Nintendo November Advent Calendar: A Gift to TikTok Influencers

Nintendo November Advent Calendar: A Gift to TikTok Influencers

nintendo november advent calendar

The elite Nintendo November Advent Calendar has been trending on different social media platforms. Some selected influencers from TikTok and other popular social media are destined to be receiving such surprising and expensive items from Nintendo.

Celinaspookyboo is one of those fortunate social media influencers, and she has already got her 2021’s November Advent Calendar. Though it’s a month early, we can clearly see from her uploaded videos that the Advent Calendar is based on holidays and celebrations.

Are you excited to learn what the Advent Calendar consists of? Or, you might be eager to know whether non-influencers can access this huge package.

Let’s find out.

What does the Nintendo November Advent Calendar Bring?

An advent calendar displays a decoration with small spaces or cards that contain surprising gifts or messages. And, you need to disclose them one by one every day in the month before Christmas.

However, Nintendo November Advent Calendar is slightly different since it arrived a month before the celebration. As learnt from Celinaspookyboo’s video, the package says, ‘Wishing you a very Nintendo November’. The TikTokker has revealed that this huge calendar features 30 boxes for each day in the month of November.

What does come inside the box of every door? There is a wide range of different merchandise from Nintendo.

Disclosure of Nintendo Merchandise in the First Video

Are you excited to know what Nintendo November Advent Calendar 2021 brought? As shared by Celinaspookyboo, she opened 5 calendar doors while shooting her first video that discloses the presents.

The doors labelled from November 1 to November 5 contained the following items:

A green-&-pink Joy-Con set with both right and left controllers, and the price of this item on the Nintendo Store is $79.99.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Lapel Pin Set that sells at around $20 to $30.
Goomba Amiibo in the boxed version, and it might be in the range between $20 to $95.
An Animal Crossing Water Bottle that sells at around $30.
A novelty Super Mario Multi-Colour Pen that costs around $5.

If you opt for an estimate, then the cost of just these 5 days’ items will be in the range between $155 and $240. The Super Mario pen might be a cheap present, but we think that the Joy-Con set is the real deal.

Interestingly, a few selected influencers will receive them for free. However, Celinaspookyboo hasn’t received such a huge surprise from Nintendo for the first time. Before she received a Nintendo Switch and an enormous Question block in 2021.

The Question block from Nintendo contained different merchandise along with games. Nintendo is fond of her content on TikTok.

Other Rewards inside the Nintendo November Advent Calendar 2021

In her first video, Celinaspookyboo showed only 5 gifts. This means that she still has 25 more left. She disclosed them with more videos later.

Here’s a glimpse of what she received as rewards inside the Nintendo November Advent Calendar:

Super Mario Bros. Ice-Cube Tray
Super Mario Bros. Magnets
8 NES Coasters
Mario Kart Lunch Bag
Super Mario Bros. Mug
Princess Peach Cap
Super Mario Lego
Nintendo Switch SanDisk Card (128GB)
Kirby T-Shirt
Turtle Shell Stress Ball
Nintendo Switch Online Membership Card (12 Months)
Super Mario Uno
Pokémon Interactive Watch
Super Mario Socks
Mini Coin Pillow
Super Mario Drawstring Backpack & Zipper Pouch
Caped Mario Figurine
Super Mario Coin Candies
Super Mario Wallet
NES Bag Tag
Animal Crossing Tom Nook Beanie
Animal Crossing Bandana
Super Mario Switch Case
Nintendo eShop Game
Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

Undoubtedly, the overall Nintendo November Advent Calendar 2021 is the ultimate adventure for Nintendo lovers. Is it available for non-influencers, too? Let’s reveal the truth.

Is the Nintendo November Advent Calendar 2021 Available for Purchase?

Here comes the million-dollar question regarding the Nintendo November Advent Calendar: Is it available for regular buyers? Unfortunately, Nintendo has released this advent calendar for promotional purposes. And, the company has given out such special packages to selected influencers only.

So, if you are considering the Nintendo November Advent Calendar 2021 price then it’s not for sale. If you feel those above-mentioned rewards fascinating, then you can individually buy them from the Nintendo Store. You can buy them for yourself or gift close ones for holidays.

You might follow Celina on TikTok to get more information regarding the Nintendo Advent Calendar and upcoming details.

Can You Make an Advent Calendar on Your Own?

Since the Nintendo November Advent Calendar is unavailable, you can customise one by buying a few items from the Nintendo Store. As an alternative, you can opt for a few holiday-themed advent calendars that are available for anyone.

They might not be as stunning as the Nintendo November one, but they are not less overwhelming. You might not get hold of Celinaspookyboo’s epic Nintendo November advent calendar, but you can check the following options out. Hopefully, you will find them a pocket-friendly treat for your Christmas celebrations:

Funk Pop Advent Calendar

This is one of our personal favourites that you can try if you are a die-hard fan of Funko Pops. Well, this particular option features the Funko calendar of the Five Nights at Freddy’s. This is a perfect gift for someone who will be delighted with this much horror equipment.

Pokémon Advent Calendar

Are you a Pokémon fan? Then, you must not miss out on the Pokémon Advent Calendar. Get adorable Pokémon sceneries and figurines and more with this specific advent calendar.

Advent Calendar Featuring Sonic the Hedgehog

Make your December special with this dedicated Sonic the Hedgehog Advent Calendar. Get a buildable statue with this advent calendar. This masterpiece contains 24 clip-together pieces that you can collect and join the countdown till it hits Christmas.

Virtual Advent Calendar from Nintendo

Nintendo released a virtual advent calendar in 2019. The advent calendar had different games and rewards behind each door. Fans could access each door every single day and check in their surprises. Hopefully, Nintendo will bring out similar virtual advent calendars that everyone can enjoy.

However, there’s no confirmation from Nintendo regarding this year’s virtual advent calendar. Till then, you can check out Nintendo November Advent Calendar and its items from Celinaspookyboo’s shared videos.

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