6 Tips to Repair your AC On Your Own

6 Tips to Repair your AC On Your Own

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An air conditioner machine is quite costly. That is why, when it faces problems, seeking help from the professionals for repairs and service is always recommended. But before that, you can troubleshoot your AC machine all by yourself. Sounds interesting, right? 

When the errors are rectified, the machine will run smoothly, and you do not have to spend a single penny. But, before performing the troubleshooting procedure, you must observe the situation and the problem very carefully. Only after that, make your progress. 

Probable Problems that might arise in your AC

Some common issues can take place in your AC. They are like a malfunction in thermostat, problems in filter, dust, and debris, and many more. So, you can start the AC repair procedure all by yourself. But, first, ensure what is going on inside the AC machine. 

Procedures for Repairs 

You can repair your AC, prevent it from future damages and you will also get a brief idea about how the machine actually works from inside and also from outside. 

  • Observe the Thermostat

The thermostat is one of the most expensive components of the AC. When you are going to opt for the AC repair process, you must handle this equipment very carefully. If the thermostat is damaged, then you can apply some easy fixes before calling the expert team. Change the battery, replace the old with new ones. After that, set the correct temperature. In addition to that, make sure that the thermostat fan is running correctly. 

  • Examine the Breaker 

The breaker might malfunction if more than one item is connected to it. In such cases, you have to check it. It would be best if you did not panic as your hands can get dirty while operating with the breaker. AC machines are very much sophisticated towards this kind of item. If more than one device is connected, then disconnect most of them and keep the vital connections active.

  • Observe the Water Filter

While you are on the verge of starting the AC repair process on your own, you must have a look at the water filter. Frequent changing of the water filter will reduce the risk of your AC machine damage. In addition to that, it will also consume less power. 

If the filter is dirty and somehow damaged, then you need to change it as soon as possible. Moreover, you will also get a comprehensive idea that if the dirt and debris are more in the filter, then the AC loses its cooling efficiency. 

  • Clean the Appliance 

This process requires regular maintenance. Everyday cleaning of your AC will resist any kind of barrier to your machine. Your optimized performance is one of the great ways to take care of your AC without any cost. Moreover, this regular cleaning and maintenance process will not require a frequent AC repair service as well. 

  • Check the Ducts located outside

The AC machine has two parts- One is located inside your room, and the other is outside. The outside duct transfers out the moisture from your room with the fan and makes your room cool. If the duct has become dirty, try to clean it to regenerate the airflow from inside to outside. But, if the ducts are clean, re-check them once again. Proper tuning and maintenance are necessary for all the AC machines. Else, your expense list will keep on growing. 

  • Liquify the Ice

Most of the people face this issue during the winter season. When your AC filter becomes dirty, it cannot regulate the heat. Thus, ice starts accumulating. When the essential parts of the AC machine cover up with ice, it can damage the delicate and expensive parts. In such cases, the AC repair service becomes necessary. You can also try to turn your machine Off and turn the duct fan On. Within a short period of time, the ice will melt. 


Never touch or manipulate the delicate parts of the AC machine. If they somehow get damaged, you alone cannot fix it. Moreover, they are costly and need experts to replace it. You must only opt for fixing your AC on yourself if the issues are not that risky. Otherwise, always contact the experts for further assistance.

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