Effective Tips to Fix HP Laptop when Plugged in but Not Charging

Effective Tips to Fix HP Laptop when Plugged in but Not Charging

hp laptop plugged in not charging

HP laptops are considered as one of the best laptops for accomplishing your daily tasks at the office or home. No doubt, without any issue, HP laptops can work for many years. However, occasionally, some basic issues might bring it to a halt. 

HP laptop plugged in not charging among one of those simple problems that must be fixed before you start working on a new project on your HP laptop. This is quite an annoying issue. Fortunately, here we have explored the common troubleshooting tips that will surely help you to overcome the situation.

Common Causes of HP Laptop Plugged in not Charging

Now, before proceeding to the troubleshooting section, first, you must know the root causes behind the occurrence of this error. So, you can take precautions the next time.

  • The issue with the Hardware parts
  • Unstable updates in the OS
  • Problem with the charging circuit and motherboard of the HP laptop
  • Mismatch Settings
  • Issues with the current BIOS version

6 Ways to resolve the HP Laptop Plugged in not Charging

HP laptop not charging is an issue that users experience very rarely. Now, if you understand the problem in detail, it can save you valuable time and money as well. These are the best DIY hacks that you can try to fix the problem within the least time possible.

1.Inspect the Hardware Part

It will be the best option for you to check the laptop power cable and adapter when you are unable to charge your HP laptop. For example, in case you use a surge protector, surely you can’t charge your HP laptop. Hence, remove it and then try to charge. Apart from this, we advise you to first connect your laptop to a wall socket, and then check if your HP laptop starts charging without any hassle. Besides, if you have a bad AC adapter, then you will experience battery not charging error. Therefore, replace the AC adapter with a new one and after that try to charge your HP laptop.

2.Check the Windows Power Setting

According to experts, changing the Windows power setting will always be beneficial in fixing the HP laptop plugged in not charging issue. To perform this task, first, you must open the Settings of your laptop. Go to the left-panel and pick up the Power and Sleep option.

Under this section, you must check the Screen values and Sleep menus. You should make sure that Screen values are not too low. In addition, you must scroll below and find out Additional Power Settings. Select it and instantly you will see the power plan lists.

Now, you must hit the Change button, over your current plan. Here, you have to make sure that no setting is configured in such a way that it can unexpectedly power off the laptop. Tick on Change Advanced Power Settings button. At the bottom of the power plan, you will see this option.

Apart from this, select the Restore To Default option. Remember that, doing so will remove all the additional power settings. Further, select the OK button and save the changes. In order to normally charge your laptop, you should reboot the machine.

3.Power Reset the HP Laptop

Hope, you know that a power reset can clear the memory of the laptop. Hence, completely power off your HP laptop first. Remove the battery if you use an HP laptop with the removable battery setup.

Also, from the laptop, you must disconnect the power cable. Now, for 15 to 20 seconds, press and hold the Power button. Release the Power button, as well as put the battery back in its place, and then you must connect the power cable. Power on your device and check the laptop battery status.

4.Update the Battery Driver

Proceed to the Device Manager by using the Start menu. Within the Device Manager, locate and expand the Batteries category. Under the Batteries category tab, you might have to right-click on the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method. Then, from the Context menu, choose the Update Driver option.

Instantly, a new window will appear on the screen and from there you must tick on the Search automatically for updated driver software option. Thereafter, Windows will automatically search and upgrade the battery driver to the best-recommended version.

5.Upgrade the BIOS

The Basic Input/Output System program establishes a connection between the hardware devices and the Operating System. However, a mismatch BIOS settings can be responsible for the not charging issue. In order to fix the problem, we advise you to upgrade the BIOS to its best-recommended version.

For that, first, head to the official website of the HP laptop. At the top, you will see the Support & Drivers option, select it. Hit the Download Drivers and Software option. When you see ‘Enter a product name/ number’ option, then enter your HP laptop’s model number. Choose the OS and within a couple of seconds, you will see a download list. In addition, you must choose the BIOS Update button. Finally, tap on Download and follow the on-screen process.

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Still, unable to charge your HP laptop? Take your laptop to the nearby HP laptop service center or contact an authorized service provider to save your laptop from further degradation or glitches.

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