Resolve Lenovo Fan Error With Professional Solutions

Resolve Lenovo Fan Error With Professional Solutions

lenovo fan error

Lenovo is a common brand for laptops, especially used in small businesses. However, when you turn on your laptop and encounter Lenovo fan error instead of the Home screen, it can be very annoying.  

A message can also appear that says: To interrupt normal startup, press Enter. If this is the case after every restart, your Lenovo ThinkPad might be in serious trouble.

So, after tapping down the Enter key, if you are seeing the “Fan Error” on a black screen, keep reading the post. This article has all the essential information to fix the matter. 

The Lenovo fan error arises if there is a temperature issue on the laptop. Also, it can occur due to excessive dust accumulation on your device. 

If this error is bothering you, try the solutions discussed in this article to get it resolved. A BIOS glitch can also be the culprit responsible for the fan error on your Lenovo laptop.

Solutions to Fix the “Lenovo Thinkpad Fan Error” Issue

There are a few methods that you can apply to resolve the issue. So, without worrying much, try them all until the issue of fan error gets fixed.

Solution 1: Power Cycle your Laptop

To troubleshoot the Lenovo laptop fan error, run a power cycle on your laptop. This is the simplest and effective solution if the error occurs due to a high-temperature issue.

The overheating issue can arise if you use your laptop for a long time without a cooling fan. So, try this solution with the steps explained below:

First of all, shut down your laptop forcefully by pressing down the Power button for near about 30 seconds. After that, turn off the power supply, if your laptop is attached to the electrical outlet. 

Next, detach the power adapter. Press and hold the Power button of your laptop to discharge the remaining battery power on it. You need to wait until the laptop temperature drops down to normal.

When your laptop’s temperature drops significantly, put it back on charging mode. After that, restart the device and check whether the matter gets resolved. If not, then follow the remaining solution to deal with the fan issue.

Solution 2: Clear Dust from Fan

If your laptop’s fan gets heavy because of the dust particles, it will restrict your system to cool down. This is when you get the Lenovo fan error, which can be resolved by following the steps below:

Ensure that your computer is turned off before continuing this task of solving the error. No power should be stored on your computer as well.

Open the battery cover of your laptop, which is present at the rare portion. Take a screwdriver to open the screws without damaging the neighboring parts.

Next, using a tong, open the keyboard section of the laptop. Carefully, place the wire connections of your device to open the Touchpad section. After that, unscrew the left-hand sidebar and remove it to access the laptop’s fan.

Now, detach the fan from your device by removing the required fittings. Use a soft cloth and dip it into ethyl alcohol. The alcohol-dapped cloth can clean the dirt from the laptop and the fan unit. Also, use a brush to remove the remaining dust particles stuck to the laptop fan.

After removing dust, reassemble the laptop properly. Turn on your device and check whether the fan starts working or not. Hopefully, this time you will not face the fan error on the Lenovo laptop. 

Otherwise, you need to update BIOS of your laptop to fix the glitch.

Solution 3: Perform a BIOS Update

After trying all the above solutions, if the Lenovo fan error persists, perform a BIOS update on your laptop. The steps to perform this solution is very simple and are as follows:

Warning: Updating a BIOS is a professional task and can damage your laptop if not performed correctly. So, follow the instructions below if you want to perform it on your own.  

First, access Lenovo’s official website and select your device under the window of Product type. Then enter the product series in the “Select Series” field. 

Follow the instructions to install the BIOS update on your laptop. Most probably, after doing this task you will get the issue resolved.

These are the best instructions to fix the Lenovo fan error efficiently. Try them all, until you get rid of the problem and operate the device without this error notification. 

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