Microsoft Ready to Provide Repair Options Due to Shareholders Pressure

Microsoft Ready to Provide Repair Options Due to Shareholders Pressure

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Microsoft has been a tough competitor in the industry of innovation and technology. Whether you are talking about Xbox or a Microsoft Surface, users are restricted to some extent when it comes to repairability. Now, Microsoft is going to break the myth of repairability restrictions with its upcoming step towards prompt repair solutions. After all, a device is not going to survive for years and years; it would endure certain issues.

However, repair solutions can increase the life expectancy of any electronics. Apart from this, the Right to Repair legislation has come into play. There was a time when Microsoft was against this legislation. But, it has slowly moved its steps towards expanding repair options. Microsoft has started showing commitments towards easing the repair struggles faced by users. According to Laptop Repair Services Dubai, the scope of repairing Microsoft products is expanding. Let’s get into the details about Microsoft’s repair initiatives.

What Made Microsoft Commit to Repair Solutions?

Right to Repair is an act that prioritises users’ right to repair their electronic devices. Through Right to Repair, users are free to increase the durability of their devices. Additionally, one can reduce the amount of e-waste by repairing the same electronics instead of replacing them. According to Laptop Repair Dubai professionals, activists advocate for the Right to Repair.

On the other hand, there is a balance between technology and environmental conditions.

Activists force manufacturers to agree with the legislation so that users can get equal scopes to repair devices. Well, users have expectations with the devices they are buying. They think that when they have invested a good amount of money in a device, they should have access to information, repair tools, services, and much more.

Well, such expectations are not vague. When it comes to the Surface lineup and Xbox devices from Microsoft, then there are only third-party repair solutions available. Users don’t get authorised repair services and tools from Microsoft directly. Whereas other competitors such as Dell, HP, etc have started providing users with options to get repair options for their devices.


Microsoft has now agreed to go through an independent study for making repair solutions easily available for users. Thus, Microsoft can pursue the best repair initiatives for global users on the basis of the findings from those studies. As promised by Microsoft and reported by Laptop Repair Services Dubai, we can expect a fruitful result from Microsoft by the end of 2022.

All these findings were first spotted by the shareholder advocacy group As You Sow and Grist. However, Microsoft made this decision after As You Sow had filed a shareholder resolution. The resolution stated that Microsoft should dive into the process that can make repairs easily available for consumers. After Microsoft nodded to go with the study required for the repair solutions, As You Sow lifted the resolution.

What can you expect from Microsoft regarding repairing devices? According to tech experts of Laptop Repair Dubai, Microsoft might be indulging in creating the availability of more and more repair shops across the globe. Additionally, Microsoft will make sure that repair parts will be available and more documentation will be accessible by users when it comes to repairs.

What Will Be the Impact?

As You Sow have lifted the resolution against Microsoft and called Microsoft’s initiative ‘an encouraging step’. However, we think that it’s just the beginning towards a great repair option from Microsoft. First, Microsoft is expected to pursue a study and document whatever it finds out regarding repairing devices and scopes. In fact, it’s going to take a long period to reach a conclusion or materialised repair initiative on behalf of Microsoft.

Will it be beneficial enough to take a step ahead for study purposes? According to Laptop Repair Services in Dubai, Microsoft has given a deadline. Microsoft will be an inspiration for other tech tycoons who are way behind in the progress of repair solutions. However, the upcoming results might appear uncertain without the proper documentation and study results published by Microsoft. We guess that we have to hold our breath till Microsoft releases its findings.

Will Microsoft Release the Original Study Report?

As reported by Laptop Repair Dubai experts, there’s no clear evidence that shows Microsoft will release the actual study. Microsoft hasn’t made any confirmation about it. However, Grist has claimed that Microsoft has to publish a summary of its study by the end of May 2022.

However, we can easily get that Microsoft won’t be releasing the actual study report. Otherwise, it might expose all the trade secrets. But, the summary of the study will help in determining Microsoft’s promise. Additionally, users will get a clue regarding the device repairs to which Microsoft clings. And, they don’t have to rely on only third-party repair services anymore.

Well, Microsoft is not the only manufacturer that has received the same legislation. Apple and Deere & Co have received similar shareholder resolutions. However, almost everyone is patting the back of Microsoft and calling it a great move.

Why is Microsoft Pulling This Out Now?

According to Laptop Repair Services in Dubai, it’s more than shareholder pressure. Microsoft is trying to get over the gloomy legislation policies and get rid of electronic waste. On the other hand, some suspect that Microsoft might be doing this for some goodwill image in public.

When, on the other hand, iPhone 13 is getting popular due to irreparability issues, the decision of Microsoft will keep its image maintained. Users will definitely remember this as a private effort of Microsoft and provide them a reliable repair service.

Wrapping up….

We think that the world will witness a significant change in the repair solutions offered by Microsoft in the upcoming years. Additionally, Laptop Repair Services in Dubai believe that this step will compel other companies to initiate an effective repair option. Moreover, they will come up with more repairable devices along with repair support. Thus, people can repair their devices and e-waste can be reduced.

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