Novice in Video Editing? Try These 7 YouTube Video Editor

Novice in Video Editing? Try These 7 YouTube Video Editor

YouTube has a global reach of over two billion, with over sixty-two percent of the users accessing the platform on a daily basis. And, if you want to expand the marketing efforts of your business or establish yourself as a blogger, this is the platform that you need to leverage.

However, being on YouTube is a lot more than simply capturing the videos, uploading them straight away, and waiting for the audience’s responses. For a video to truly get the response that you’re aiming for, it has to be edited to perfection.

But, the problem is that you don’t have much prior experience in editing videos. Well, the solution to your problem lies in finding the right YouTube editor like InVideo that can make it easy to tweak videos even for a beginner.

On that note, here are the seven video editors that you should consider for YouTube.

1. Lumen5

For any YouTube marketer looking to make creative and fun promos in a matter of minutes, Lumens5 is a great YouTube video editor. Though this is more of a tool than a software, its popularity is the reason behind being featured on this list.

It can turn the blog posts into social media promos. Although the process isn’t seamless and you will have to tinker the blogs a bit to get it to look the way you want, the rest of the features of Lumen5 is perfect. You will especially like the drag and drop feature and the audio collection.

CostFree for 480p videos and $50 per month for 1080p HD

2. Apple iMovie

As you can guess by the name, this editor is for select users, and the rest of you can look into other options. The Apple users should definitely consider this video editor because it’s super-simple to use. 

The high-definition filters are like the game changers for iMovie. But that’s not all! Irrespective of whether you shoot the video on the iPhone or edit the project on iPad, you can seamlessly transfer the project over to Mac using AirDrop.

Apart from the seamless integration with Apple products, you also get a social platform and audio integration. Furthermore, there is a really cool green-screen feature to place any character at exotic locations.

CostComes free when you buy Mac

3. Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio comes with all the top-notch features of any other video editor mentioned on this list. However, what makes it stand out is the fact that it’s the first consumer video editing software that has motion tracking.

In case you don’t know what motion tracking is, it’s a feature that lets you track particular objects throughout the cut and make necessary changes. Though you will now find motion tracking in many video editors, the one by Corel is still one of the best you’ll ever find.

However, the main problem with Corel is that its speed is way behind most of the other video editors in the market.

Cost$51.99 (One-time payment)

4. Nero Video

In spite of being one of the more affordable options, Nero does not fall short when it comes to the effects and features. As far as a YouTube intro maker for beginners is concerned, this one will definitely not disappoint you. 

But, if you are planning to learn editing YouTube videos through the software, Nero might not be the one that you are looking for. Besides, you will also have to sacrifice quite a bit on functionality and speed. 

However, you will find all the video editing tools and features that you need in Nero. So, that’s a major plus for this software.

Cost$49.99 (One-time payment)

5. CyberLink PowerDirector

Now, you might think that a beginner would feel lost with CyberLink, but that’s not the case. You will just have to visit the product page to find all the tutorials you need to know how to use the software. The interface is quite straightforward, and the features are easy to use.

The best part of this software is that it has super-fast rendering. There is a complete suite of effects on offer. It also supports 4K and 360-degree video footage.

The price might be a bit on the higher side, but the features make up for it. You get what you pay for, right?

Cost$79.99 (One-time payment)

6.Filmora from Wondershare

As far as video editing software is concerned, Filmore is like a complete package. Filmora is the standard and simple offering from Wondershare that would suit you perfectly well as a beginner. For screen recording, you need Filmora Scrn, and FilmoraGo is for mobile editing.

Apart from an easy to use and intuitive interface, you get a host of other features like transitions, motion elements, filters, overlays, GIFs, and royalty-free music. 

Now, these features might be found on other video editors too, but Filmora is particularly good at titling. The cool titling features alone make it your money’s worth.

Cost$59.99 (One-time payment), $39.99 for one year

7. Pinnacle Studio

On the higher pricing range, you will find Pinnacle Studio. Now, why would you spend all that extra money? Simply because you will get more features and speed than anything else!

It is difficult to find a faster rendering in the market than Pinnacle Studio. Moreover, you will get all the features that you expect in a top-range product: 4K support, 360-degree video support, multicam, motion tracking, and so on.

Don’t let all these factors make you think that it is not for the newbies. For all its multiple features, Pinnacle is still as intuitive and user-friendly as ever. Though it is pricey, the cost is justified in more ways than one.

Cost$129.95 (One-time payment)

The Endnote

And those were the seven options that can help you edit YouTube videos like a pro. As any of these video editors would do a fine job at editing your videos same as this website, it’s time now to think about your budget and current skill levels to make the right choice. 

So, which one are you going for?

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