Nvidia 3070 Ti vs 3080 – Which One Should You Use?

Nvidia 3070 Ti vs 3080 – Which One Should You Use?

3070 ti vs 3080

Nvidia produces high-end graphics cards for boosting your gaming performance, and the 3070 Ti and 3080 are no exception. But, there is a lot of debate going on in the gaming community about which GPU is better. So, you must focus on the 3070 Ti vs 3080 advantages and its drawbacks to find the right GPU

There are some basic differences between Nvidia’s 3070 Ti and 3080 graphics cards. For instance, the base clock speed and memory interface of these two GPUs are not the same. The 3070 Ti and 3080 graphics cards also have different architecture and thermal design power. 

You might have compared the price of these Nvidia GPUs, but that’s not enough. Gamers also must check the CUDA cores the graphics card offers. Go with the Nvidia that features more CUDA cores to get the ultimate gaming experience. 

Now, let’s find out who is the winner of the Nvidia 3070 Ti vs 3080 battle:

3070 Ti vs 3080 – Which Nvidia Graphics Card Offers the Best Performance?

You must check the Nvidia 3070 Ti and 3080 GPU’s performance before making the ultimate decision. CUDA cores are the essential aspect that helps determine how the GPU will perform on your gaming device.

A GPU’s CUDA cores work like your CPUs’ dual or quad cores. Nvidia GPUs have several hundred CUDA cores that are responsible for processing all the graphics-related data. 

The more the GPU’s CUDA cores, the better your gaming performance will be. Nvidia’s 3080 has more CUDA cores than the 3070 model. The former has 8,704 CUDA cores, and the latter has only 6,144 CUDA cores. 

You will get more speed and compatibility with the Nvidia 3080 GPU. Besides, the 3080 GPU has more storage space, allowing the CUDA cores to work faster than the 3070 Ti. So, the Nvidia 3080 graphics card is a clear winner regarding performance.

3070 Ti vs 3080 – Which Nvidia Graphics Card Can Run the Games Faster?

Thermal Design Power (TDP) is a primary factor you should consider checking when buying a GPU. Ensure to get a graphics card that has a lower TDP. It will help you to run all the online video games faster on your Windows PC. 

Nvidia’s 3070 Ti has 290 TDP, but the 3080 has 320W TDP. Thus, the former has a lower TDP and can run every game application without slowing down the PC’s performance. 

The 3070 Ti GPU can also control the excessive heat during long gameplay sessions. So, the 3070 Ti will suit all your gaming requirements better than the 3080 GPU.

3070 Ti vs 3080 – Which One has More GPU Die Size?

Nvidia integrated the same chip architecture on the 3070 Ti and 3080 graphics cards. However, the die size is different in both of these high-end GPUs. The 3070 Ti uses the GA104, but the 3080 GPU has a comparatively larger die size, the GA102. So, the Nvidia 3080 beats the 3070 Ti graphics card regarding GPU die size.

3070 Ti vs 3080 –Which Nvidia Graphics Card Provides More Clock Speed?

Clock speed is the estimated time the graphics card’s silicon moves per second. If the GPU has a 2000MHz core clock, that indicates it cycles 2,000,000 times per second. The higher the GPU clock speed, the better the graphics quality you will get on your PC.

Nvidia 3070 Ti offers a clock speed of 1575MHz. On the contrary, the 3080 GPU has a 1575MHz base clock speed. Thus, the 3070 Ti has a higher GPU clock speed than the Nvidia 3080 GPU model. So, opt to install 3070 Ti instead of 3080 if you want to play high-graphics games like Ride 4.

3070 Ti vs 3080 – Which Nvidia Graphics Card has more VRAM?

There is a huge difference between the video memory of these two Nvidia graphics cards. The 3080 card offers 10GB of VRAM, allowing it to store more programs. Additionally, this Nvidia RTX graphics card performs better at higher screen resolutions than the 3070 Ti.

On the other hand, Nvidia 3070 Ti offers only 8GB of VRAM. You may also encounter game lags when using this graphics card. So, go for a graphics card that has more video RAM to avoid unwanted interruptions while gaming.

3070 Ti vs 3080 – Which Nvidia Graphics Card Offers More Memory Interface?

A memory interface is an essential component of a graphics card. You should always check the GPU’s memory interface bandwidth before buying it. Otherwise, you might experience issues when changing the screen resolution or other graphics settings.

Nvidia’s 3070 Ti graphics card has a 256-bit memory interface. However, you will get a 320-bit memory interface on the Nvidia 3080 GPU model. So, it will be better to go for the 3070 Ti if you prefer flexibility over storage space or die size.

3070 Ti vs 3080 – Which Nvidia Graphics Card has More Shader and RT Cores?

There are fundamental differences between these two Nvidoia graphics card’s shader and RT cores. But, you must know the shader and RT cores’ functions to know which GPU is better.

The shader cores let you take advantage of the graphics card’s processing power instead of only relying on the system’s CPU. It helps your Nvidia GPU to operate on multiple data streams simultaneously without screen glitches. 

RT cores are designed to handle the computational workload of the game’s real-time tracing. It helps gamers to run their required games faster on their gaming devices. 

Choose the GPU with more shaders and RT cores to improve your gaming experience. Nvidia’s 3080 GPU has 42% more shaders and RT cores than the 3070 Ti model. So, you must consider using the Nvidia 3080 graphics card for seamless gameplay.

3070 Ti vs 3080 – Which Nvidia Graphics Card can handle 4K Gaming?

You can play popular multiplayer games like Call of Duty: Warzone at 144p resolution on both of these GPUs. However, you might encounter screen tearing issues when running the 4K resolution games on a 3070 Ti graphics card.

Thus, Nvidia’s 3080 GPU is a great choice for 4K gaming. It can handle games better with more texture-heavy graphics configuration. Do you want to play action-action games like Red Dead Redemption 2? We would recommend choosing Nvidia’s 3080 GPU over the 3070 Ti. 

3070 Ti vs 3080 – Which Nvidia Graphics Card is Better for You?

If you are running on a tight budget, buy an Nvidia 3070 Ti graphics card. However, the 3080 GPU is the clear winner regarding compatibility, storage capacity, and entry-level gaming. So, take time to research and choose the Nvidia GPU that serves your graphics needs.

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