AMD Ryzen 5 vs i7 — The Ultimate CPU Battle to Find Out the Best

AMD Ryzen 5 vs i7 — The Ultimate CPU Battle to Find Out the Best

Intensive gaming and creative content creation need a high-end CPU. So, if you are a high-end gamer or a creative content creator, then you must have heard of AMD Ryzen 5, as well as Intel Core i7 processors. As CPU technology is advancing, the battle between the processors is never-ending. The goal is to serve the best computational power to a personal computer. 

AMD Ryzen 5 vs i7
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Today, you will be witnessing a CPU battle between AMD Ryzen 5 vs i7. In order to make you understand the difference, you have to go through all the detailed teardown facts of these two CPUs. Carefully go through every section to gain a clear idea for making a perfect choice. 

The Concept of CPU Working Process

In the battle of AMD Ryzen 5 vs i7 CPUs, going through the working process is important. The processor clock rate of i7 is 3.8 GHz to 5.1 GHz. Whereas, the Ryzen’s clock rate is 3.7 GHz to 4.6 GHz. 

Do you think that the i7 is better than Ryzen? No, not yet. You need to look at all the features. Coming to the threads, i7 has 8 out of 16, whereas Ryzen has 6 out of 12. This means that both the CPUs threads are slashed down to half during their performance. So, there are no differences. 

The socket of the i7 is FCLGA1200 and of Ryzen is AM4. Coming to the TDP, the i7 has 125 Watts, whereas the Ryzen has only 65 Watts. With several pros and cons of the features, you can conclude that these two CPUs are evenly matched. No big differences or edges are there. 

The CPU Overview for AMD Ryzen 5 vs i7

A technical overview of AMD Ryzen 5 vs i7 will give you a better idea of their performance as well as stability. With the help of 12 thread desktop processors, the AMD Ryzen 5 features 86 Hexa-cores and 64-bit quad-core computational power. Every AMD processor chip is designed based on Zen architecture, the third generation architectural design of the processor manufacturing organisation. 

For everyday use, a computer system with the AMD Ryzen 5 processor is good enough; microprocessors have 4 internal cores that can deliver the power to process 8 threads at a time. On the other hand, the support of 6 cores is also there that can deliver the power to process 12 threads at a time. The users of this CPU say that AMD Ryzen 5 is one of the best for regular use as well as gaming purposes. 

Heading towards the i7, there is a long queue of CPUs that have evolved with time. The processor has 8 cores with a clock rate of 3.6 GHz on average. Use this processor in a multi-role manner. Apart from gaming, high-end creative content creation will reach its pinnacle. So, it seems that i7 holds a slight upper hand against Ryzen 5. 

Comparing the CPU Architecture (AMD Ryzen 5 vs i7)

As you already know that the Ryzen 5 is based on Zen architecture, there is a high chance of power reduction. In addition to that, on reducing the power consumption, the clock rate increases. The chips of the Ryzen 5 are more efficient in carrying out the instructions given by the computer. The latest and innovative SoC design of the processor delivers stable bandwidth over the entire CPU. 

The Intel Core i7 is designed on the Kaby Lake architecture. It is a variety of microarchitecture that is manufactured with the help of a 14 nm manufacturing procedure. Intel says that this microarchitecture is only designed for faster CPU clock speed. In addition to that, you will also receive far better graphics, system performance and turbo boost frequency. 

Some of the i7 processors are designed on Intel’s Optane technology. This technology embedded processor helps the dedicated computer to improve data read and write speed. Therefore, Intel claims that their Core i7 will perform at the pinnacle of next-generation gaming, content creation, and watching movies in 4K UHD and VR. 

The Clock-Rate

You must know the concept of clock rate before getting into the fact of calculating a CPU speed. This will help you to understand the AMD Ryzen 5 vs i7 comparison well enough. The clock rate means the speed of working on any operation in a second. With an average 3.6 GHz speed, the i7 holds the upper hand. The base clock rate is near about 3.8 GHz. In a gaming environment, the clock rate can reach up to 5.1 GHz. Yes, it is a hit among game lovers. 

Compared to the Ryzen 5, it is slower than that Intel Core i7 processor. The Zen architecture (mentioned before) will deliver you the speed of 3.8 MHz to 4.4 MHz. One main thing is the clock rate will vary based on the model. Clearly, you can see that the i7 has a massive edge over Ryzen 5. 

The Cache Memory

The cache memory is very expensive in terms of a processor. A large cache memory will be much better for a processor to perform. In addition to that, the cache memory also decides the multi-tasking feature of a processor. In this category, the battle of AMD Ryzen 5 vs i7 is tied. Both these processors have the ability to tackle large instructions and calculations. They will never become overburdened as both of their computation power is massive. 


Till now, we have covered up all the major differences regarding AMD Ryzen 5 vs i7. Overall, the Intel Core i7 is holding a slight edge. But, Ryzen 5 is not at all backfired. So, let’s leave it upon you. Choose the right CPU according to your purpose.

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