Smart And Effective Hacks to Resolve Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps On Windows

Smart And Effective Hacks to Resolve Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps On Windows

Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps On Windows

In this rapidly-growing world of technological advancements, our lives are entirely reliant on technologies. Thus, today, we can barely think of our lives without computers or laptops. However, that said, it’s not quite possible for one to know about every meticulous detail about the technologies we regularly use in our day-to-day lives.

For instance, if you are not thoroughly conversant with the technological know-how, you might be completely oblivious to the problem of “Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps On Windows.”

Essentially speaking, you are most likely to run into the problem under observation when you scroll down your computer using a mouse. 

However, this issue mostly occurs on Windows Operating Systems. Moreover, the problem in question triggers in both Computers as well as Laptops. 

Nonetheless, even if you are not entirely familiar with the problem, we are there to help you up. 

In the article, we shall not only help you gain detailed insight into the problem in general but also offer effective fixes to resolve the same. Thus, shed your worries off and read through our article thoroughly.

Some Words on Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps on Windows: Know What?

Occasionally the mouse cursor is seen to scroll up by a couple of pixels, while you are simply trying to scroll up a page of your saved document or else even a website or as a matter of fact, almost anything. This is essentially known as “Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps on Windows.”

Now, although this seems not to be a major issue, it annoys users beyond measure. And of course, you have every reason to be irritated if Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps on Windows recurrently. 

Also, suppose you are going through an important document or site. In the meantime, if you repeatedly face such a problem, you might even miss out on crucial detail. 

Thus, if you are confronting the glitch for quite some time now, you must see to it that the issue does not persist for long. And to ensure that, you must avail effective resolutions against the glitch. 

Now essentially speaking, the foremost step towards the mitigation of any problem is the determination the fundamental causes behind it. 

Hence, in the section that follows, we shall impart with you the essential causes of the problem. 

Potential Causes Behind the “Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps on Windows” Issue

Under this section, we intend to disclose to you the most notable causative factors responsible for the glitch.  Do give them a read. 

Defective Mouse Scrolling Features:

Generally, Microsoft Mouse comes with a number of features. Thus, if you are using it, needless to say, that you would want to make the most of it. However, therein lies the problem. 

Normally, you find all the useful features within the  Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. 

Now, just in case, along with all other useful features, there remains a feature that may be potentially harmful, if used inappropriately, that’s when you may run into complications. And the issue under observation often precipitates due to this. 

Outdated or Defective Drivers 

The next lining up is the outdated or even faulty drivers. Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps on Windows if you don’t have your drivers up to date. Hence, you must update your drivers from time to time. 

The Touch-pad of your Laptop 

As discussed already, this problem is common in both desktop computers as well as laptops. So, if you are using a Laptop, you need to check the touchpad of your device regularly. The glitch in question might trigger due to the Scroll Feature of your Laptop’s touchpad.  

Hence, in case the touchpad of your Laptop is the root cause of the broil, make sure you disable it at the earliest. 

Thus, listed above are the major causes behind the problem. And, now that you know them all, it will be easier for you to determine the actual cause of the hitch, if you are confronting it frequently. 

Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps on Windows Most Easily with Easy and Effective Solutions 

Now, as per our promise, in this segment of our article, we would like to provide you with the most workable resolutions that you may apply to Fix “Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps on Windows” issue. 

We assure you that the fixes we are about offer shall help you troubleshoot the glitch at the drop of a hat. Thus, if you were so long looking surefire resorts, here you are. Go through the solutions we have in store for you and apply them accordingly. 

Solution 1: Disable the Problematic or Harmful Mouse Scrolling Features 

If you are using a Microsoft Mouse, then this applies to you. In case you are able to detect that some of the mouse scrolling features you are using are quite harmful or problematic, you can always disable them to fix Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps on Windows. Doing so has indeed proved quite an effective solution to many users. 

Thus, in case you wish to deactivate the features causing problems for you, here’s what you are to do.  

