Microsoft to Fix Windows 10 Printer Problems as Promised

Microsoft to Fix Windows 10 Printer Problems as Promised

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Microsoft promises to take care of the recent problems in the Windows 10 Operating System. After updates of May 2020 released by Microsoft, people were facing issues while printing their documents, pictures, and other items. The software giant had promised to look into the matter and now it is on its way to keep it. 

After installing the updates, the rise of software-printer problems occurred. All the printers like HP, Canon, Brother, Panasonic, and other printers were not working properly. Including, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 users are also facing the same problems as well. 

Types of Printing Problems 

A large number of printers got affected by the updates that were released by Microsoft in May 2020. Users are unable to print their documents after the update. In addition to that, other problems were also reported like the crash of printing applications, blue screen death, and others. 

The issues are posing a much negative impact on people regarding the use of Windows. Furthermore, people are also facing such problems when they are going to print any file in PDF format. 

What is the real problem?

Microsoft has estimated that after installing the updates, the USB printers are facing printing problems in the local USB ports. That is why the spooling issues occurred and it was affecting the network printers as well. 

Actual Causes of the problem

KB4560960 update for Windows 10 and Windows Server 1903, 1909, and KB4557957 update for Windows 10 2004 version played the key role behind all of these problems. Until and unless Microsoft fixes the issue, people can uninstall the latest updates. It will not affect the printer’s working capability.

Are there any Temporary Solutions?

Certain analyses by tech specialists stated that people can also download Windows Generic HP PCL5 printer drivers. In addition to that, the drivers of PCL6 will also work. Make sure that all the users download the drivers according to the printer manufacturer from the respective official websites.

Summing Up…

Microsoft has given full priority to this problem. All the users, for now, need to keep patience and wait for the next update. Research by some experts says that there is no fixed date announced for the release of repaired updates. They are working on the problem and hopefully, the next upcoming update will fix the printing problem for sure. 

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