How to Fix DNS PROBE FINISHED BAD CONFIG Error | 7 Effective Methods

How to Fix DNS PROBE FINISHED BAD CONFIG Error | 7 Effective Methods


When the system configuration of your computer or the router is not accurate, DNS probe finished bad config occurs. You can easily detect this error while you are trying to connect to the internet. You will view that the webpage is not available, along with the error message. Based on the reports, most of the users are facing this issue while using the Google Chrome browser. 

The detailed analysis by the tech experts states that outdated security applications, issues in the website server, improper settings in the Firewall and many such reasons can be the probable causes. So, a few effective solutions are given below that will help you to solve the problem easily. So, let’s start. 

  1. Flush the DNS

    The Domain Name System cache sometimes leads to the DNS probe finishing a bad config error. Thus, you are unable to connect to the internet. So, you have to delete the entire DNS along with the cache files to resolve the issue. These are the following commands that you have to put in the Command Prompt:

    netshintip reset

    netshwinsock reset

    ipconfig /flushdns

    ipconfig /renew

    These commands will flush the DNS settings. When you further try to connect to the internet, all the necessary DNS credentials will take their desired place. Hopefully, the error message will not appear. 

  2. Rearrange the DNS, Manually

    With the help of the Network and Sharing Centre in the Control Panel or Settings, you will be able to configure or rearrange the DNS on your own. One thing you must keep in mind, if you are using a coaxial connection, then only you can configure the DNS. 

    The IPv4 option in the network configuration settings has the option of either obtaining the DNS automatically or manually. Follow the instructions on-screen and apply the correct DNS, manually. 

  3. Turn off the Firewall

    Every anti-virus application has its own dedicated firewall that protects your system against unknown network connections. When you are trying to browse a website that is being blocked by the anti-virus firewall, you need to check whether the website is safe or not. After that, open the anti-virus and just turn off the real-time protection. Ignore the warning messages temporarily. Now, try to open your desired website and check whether the DNS probe finished bad config error message is appearing or not. 

  4. Verify the Website Extensions

    You can install several filtering extensions on your web browser to block unauthorized access. Sometimes this might result in the DNS probe finished bad config error. Navigate through the settings of the web browser. In the extension section, delete every extension that you have installed, save changes and reboot the browser. 

  5. Look for Hardware Malfunction

    Several hardware malfunctions in your system might lead to the DNS probe finished a bad config error. In this type of case, you have to turn off your computer as well as all the network devices. Wait for 10 minutes and then turn on all of them. Connect to the internet and try to open any website, and check whether the error message re-appears or not. 

  6. Refurbish the IP Address

    You can only refurbish the IP address when you are using a static internet connection. Usually, the internet connection is static so is the IP address. With the help of the Command Prompt, first, you have to clear up the DNS. The command to flush the DNS is given above. Now, input the ipconfig /renew command and press Enter. Close the Command Prompt and open the browser so that the IP can be acquired automatically.  

  7. Clear up the Browser’s Cache Files

    Cookies and other residual files are also considered as the cache, which sometimes restricts the opening of any website. Navigate to the Browser Settings and you will find three options in the Clear Browsing Data section. Select those three options and hit on Clear Data. 

Any Problems with the Router?

When you receive the DNS probe finished bad config error message, you need to try the above methods to resolve it. If none of them works, then there must be an issue with the router. First, reboot the device. If you are having an additional modem reboot that too. Now, check for the error. If still, the error exists, check whether you can open the router management page, by entering the default router IP address in the browser. When the router management page doesn’t open, then the final solution to resolve the error is to reset the device.

Pick up a pen or a paper pin, press and hold the reset button which is present at the backside of the device. After a few seconds, release it and the router will restart. Hopefully, you have all the network credentials from the Internet Service Provider, apply them to configure the changes. 

A Strong Router Password 

Assigning a mixed character password helps your router to stay protected from any unauthorized intruder. A mixed character signifies that the password contains uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers, and special signs. In addition to that, the password must be 16 characters in length. You might have a hard time remembering the password, so write it down and keep it safe.


Never share the password with someone that you barely know, always keep it confidential. No matter what type of Wi-Fi router you are using, never overload the network device with too many devices. 

After a session is over, clear up all the system cache files as well as the browser to avoid such type of error. As per several experts, you must use a browser that uses less memory. This might reduce the chance of the DNS probe finished bad config error. 

Last but not least, after you turn on the antivirus, and never forget to scan the system to detect malware or any type of virus. This will eliminate the possibility of getting the error during the next browsing session. 

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