4 Best Switches for Gaming in 2021 — How to Choose?

4 Best Switches for Gaming in 2021 — How to Choose?

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Everyone loves to play games in an impressive gaming environment. Normally configured computers will not provide you with such a gaming experience, so a gaming computer is mandatory. And, one of the main parts of a gaming computer is the switch. The switch is directly related to the gaming keyboard. 

Some of the best switches for gaming are available out there. So, what are you planning? Are you eager to buy all of them? Of course not, you have to choose the best and continue playing games. Here, we will provide you with an idea about the best 4 switches that you can come across.

Types of Gaming Keyboard Switches (Core)

The gaming keyboard switches come with two core types — mechanical and rubber dome. Let’s get along with all the details. 

The Mechanical Keyboard Switch

The mechanical switches are compact, strong, reliable and user-friendly. When you place this switch under the keyboard keys, the feedback is smooth. As per the user reports, it is much more satisfying than that of a rubber dome switch. 

The Rubber Dome Keyboard Switch

Embedded with the latest switch technology, the rubber dome switches are cheaper. As the name of the switch suggests, there is a thin coating of rubber at the base, which provides resistance against the heat of heavy usage. In addition to that, you can have tactical feedback while pressing the keys. 

The Best Switches for Gaming

The best keyboard switches for gaming must have three main characteristics. The first one — must be linear in nature. This means while you press any key, it must be smooth. The second one is tactile, and you must not face any obstacles or jams while pressing. The last is click, i.e. after pressing the key, it must produce a clicking sound. 

1. Cherry MX Red

With the linear behaviour of this switch and lightweight feeling, it is one of the most popular switches amongst all gamers across the world. According to the gamers, it is one of the best switches for gaming. The force it can hold is up to 45 grams. The pinpoint of actuation is 2 millimetres. The Cherry MX Red’s approximate lifespan is up to 50 million keystrokes. 

2. Cherry MX Black

The Cherry MX black version is the sister switch of Cherry MX Red. As usual, the behaviour of this switch is linear. With a heavy feeling, the real-time force of the switch is 60 grams. It is 15 times more powerful than the Red version. There is no emission of sound from the switch. Gaming with this switch will be smooth and reliable. Thus, the black version of Cherry switches is considered to be one of the best switches for gaming. 

3. Cherry MX Speed Silver

This silver version switch is linear in nature. If you consider the sound as well as the feeling, it is smooth and quiet. The actual and bottom force that it can hold is about 45 grams and 80 grams. The switch is ideal for games that need fast movements. With the help of super smooth feeling and maneuverability, no tactical bump will distract you while playing a game. 

4. The Razer Red Optical Switch

The type of this gaming switch is also linear and renders smooth and quiet sound effects. The actuation and bottom-out pressing force of the switch are 40 grams and 65 grams. If you opt for the switch, a blazingly fast gaming experience is waiting for you. The trademark design of Razer is famous and has the capability to provide you with a perfect outcome. If you observe the switch carefully, you will notice an additional lubricant coating for smooth pressing and releasing of the keyboard keys. 

The Sections of a Keyboard Switch 

Understanding all the details of the keyboard switch is important. Have you heard about “Keycap”? It is the outermost covering of the cap made up of plastic. All the brand details are printed on the cap for verification. 

Coming to the Stem, it seems that you are familiar with this word. The Stem holds the keycap. The shape and size of the Stem differ from the manufacturing organisations producing some of the best switches for gaming. 

The switch housing is one of the most important parts of a switch. The casing of the switch households all the vital items to run the switch. There is a slider present on every gaming switch. The work of the slider is to push against the dedicated spring. Thus, interrupting the connection within the metallic sleeves that are present at the side of the switch. 

So, what is a metallic sleeve? It is the protection against the keys when they strike the main keyboard panel. These are the sections of a mechanical keyboard switch. Whereas the rubber dome switches have a keycap and slider. These two are quite similar. The different sections are made up of silicon, and there is a printed board that contains electrical circuits. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the fastest gaming switches?

Speed Switches from Cherry MX Silver to Kailh are the ideal option for playing because they are one of the fastest switches available that takes much less time to operate than the traditional mechanical switches.

Are red switches good for gaming?

Red are linear switches. Red switches are linear. This means that the keys need less strength to press, yet when the key is detected you don’t feel or hear. The red switch is popular amongst players since they respond more quickly and need less strength to hold a button.

Are faster switches better for gaming?

The fastest changeovers are often the best options for play, but they have certain inconveniences, such as a greater price, less convenience and a limited option. The Razer Red Optical switch or Cherry Speed Silver are your best bets if you want a switch that is quick for gaming.
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