Нow to sell Electroneum

Нow to sell Electroneum

What is Electronium?

What is ETN? The developers are positioning the coin as a mobile cryptocurrency and aim to create a meaningful alternative to Bitcoin with more scalable infrastructure, such as transaction speed, low fees and reduced energy consumption. 

Basic facts about Electroneum:

  • High security of wallets: the ecosystem uses the latest security technologies to protect personal data;
  • The reward for the mined block – 7,500 ETN;
  • The coin is divided into 100 atoms (according to the principle of dividing the dollar by 100 cents). Hence, it is more convenient than, for example, Bitcoin, which is divided into hundreds of millions of satoshi;
  • During the ICO team raised $40 million and was completed ahead of schedule.
  •  One of the leading products is the ETN CryptoNight algorithm so that ETN can be mined on conventional processors and video cards. Some time ago, users could mine cryptocurrency on their smartphones (the ability was possible until the end of 2019, blockchain utilizes trusted validators pool). 
  • The cryptocurrency is developed on its blockchain, which is an improved copy of Monero.

Electroneum users will undergo mandatory identification, without which transactions will become impossible. The first level of the “Know your customer” or KYC principle is in effect now, and the second will be introduced on November 12. User identification will allow the project to become a partner of large companies in the financial technology industry and the telecommunications market. Such players in the financial market refuse to work with those crypto companies that serve anonymous users so that identification will eliminate this problem.

Where to sell/buy ETN

Electroneum (ETN) can be traded on most crypto exchanges. Different exchanges provide different payment methods for purchasing ETN coins. The following payment methods are currently available:

  • debit or credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Atomic swap
  • Trading pairs with other cryptocurrencies (for example, Bitcoin or Ethereum)

Electroneum can be traded on the following 11 trading platforms such as:





Huobi Global;







Users work with trading pairs ETN / BTC, ETN / ETH, ETN / USDT. You can exchange ETN tokens for euros, and in Sistemkoin, users can convert ETNs to Turkish lira or US dollars on the Liquid exchange. The ETN team has released software for instant payments using ETN cryptocurrency. The program is called ETNCommerce, and it will enable merchants to start accepting payments for their goods and services in crypto coins. The new service is easy to integrate and can work in online stores along with PayPal, Visa and MasterCard. If the first sellers start using this service soon, it will also stimulate capitalization growth.

How to exchange ETN for Bitcoin

When exchanging currencies, you should choose a reliable participant in the electronic market.

Anonymous crypto exchange Godex.io can be a prime example here. Thanks to the simple set of features of the site, the user will quickly understand all the intricacies of online currency exchange. Godex does not ask for scanned copies or passport photos, which saves much time. Other exchangers may request user registration and verification. 

The Godex online calculator will immediately display the rate of 1 ETN to BTC on the exchange operation date. The Godex exchange service gives you the ability to convert ETN to BTC without restrictions and anonymously in a few clicks.

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