At first, you must press the Start icon and feed in “Control Panel” in the search bar. 

The moment you do so, you will find a popup list appearing on your device screen. All you must do is  press the first option, which says Control Panel in the popup list 

After launching the Control Panel, ensure that you have changed the View option to “View By  Large Icons”  

On having successfully altered it, you need to press on Mouse. 

As soon as you click on Mouse, the Mouse Settings Windows will pop up.

Once in that Window, you need to press the option that says Change Mouse Wheel Settings.

From there, to initialize the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center, you will have to click on the option named Change Microsoft Mouse Settings. 

Following this, you must navigate over to the Basic Settings tab.

Once under this tab, ensure that you have properly unchecked the two options entitled Accelerated Vertical Scrolling as well as Reverse Scroll Direction one after the other.

On completion, check if the Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps on Windows any further or not. If the issue lingers on, proceed to our next solution. 

Solution 2: Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps on Windows By Installing the Latest  Drivers

Oftentimes, the installation of the latest and most updated drivers proves an easy resort to the problem. Now, if you wish to install the updated drivers, then you can do so from the official website. 

To do so, follow the instructions listed below. 

  • First and foremost, you need to press the Start Menu bar.
  • Thereafter, within the Search bar, you will have to feed in type in “Device Manager.” 
  • As soon as you do this, you will find a list of options popping up on the screen. All you must do is click on the First option
  • Following this, to update the video card driver on your PC, you will have to extend the section that says “Mice and other pointing devices”.
  • The moment you finish, you need to right-click upon your Mouse and select the option stating Uninstall Device.
  • You may be prompted to confirm the uninstallation procedure of the mouse driver that you are using presently. If so, don’t forget to confirm it. 
  • Once confirmed, the uninstallation process might take you a couple of minutes. Therefore, you need to hold on for some time with patience. 

Additional Steps

  • Following this, you need to look for an updated Mouse Driver on the Manufacturer’s official website. 
  • On detecting it, you simply need to put in  the Keywords, setting the accessory type to “Mice.”
  • The moment you do this, a pop-up list will appear, displaying to you all the updated mice drivers. Scroll down and reach out to the mice drive as per your choice and press on it.
  • Then press on the Downloads button and set your PC navigating over to the “Software & Drivers” section.
  • That’s it. You are more or less done. On completion of the overall procedure, you are just required to set you the OS of your PC a well as the preferred language as per your convenience. 
  • Once you do this, make sure that the files you download are compatible with your OS. Thereafter, adhere to the on-screen instruction and install the newest drivers. 
  • Now check if Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps on Windows further or not.

Solution 3: Try Deactivating the Touchpad Scrolling to fix “Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps on Windows” issue  on Your Laptop  

If you are using a Laptop, then you can try to troubleshoot the glitch under observation by simply disabling the Touchpad Scrolling while availing the external mouse. Doing this has helped many users to resolve their problems. Follow our list of instructions below to perform this.

  • Initialize the Settings Application of your Windows 10 computer by  pressing the Windows Key + I simultaneously 
  • Thereafter, you will have to initialize the sub-entry under Settings entitled as Devices after detecting it. 
  • Once detected, you should click upon it to open the same.
  • Following this, you will have to move over to the Touchpad tab. Once under this Tab, you need to look out for the Scroll and zoom section. You are most likely to find this at the top of your screen. O locate it, you simply need to uncheck the checkbox beside “ Drag two fingers to scroll.”
  • Once you finish doing this, the issue under discussion should not harass you anymore. 

Concluding Remark

With this, it’s time for us to take leave. However, before we conclude, we shall urge our users to take thorough notes of the resorts we suggested above.

The “Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps on Windows” problem, although only a trivial issue, is pretty annoying. Therefore, you must not overlook it for long.  And, the remedial measures we offered are indeed proven and most feasible for you. So, try them out at the earliest. 

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