How to Choose Best Bankruptcy Lawyers in Dubai for 2021

How to Choose Best Bankruptcy Lawyers in Dubai for 2021

Bankruptcy Lawyers in dubai

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Dubai have the expertise and the experience to help you get out of your debts and still afford to live a life. The process of filing for bankruptcy in Dubai is a very complicated one. There are certain laws that need to be followed, filing for bankruptcy must be done through a court-approved mechanism and all the official documentation submitted to the court must be in the correct format. An attorney who specializes in bankruptcy can help you file for bankruptcy and also help you thereafter. This is because he has the required experience and knowledge and can fight for your rights with the best of them.

There are several types of bankruptcy lawyers in Dubai. The most popular ones are Adeel Chowdhry, Adham Fares, and Mohammed Al Hajar. All these bankruptcy lawyers in Dubai have something different to offer you. For instance, Adeel Chowdhry has expertise in dealing with credit card companies. He is very familiar with the tactics that are needed to convince the creditor to settle the debts in a lump sum amount. He also has the necessary contacts to negotiate better terms for the loan taker.

Adham Fares is another bankruptcy lawyer in Dubai. His specialty is working with cases relating to income tax. Adham deals with the court systems in Dubai and in the rest of the UAE. He knows all the procedures involved in filing for bankruptcy. His main aim is convincing the court to reduce the debtor’s liabilities in an easy to comprehend manner.

Mohammed Al Hajar specializes in property issues. Property owners who feel that their mortgages are unfair are the ones who usually turn to a property attorney for help. The properties might be seized by the government in an attempt to pay off debts. This is when the assistance of a good lawyer comes in handy. He can help his client get back his property.

There is also a need for good bankruptcy lawyers in Dubai. People who feel that they have been defrauded by their employers are the ones who usually need legal help in this regard. The laws governing labor laws in the country are often harsh. An employer can fire an employee for any reason or no reason at all.

An employee does not have the right to know what these reasons are. So it is best for him to hire a lawyer to prevent himself from getting into legal trouble. The employer will be paying all the payroll taxes and would also be paying some other indirect taxes. These indirect taxes form a major chunk of the salary and cannot be eliminated.

An expatriate living in Dubai can seek help from an attorney of his choice too. Expatriates (Emiratis and non-Emiratis) have certain privileges which they cannot take away. This is one of the legalities of the emirate that makes living here so easy. You will get to enjoy the same quality of life as everyone else but you will not be expected to pay even a single cent of income tax in return. Bankruptcy lawyers in Dubai can be sought for advice on how to keep your assets and how to avoid going bankrupt.

It is true that bankruptcy lawyers in Dubai do earn a lot of money. But their services cannot be taken for granted. They should be protected and their clients should be careful of the scams. Some fraudulent companies actually manage to fool people and charge them heavy fees before providing them with any result. So the advice is clear. Only seek help from legitimate companies or individuals only.

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