4 Techniques to set up & Use Chromecast on iPhone

4 Techniques to set up & Use Chromecast on iPhone

chromecast on iphone

Google Chromecast is a video streaming device by which you will be able to enjoy your favourite shows and movies. It is affordable and easy to use. As Google and Apple have separate mobile OS, you don’t have to worry about the device. It is quite easy to setup Chromecast on iPhone

Apart from watching movies and shows, you can also mirror your iPhone and watch the contents on the TV. Google might have newly introduced this feature, but Android, Windows, and Macintosh users have already experienced this facility. 

Important Details 

Before starting the process, make sure that the system software of the iPhone is up-to-date. In addition to that, you must also gather an HDMI cable for establishing a secure connection between the phone and TV. The internet connection must be stable without any interruption. 

The Setup Process

Now, you have to set up the Chromecast on iPhone. The process is easy and you can do it in just a few simple steps. 

1.Plug-in the device 

During the process, obviously, you must have the Chromecast device with you. Plug-in the device to your TV. After that, turn the TV On. Automatically, the device will turn On. Now, access the HDMI settings and make the necessary changes. The changes in the settings are important. Otherwise, the Chromecast will fail to detect the iPhone. 

2.Download and Connect the App

The Chromecast application is easily available on AppStore. Download the application on your iPhone and install it. After that, open the Chromecast application and continue the setup based on the displayed instructions. Now, the device will give you the option to select the Wi-Fi network. Choose your home Wi-Fi network to connect the internet. 

3.Establish the TV Connection

Now, look for the option to connect the TV. You can search for wireless connectivity. In addition to that, the HDMI cable also comes in handy to set up a wired connection. Experts suggest that setting up the Chromecast on iPhone wirelessly will be much easier. 

Choose the Home section and tap on the “Next” button. After that, the name of the Chromecast device will appear. Select it and once again choose “Next” to proceed. Now, confirm the code and tap on “Yes”. Finally, agree to the terms and conditions and other formalities to finish the task. 

4.Play your Desired Media

Now, choose and play the media files of your own choice. In addition to that, you can also change the media type based on your preference. Moreover, the volume controls are very much effective and you will not have to get up and change it manually from the TV. The facility of stop casting is also available. 

Additional Apps that can Run Chromecast

If you face any issues regarding the setup of Chromecast on iPhone, then there are also other applications that will work in your favour. The functions are more or less the same and you will not face any problems while operating it. 

1.The Replica

The Replica app is easily available in the AppStore. Just download the app and install it. After that, connect the iPhone to the Wi-Fi network and start the app. As the Chromecast device is connected to the TV, it will appear on the Replica application’s device list. Choose it and start broadcasting. 

2.Screen Mirror for Chromecast 

This application is also an alternative to the Chromecast application. It is developed by iStreamer, an application development organization. Mirroring your iPhone and iPads are very much easy with this application. Along with the streaming of multimedia items, you can also view more items like documents, presentations, play games and others. 

Troubleshoot the Chromecast Device

There is no guarantee that you will not face any type of issues in setting up Chromecast on iPhone. Rebooting the device is an easy method that will eliminate most of the issues. Just plug out the Chromecast dongle, keep it idle for a few minutes and then reconnect it. Moreover, your WiFi router faces issues, then rebooting it will definitely work. If this process doesn’t reflect any beneficial result, then the experts suggest that resetting the Chromecast device itself will definitely work. 

The resetting process is easy and you can do it without any hiccups. Unfortunately, the Chromecast application doesn’t have a dedicated reset option in it. So, you have to get up and access the device’s Reset button. Press and hold it for about 20 to 25 seconds. After that release it. When the device turns on, set it by following the instructions that appear on the mobile screen. 

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Getting a Chromecast device will be much more profitable than availing local cable connection. If you are planning to get a device online, after delivery details, ensure whether the device will have all the accessories in perfect working order. While setting up the device, make sure that you don’t face any type of interruptions. In addition to that, give special attention to internet connectivity. Last but not the least, if you face any glitch, immediately hire an expert.

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