infinite loading screen

There are no online gamers in this world who would like to wait for a longer time to play the game. Skyrim SE Infinite Loading screen that seemingly just goes on and on is one of the most annoying things for sure. Not just that, but it should also be seen as an issue in some cases. Many people have reported that the Special Edition of Skyrim is taking too long to load on their devices. 

Some of them have also mentioned being stuck in the loading screen. So, you’re not alone if you’ve been facing the same. Now, you’d want to find a solution to the Skyrim SE infinite loading screen error. Keep reading to find out some simple ways to get the game to load fast. 

Skyrim SE Infinite Loading Screen: How to Make it Work Faster

Does your device seem to be taking forever to load Skyrim? There could be various explanations for that. So it’s not just one issue that you have to find and fix, you have to look for several different ones. 

Now, that would surely sound time-consuming and complicated to you but isn’t necessarily so. You can solve the problem with the help of the following simple methods:

  • Close all other programs that are running

If your PC is taking forever to load a game, it could be caused by other programs. As you know, every software or application that runs on your PC takes up a part of its resources. Skyrim can’t be called demanding in that matter. However, it does require a good amount of resources, seeing its graphics and other aspects. 

Depending on the specifications of your device, you can run only a limited number of programs at a time. If you try to make your PC work more than this limit, it’ll start facing issues. So, you need to close down as many other programs as you can before loading Skyrim. If possible, you must stop all of them for the best results. You can do this very easily from the Task Manager.

Is the issue mentioned here causing the Skyrim SE infinite loading screen in your case? Then, there can be no doubt about the effectiveness of this method. 

  • Clean Up the System Memory

Computers rely heavily on their RAM for completing a task. It is actually a deciding factor in how fast your PC will perform. You might be using a high-end PC, but that doesn’t mean anything if it’s low on RAM. After all, every computer has some limits to system memory, even if it’s higher than others. The problem you’re facing with the loading screen can be a sign that you need to clean up some space. This has been effective in a lot of cases and provided a long-lasting solution.

There might be a lot of cache files on your device. These are data that are created by the game when you play it. The program can also use these when you run it the next time. However, your device has no use of them in between the two gaming sessions. 

So, you might want to delete them as it can free up a good amount of space. Go to the File Manager and open the Temporary Files folder, and delete everything you find in there. Also, remember to clear them from the trash as well. Is there any app that you haven’t been using lately? Do consider deleting them as well. 

  • Run Skyrim on High Priority

Usually, the system allocates its resources to various programs based on what they need. However, not all of them have the same kind of requirements, some of them need more resources to run as compared to others. Moreover, they should be provided with a little more than their requirement to make sure they run without problems. 

So, how does it work for games like Skyrim? It’s simple, you raise its priority. The system will then handle it the same way that you deal with high-priority tasks in life. Whenever you open the game, the system will even leave other tasks to provide optimal resources to it. Now, that would be more than enough to ensure that it runs smoothly. Not only that, but you might also solve the Skyrim SE infinite loading screen with this method. 

To do this, you have to go to the Task Manager. Now, you won’t find Skyrim there unless you have opened it. So, make sure to start the game so that you can see it listed among the running programs. You can get the priority options by right-clicking on it. 

  • Get Rid of any Modifications

Are you using mods for playing Skyrim? It can surely create a better gaming experience for you and make it more fun for you. However, that depends on which mod you have installed. Regardless, that’s only a part of the story. Can they cause the Skyrim SE infinite loading screen error? Players are largely unaware of this from what it seems. 

However, many of them have realized this after facing issues, after downloading a certain mod. Do you find your case to be familiar? Then, you might want to try what the others did to solve it — uninstall the mod. Do you have more than one of them? Then, it’s hard to know which one is the culprit. So, you might want to do away with all of them as it’ll save your time. 

  • Graphics Card Driver Update

Running a game might mean high graphics requirements, depending on which one you’re playing. When it comes to Skyrim, its visuals are undoubtedly very impressive. Moreover, it’s a major part of the experience that players have with the game. However, your PC has to fulfil the requirements for being able to run Skyrim. Among other things, you need to have the appropriate driver version installed. Otherwise, the game won’t be able to fully utilize the hardware capabilities of the device. 

Moreover, you’ll also face problems like the Skyrim SE infinite loading screen. Has it been quite some time since you last had a driver update? Then, it’s time for you to get another one to solve any issues you’re facing with the game. This can be very effective and lost-lasting in many cases. Now, you can either download software to do this automatically or go to the Device Manager to do it manually. 


If Skyrim is taking too long to load, the above-mentioned methods can be helpful to you. Moreover, they are some of the simplest ones that you’ll find and are effective too. Therefore, they would be worth giving a try and hopefully will provide you with a solution. 

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