How to Factory Reset a Sonos One Wireless Speaker?

How to Factory Reset a Sonos One Wireless Speaker?

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Sonos is one of the best multi-room speakers available in the market. If your Sonos One speaker is not responding then you can reset Sonos speaker. Reset or factory reset will take the speaker to its factory conditions and you have to restart the configuration regarding the Sonos speaker.

If you are a newbie with Sonos One wireless speaker then don’t worry. Here we are going to mention all the factory reset procedures regarding all the available models of Sonos speakers. So you will not face any more difficulties while handling any model of the Sonos speaker for factory reset.

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How to Factory Reset Sonos Speaker?

You might need to reset a Sonos speaker when it fails to perform accordingly to your operations. You have tried much but the speaker doesn’t respond. Then factory reset is the only option left for the manual fixing.

Not every Sonos speaker needs the same way for the factory reset process. There are different models of the Sonos wireless speakers. We have mentioned different models along with their factory reset procedures. Let’s start.

How to Factory Reset Sonos One, Sonos Boost, Bridge, Sub, Beam, Playbase and Amp?

If you acquire one of these above-mentioned models of Sonos speakers then you have to apply the procedure mentioned in this section. Make sure that you have tried to reboot the Sonos One speaker or others before the factory reset. Keep in mind that factory reset would erase all the configurations saved in the speaker. Here’s how to reset Sonos One.

  1. Switch off the Sonos speaker. Make sure that you detach the power cord from the power outlet.
  2. Press and hold the Connect button. You have to hold down the button while you are connecting its power cord again to the power outlet.
  3. Don’t release the Connect button. Check if the speaker has started flashing amber light. Then the speaker will flash a white light
  4. If the reset completes, the speaker would show up green flashes.

There you go. Your Sonos wireless speaker is reset to its factory settings.

How to Factory Reset Sonos Speaker? (Play 1, Play 3, Play 5, and Connect Series)

In case, you own a Sonos Speaker Play 1, Play 3, or Play 5(Gen 1) then the factory reset technique is slightly different for these Sonos speakers. Follow the guidelines below to accomplish the task of a factory reset of Sonos speakers.

  1. Ensure that you have removed the Sonos speaker from the power source. Unplug its power cord from the power source.
  2. Now, press and hold the Play or Pause button on the speaker. Hold down the button when you are plugging the power cord back again to the power outlet.
  3. You are advised not to take off your fingers from that Play or Pause button. While holding it down, check if the amber light flashes on the speaker. 
  4. After a while, the Sonos speaker should flash a white one. 
  5. If the speaker starts flashing a green light then the reset has completed.

How to Factory Reset Sonos Move?

Sonos Move is one of the latest wireless speakers from the house of Sonos speakers. If you own Sonos Move then follow the steps to factory reset the Sonos Move speaker.

  1. If Sonos Move is on its charging base remove the speaker from its charging base.
  2. Now, you need to press the Power button. Hold the button down and don’t remove your finger from the button for at least five seconds.
  3. Now, tap the Connect button. After that, position the speaker back to its charging base.
  4. Don’t let the Connect button free. Keep it held down until the amber light starts flashing on the speaker. Then you can notice a white light LED flash.
  5. If the factory reset completes the speaker will show you green LED flashing.

How to Reset the Sonos Controller Application?

Once you reset Sonos speaker you might have to reset the controlling application of your Sonos speaker. This is necessary if you have performed a factory reset on your Sonos One or any other Sonos wireless speaker. Try out the following steps to execute the reset process of the Sonos Controller.

  1. Explore the application.
  2. Now, proceed to the menu named More.
  3. When it expands, tap on the Settings option.
  4. Now, move on to the Advanced Settings menu.
  5. Afterwards, press the Reset Controller option. Finally, confirm the entire process.

We hope that the entire procedure has helped with the process to reset Sonos speaker. If your Sonos speaker is not performing to the fullest then you might try some troubleshooting before trying the factory reset. Well, you can configure your Sonos speakers after the factory reset. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up a Sonos speaker with a router?

If you have bought a new Sonos speaker or a new router then you need to set up the speaker with the router. Here’s how you can do so.

  1. Make sure that you are placing the Sonos speaker within the network range of the router. Switch on the speaker.
  2. Next, you need to download the compatible application for the Sonos speaker on your computer, smartphones, etc.
  3. Explore the application and opt for the option named ‘Set up a new Sonos system’. Press the Standard Setup option. Then you have to choose the speaker model.
  4. The app will guide you through some instructions. Act accordingly to the instructions. Afterward, give your Sonos speaker a name.
  5. If you have to set up multiple Sonos speakers to the router then repeat all the above steps. But before that, you have to head towards the Add Another Player option.

How to Use Alexa with Sonos One or Beam speakers?

You can go hands-free with voice assistance from Amazon Alexa if you own Sonos One or Sonos Beam wireless speaker. Follow the guidelines to activate the voice assistance on your Sonos speakers.

  1. Open up the Sonos Controller application.
  2. Move to the tab named Browse.
  3. There you can notice the option named ‘Add Amazon Alexa’.
  4. Now, you have to go to the ‘Connect your Amazon account’ option. Sign in to your Amazon account. Download the Alexa application if you haven’t downloaded it yet.
  5. After that, confirm the process by tapping on the ‘Verify music services on Alexa’ option.

Why does the Audio Keep stopping on Sonos Speaker?

This issue can happen due to wireless interference from other wireless devices all around your house. You might consider switching the wireless channel for your Sonos speakers.

  1. Open any suitable web browser on any of your network-enabled devices. Provide the IP address of the router on that browser. 
  2. You can find the setting page of the wireless network.
  3. There you will get the option to switch to other wireless channels. If the channel is set on auto then you might consider switching to channels 11, 6 or 1.
  4. Make sure that you save the changes. Restart all the devices and check if the error gets solved.
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